White House pulls Tanden nomination 1

White House pulls Tanden nomination


The White House pulled Neera Tanden's nomination to lead the Office of Management and Budget amid opposition from key senators, dealing the first Cabinet-level defeat for President Joe Biden.

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    1. @Nick O Nah, you’ll see Egg frying on your face instead when Trump doesn’t go to Prison.

    2. stlyfo76 Really? Based on what? Joey B took the money. 10 percent for the big guy. But just keep repeating what your tv tells ya. Looking forward to the reveal of Bye done crime family shenanigans. Cuomos nursing home is too good for him.

    3. @T D
      It’s not the media that has a cult following! Unless it is faux news,.or other right wing news stations.
      And they are there for your orange puke’s convenience! you should no that by now!
      Tell me something,why could you be so weak to let someone like Trump get in your head and live in there rent free and manipulate you as much as possible?! Were you hoping for some kind of white supremacy government? Because I believe that none of you supporters don’t have the best intentions for all races!


    2. @Tom Senft yet tom senft is not sensative to democrats promoting pedophiles as “good democrat” describing jeff epstein as obama, clinton, biden are on record for

    3. You mean a person needs to be held accountable for their words and actions?!? Is this the bizarro world?

    4. @Eduardo Oliveira you mean DEVIL bless Trump & all his followers. Cause that’s straight Devil.

  1. When you think about how immediate and critical the backlash was to her being the nomination it should’ve been pretty obvious that she shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place.

    1. While I agree that she should not have got the nomination, this argument is dumb. Literally anything said or done, by anyone in American politics is followed by immediate critical backlash, simply for the sake of division. It is not an indicator of anything other than the fact that water is still wet.

    2. @Mrs Fefe but the standard is to rise above Trump not to limp by with Tanden.

      She wasn’t a good pick not even Bernie would signal support for her which means he wasn’t voting for her.

    3. @M. S. Well she acted like a child so too bad for her.

      Sorry not sorry.

      Another reason to dislike her is she put me on the same side as DINO Joe Munchskin.

    1. @juju malcolm CNN couldn’t even repeat her tweets on the air they were that bad lol. Trying to compare her to Trump is a joke lol

    2. @juju malcolm Trump was the ONLY grown up in government. EVERYONE is mad because daddy Trump had to come in, pull everyone’s card and expose everything. Now they all have a hard time accomplishing anything because everyone is watching THANKS TO TRUMP.

  2. She said that Libya needed to “pay us back” with oil… just compare what Libya was like before and after America “intervened.” She also publicly outed a victim of sexual assault. Look, whoever they’re gonna get to replace her is probably going to have even worse opinions, but it makes me happy that Tanden didn’t get the job she wanted, purely because of her own actions.

    1. If I remember correctly I heard they were looking into Shandalyn Young I think her name is but not 100% sure..

    2. @Elizabeth Henning The biggest part of the job is working with the senate budget chair a.k.a Bernie Sanders. I couldn’t think of anyone less qualified for the job based on that alone.

    3. @Austin it’s silly because we don’t even need anyone’s oil. It wouldn’t be worth shipping it across the Mediterranean / Atlantic to America.
      The US is now, thanks to breakthroughs in fracking technology (known as the Shale Revolution), the worlds largest oil producer. This also means we are net energy exporters (we produce more than we need). Etc. It’s the cleanest crude on earth, and extraction costs are quickly approaching record lows.

    1. Draw a Venn Diagram of responsibility. Trump is the BIG circle of half million deaths that encompasses all else. If you are mad at that like the rest of us are then I will agree with your seemingly snide comment. We ain’t all Cuomo fans in my tent. Who you got under your canopy?

    2. @Dominic Hubert who needs Trump when you already have a democratic party that’s committed to Reaganomics?

    3. @Jack Glastra Trying to placate the greedy corrupt self-serving racist Right brought the fulcrum that way, yes. But Trump? That snake oil salesman? His lies? Demagoguery? TREASON? I think you think you are making a point. I chose a dreaded lib over a fat-shist. Easy choice.

    1. @Nick Charles The left set this standard when they went after Kavanaugh for r accusations of misconduct in high school. Everything is fair game now even Tweets from years past. Enjoy the world you helped create.

    1. !! honestly the difference between those who believe in God and freedom is that they stand against these types of people yet they will pray for their souls to be saved.

      I pray for this lady who’s been indoctrinated and corrupted to turn from her hatred to Jesus Christ love before it’s everlasting too late for her soul to be saved.

      Twitter truly is a platform of corrupt!ion, toxicity and hatred People need to wake up and get cleansed and detox from the absolute filth and hatred that’s on Twitter

    1. @gayle mc According to NYPOST, she has 88,639 up to November 1st until she deleted about a thousand of them during her nomination. Yikes! She Tweets more than Trump.

    1. @Kamala Lama-lama-ding-dong even her own senate party won’t vote her in. That’s how much the Democrats don’t like her.

  3. Her vicious tweets typically came out in the small hours of the morning leading to questions about her sobriety. I’m not sure why Biden wanted Hillary’s fixer on board in the first place.

  4. But, she WILL have a role in the Biden administration–possibly on the White House janitorial staff.

  5. “Fight their guts out” = go to 2 hour lunch with cocktails and squeeze in talking about the matter at hand for 5 min or so, if at all.

  6. When Joe was talking about unity, he wasn’t lying! He got both the right and left together to oppose tanden!

  7. FREDO was spanked by management of his NYC building for repeatedly entering, exiting and riding the elevator without a mask!

  8. FREDO tested positive for COVID, then went roaming around the Hamptons without a mask and calling a local who spotted him a “jackass loser fat-tire biker”. FIRE CUOMO!

    1. He was on his own property with his own family, something the fat-tire biker didn’t seem to respect.

  9. Gotta love how they just threw a punch at the Trump administration with no connection to this story

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