Biden leaves for Japan as default looms

President Joe Biden sought to lay out how he’ll continue to negotiate with congressional leaders on the budget to raise the debt ceiling – underscoring that all parties agreed that the United States would not default. #CNN #News


  1. That‘s what happens when a party becomes a cult to a scam artist, famous for not paying his bills:
    They start to think that paying bills is optional.

  2. 00:09 – President ends trip early for debt ceiling negotiations
    00:21 – President remains optimistic about reaching an agreement
    00:33 – Affirms that America is not defaulting
    00:54 – President and leader Schumer retract stance on not negotiating
    01:03 – Speaker McCarthy comments on negotiating decision
    01:28 – Negotiations handed over to senior staff members
    03:02 – House Republicans not getting everything they want
    03:25 – Biden open to work requirements that don’t harm mental health
    04:57 – Republicans seek help from programs like SNAP
    05:23 – White House indicates possibility of negotiating with Republicans
    05:24 – Potential shifts in spending caps
    05:43 – The negotiating team is formed
    06:24 – Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden share their goals
    08:00 – Democrats aiming to expel Jorge Santos
    09:30 – Stall tactic deployed to delay Santos’s expulsion

    1. ​@mark Mierzejewski Santos greatest accomplishment was proving once and for all lefties vote for race and sexual orientation before qualifications. He proved you are all cultist of blue no matter who.

    2. Joe biden syndicate makes santos look good. 10million even using her ex wife, grandchildren etc. Truly disgusting

  3. With *AMZK25* it’s the first time since the whole pandemic stuff I think we can surely save the planet and save ourselves with increasing living costs and what not

  4. Funny, how every one of us has to pay our bills, even when we can’t afford it. Yet the people playing with all of OUR hard earned money, get to make a game of it. While we pay their salary.

    1. I bet if you just let them take even more from us by raising taxes. They will start being responsible for once?

    1. So… why not retract the infrastructure bill that hasn’t paved a single road? Its only the single most expensive anything ever in all recorded history on Earth ffs. Pretty sure that would help more than not paving roads.

    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

    2. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

  5. This is the guy thats going to debate to be president next year 👀… good luck 😮‍💨

    1. His trainers are not gonna allow him to debate. They’ll stuff him away until the coast is clear

  6. Can’t wait for the democratic primary debate between Biden and Robert F Kennedy Jr. Anything else would be a banana republic.

    1. Biden has already said he won’t debate RFK. Jr., I would take RFK over Biden, but he doesn’t stand a chance so I will vote for Trump. I can’t take any more Biden.

  7. When are we gonna start electing financially responsible politicians. Because it’s stupid because the money that they get from us can’t be used responsibly to actually pay off the debt that they keep adding to. It’s incompetence

    1. @LotsOfFun at this point everyone is responsible. I am not going to sugarcoat any BS. We simply elect politicians that can’t run a budget with competence.

    2. @LotsOfFun but Turnip is the “prez” who drastically reduced income with his tax breaks for corporations and the rich. Reducing revenue was his only legislative accomplishment during his presidency and it contributes greatly to inflation.

    3. Do you mean, like Intelligent, honest, compassionate, people with resolve and integrity? Wow, that would be radical! Do you believe that it’s worth a try? Perhaps you could label those candidates for the public to recognise!

  8. Basically we need to raise our credit card limit. When the bank raises the limit we will pay our bills.

  9. according to debt clock (which runs algorithms and updates not that frequently) US about to have 32 trillion debts which is only a trillion in raise over the past month but Taxincome should have shrunk about 10% and continues to decline 😅 Can someone tell me if it’s accurate I thought debt is much higher and also why tax income shrinking? it was growing all the time until I checked today

  10. *_FUN FACT:_* _President Biden does like checking boxes as firsts. Being the first president to default is right up his alley._

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