1. You love overtly stupid people that heckle movements from several yards away with a police presence?

      At least raise your standards for heroes.

    1. Yeah, when Darwin realized, half of America is obese. Like the guy yelling at the group of protesters. Yes, I would imagine he would say “I give up” they are dying of diabetes anyway.

    1. @Franklin jealous of what exactly? Ugly cargo pants and neckbeards? Naw I’m good bro I’m cut out for the klan life

    1. It’s all part of the plan. It would be extremely embarrassing for all those feds to get outed and then have to explain what the hell they are doing putting on theater

    1. ​@Franklin So which one is you? Are the guy giving the speech but was so nervous couldn’t remember the words?

  1. Since they want to remain anonymous, just throw a bunch of random names at them. Like “Bob, your mom wants you home.” You are bound to get one right.

    1. Actually he’s dying of diabetes from making terrible decisions. That doesn’t make him a “genius”. Get a grip on reality.

  2. The humour and bravery of this individual is only outdone by the cowardice of the marchers. How funny is it that all of a sudden they have no problem wearing masks? If you’re so proud of your “history” – show your face.

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