1. When our leaders break the law , They don’t hold them accountable for their actions or involvement that’s troubling.

    1. @Dixon Uranus at least Biden denied it trump said he grab em by the prissy yet you guys follow and treat him had if he’s the second coming of Christ dad

    2. Biden says he HOPES America will be back to normal by this time next year. He promised a dark winter, and now he’s turned into a dark year. He’s a disgrace.

    3. As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces mounting accusations of sexual harassment and revelations that his policy led to high Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes, his fellow Democrats are moving to revoke his emergency powers.

  2. “Its a dot!” “NO, its a tittle!” “NO, its obviously a dot!” “NO, its obviously less filling” “No! it tastes great!” ….”You will hear of wars , and rumors of wars — but be of good cheer…” Sara Sidner, you are a child of God.

    1. Well this is disturbing . To normal people .but liberals will probably celebrate .
      Bill gates mr crime against humanity wants kids to be stamped with a bar code or no entry to school
      The 666 guy wants people stamped with a “mark” or no access to their own money .
      Also bill gates ; no vaccine ? No travel .
      But the dead to god think the scriptures is a fairy tale
      All the while the warning of the apostle john’s vision is being set up . Microsoft has created a new Covid-19-related “comprehensive system” by teaming up with the Los Angeles Unified School District to monitor children using a new “Daily Pass.”

      Children will have their own unique QR code, or “Daily Pass,” and will be scanned by the system.

      Students without a barcode will be unable to get into school.

      Children will also be required to continue wearing masks, staying six feet apart, and receiving regular temperature checks.

    2. No what you quote and quote the whole scripture. People are lost right now because they put their faith in the demon. the demon who did what only demons do lied. He lied for 4 years and everyone claim he is a Christian but not once he call on God for the nation to heal. Not once did he offer prayer, not once did he offer to help his own followers. He are the the 6 things God hates; 1. a proud look, 2. a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
      3. a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, 4. feet that be swift in running to mischief, 5. a false witness that speaketh lies, and 6. he that soweth discord among brethren. The demon is all these things and 70 mil people voted for him. You want to know what’s worst God gave every man free will. The devil is the enemy of man because of his free will and he will do anything to let man give it away. He can’t take it man has to do it freely … so when they hate, its their will to do so, when women say they have the will to abort and people want to take that will from them they are actually working for the devil. The will that God gave man is not for others to choose how they should use it but their choice is judged by God alone. Whether they are right or wrong only God can say … and if God doesn’t have an issue with it they why do man?

      This remind me of a black woman in Texas in the 60’s who worked and brought a fancy dress. A white man saw her in the dress to her to take it off because its a white woman’s dress. Thats how crazy the issue of abortion is … and all these other lies. I find it weird that those who try to discredit science uses science to prove their point.

  3. David Chalian is on to so thing. I would like to hear the news as fact without the politcal agenda of the presenters or the network. CNN is not entirely immune and does at times seems to push an agenda. However, in comparison to other Networks is still better than most.

    1. @kathy weis How do you make a living ? Watching pbs BS? They like muslim terrorists more than they like you.

    2. @kathy weis you’re wasting your breath… Trump told them all media is fake news except right-wing media.

  4. Comparing the left to the right and saying the left is as bad as the right takes all validity out of any of your points. Worthless opinions from now on.

    1. @VidWatcher1X I don’t know about your neighbors, there are plenty around me to look down their noses at you for NOT being like them.

    2. @K B but I don’t get my news from these idiots.. I come here for entertainment purposes and to see what the sheep are being fed.

    3. @ARLENE WUK Normally I would disagree, but the protesters were elected officials, so in this case you may be correct. I apologize if that hurt.

  5. Once agree I agree with Van. I’m from rural southern Indiana and I’ve hung out in Portland and the West End of Louisville. The two are actually very similar except for the color of the people’s skin who live there. Furthermore in the city or the sticks it’s the poor people who are the kindest and first to help

    1. People there is no difference between Trump or Biden ! Democrats or Republicans ! Our country is governed by deep state Zionists like Rockefeller and Rothschild families that by controlling top businesses and companies, they controlling politicians ! And Also by controlling the media, they controlling people too !!! And they only care about Israel and easily sacrifice USA for Israel if it will become necessary ! Ask yourself this simple question ! Why presidents come and go but there will be no change in USA policy towards Israel !!! Trump was playing hardline with the rest of the world but how was he against Israel ?!!! Why president of a country as powerful as USA should be so afraid of Israeli politicians ?!!! There were few like Kennedy that tried to stand against them by talking about the denuclearization of Israel, and we all know what happened to him !!! Listen to the secret society speech by him ! The speech that signed his death order by Zionists !!! we gained nothing by going to many never ending wars in middle east except losing many lives and consumed trillions !!! But we went to these wars because the deep state Zionists in USA only care about Israel not us!!! Believe me these criminals won’t leave our country by voting!!! USA will decline day by day until it will collapse completely if this situation continues because they’re sucking from our economy!!! We already have about 30 trillion National debt !!! And it’s not antisemitism !!! There are lots of Jewish people that even protest against Israel !!! Zionists are the ones who support Israel !!!

  6. I agree with Sara but she is missing a key factor. The media! The media is also to blame as well.

    1. It’s more of these opinion pieces and shock jocks who are to blame. True media just reports the facts. They need to get rid of all of these Wacko opinion pieces airing on t.v, radio and online on the right and left. Someone once said that “there is a sucker born every minute”… well in the U.S today, it’s every second. We need to focus more on quality education in the schools and at home. Knowledge is the key to a better more inclusive society.

    2. @Northern Star I agree but CNN is one of those media companies that vocalizes their opinions as well. We need just straight facts. I dont want to hear what they think or how they feel.

  7. You can’t build bridges with a party that says to themselves “you can’t build bridges with people who murder babies”. You just can’t.

  8. Thanks for this dialogue, it was much needed. We definitely need more conversations like this.

    1. If the Communists News Network weren’t so interested in spreading 10% fact, 90% leftist opinion, we’d be the happiest and most successful Nation on the planet and it wouldn’t even be close.

    2. @delr merti Speak for yourself! I’m happy and enjoying this conversation. If you don’t like it, get lost…

    3. @Picnuts Telling people to get lost isn’t very nice. I thought liberals were the party of love?

    4. It’s so refreshing to see and hear two Black Americans and two jewish Americans embrace the NEW America.

  9. Whenever they say “progressives want…”, remember what progressives want are the same things the majority of Americans want. So when the White House says they won’t do what progressives want, it means they won’t do what Americans want.

    1. @Mastersaifer what is wrong with America First policies?? Should we help not Americans first and worry about everybody else??
      If I take climate change….their needs to be a balance between the environment and the economics. If you seen Michael Moore’s new documentary Plant of Humans…exposes the hypocrisy of burning biomass..in this case trees to generate power…how is that not bad??
      The left has some bad policies that what the problem is . If the Republicans where that bad on economics …funny how Reagan and Bush both got elected by the American public for 2 terms. I do agree the bailouts should have never have happened and let them falter due to bad business practices. What is also not good is have the Feds dole out $$$$ like there is no limit.
      Never said Trump was the best but some his some core policies are sound if people would look at them closer. People have to stop relying on MSM and social media as its more opinions than facts.

    2. @gin-N-aujus – All Democrats should agree to get rid of all fences and locks on their homes since that is what they want for America.

    3. @kelperdude Run away? You may be surprised to know that, as a progressive, I work for a living…

      Progressives don’t want open borders. We really want other countries to be in good shape SO THAT THE PEOPLE DON’T FEEL THE NEED TO ESCAPE THEM!

      Americans DO want the minimum wage. That’s a fact, AS WE SPEAK…
      According to the productivity of the economy, it’s supposed to be $23!

      Progressives are staunch supporters of the small business sector and, unlike the Republicans, see the value in a highly educated population.

      And what’s so American about a dysfunctional or corrupt police department?

      Looking at the concept of America itself, and it’s history, and the TRACK RECORD of certain leaders tells me that MOST AMERICANS ARE PROGRESSIVES, BUT JUST DON’T KNOW IT!

      Reagan established corporatism… and now everyone thinks it’s normal, like yourself.
      It may be common, but it’s not normal, and it’s certainly not American!
      It’s the very rot in the system that has caused pretty much ALL of the problems we have today!

      The Progressives are the ONLY ones fighting for YOUR rights.
      You should show some appreciation…

    4. @Adrian dos Santos – There is so much that you state that Americans don’t want.

      Even your first paragraph puts the responsibility on American tax payers to take in people from countries that are run by other corrupt governments, hence the open borders.

      The rest of your comment is the same progressive anti-American sentiment.

  10. You know Dana, I’ve been calling it The Divided states of embarrassment, myself and may God have mercy on your divided states of embarrassment. From Canada!

    1. The British called it “colonial manipulation” and they were quite good at it. Take India and Pakistan for example. Ah, but you don’t think Americans are under colonial style occupation? The US government has literally acres of and acres of classified and re-classified documents dating back to the Civil War era. We don’t know what “US history” was really. With that level of secrecy we’ll never know for sure. That should be proof enough.

    2. @Blood Money yeah, that’s all you’ve got against Canadians. Do you ask, is a whole other bag of worms!

    3. @U.P. dan you idiot! Quebec two-sided nearly 20 years ago that they weren’t going to break off from Canada. We’ve actually settled that issue for the most part.

    4. @U.P. dan what are you suggesting? Would you like to hold another referendum? Remember how well that went last time, and you still voted to stay in the country. Give it up you don’t want to leave and we don’t want you to go.

  11. Dana, this was a phenomenal segment!! I haven’t been able to watch a full episode of previous shows because they just didn’t capture my attention. This was different!! Please have Van and Sara on again more. Brilliant minds!! Also, I find it interesting that many liberals are having meaningful and thoughtful conversations about polarization and ideas on how to work through that. Never have I ever seen conservatives have conversations like this.

    1. the difference that i have seen between the two is that conservatives with hate the liberal policies, agenda and ideologies, while democrats think that conservatives are homophobic, misogynistic, moronic xenophobes. we can debate the former but it is pretty difficult to have a decent conversation with people that you truely despise.

      this segment was so awesome they could not even add a conservative in the mix.

  12. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  13. When politician begin to do what they say they are going to do on the campaigned train. QAON came up as a result distrust in the politician that is in the govt.

    1. It’s time to get rid of it. Never should have had it but even in times past it made more sense because there more bi-partisan voting.

  14. Here in the UK we have the same issues of division fed by the algorithms of Social media, but we do at least have the BBC. National news that is not State led, but has a responsibility to deliver balanced fact based reporting. You will not stop until you go to war with yourselves because your media is led by profit.

    1. The FCC Fairness Doctrine was removed during the Reagan era. No Administration since bothered to restore it. Hence, Hannity can spin to his heart’s delight and Anderson Cooper can suffer from inexplicable bouts of amnesia and still retain celebrity status.

  15. This is great! I learned from this, and I’ll take away some compassion and more understanding because of this. It never occured to me about the “grieving” on both sides. So true. So many reminders to use on my journey through the day. Thank you!

  16. “We’re all getting tweaked by the algorhythm.” Not only that but we all collectively entered this Hall of Mirrors voluntarily.

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