1. There shouldn’t be a war, people do not have the right to dictate what’s offensive to others. I know I don’t, I’ve only walked in my shoes.

    1. Good news. He’s still got 54 other books that you are still allowed to love as much as you want.

      We’re not saying he’s a villain. Only that six of his books did not age well.

    2. @Briana McGee its only small amount of his books. All thz most popular ones are still going to be published. Most of the books that are not being printed people have never zven heard of.

    3. @Scott McWhinnie I know but my favorite Dr. Seuss book is “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” I really like that one

  1. And…..this is why I privately educate my children so nothing can be used by anyone to manipulate political BS on either side. I will be the judge of what my children read or are exposed to, so I can help them understand and navigate life.

    1. @reesemoneybagzkid 1608 okay so if someone’s yelling a racist word in public you just ignore it. If someone’s about to step in front of a bus… that’s her burden to carry

    2. Amen, Mom.
      You go, girl!

      Am over 60 and almost took down a wealthy School District to the tune of a $10M lawsuit.

      We settled “out of Court” with a sealed Settlement Agreement and full non-disclosure Agreement.

      I always said…

      You Haven’t Met
      Momma Bear, Yet.

      In my sleep,
      with a headwind.

      P.S. Note my name, lol.

    3. @E Bay That doesn’t have nothing to do with you bro. You don’t have no control on how a person raise their children. That’s how problem if her children grows up to be a mess. Not you.

    1. That is what happen when you think something will just go way without treatment. Kind of what happen to former President Trump when he said COVID-19 would just go away instead of owning it, addressing it, and treating it. Same thing with people feeling with racism in America. The country doesn’t own it, barely address it, and haven’t treated it, Until America address its horrific past with Blacks and Browns, these issues will surface.

    2. It’s unfortunate that this is happening. I am a 56 year old collector of children’s literature. The older the stories, the more reflective of the times is the content. Without question many of our most recognized children’s tales have racist and elitist ideas woven into the stories that today are unacceptable in context to our time now. What’s important today, is to promote current ideas into current storylines to stand alongside the older ones.

  2. To an extent it’s not even that those images are actually offensive, people are just making them out to be that way. Given, some of those depictions are objectively outdated or insensitive, but that was just the time of that era. Instead of dwelling on the shortcomings of the past, we should instead be focusing on how to improve the future.

    1. Outdated? No, they aren’t outdated. They are just playful representation of overexaggerated features. Had they made a dumb looking leprechaun to represent the Irish, would that be outdated?

    2. @usc trojans1987 You didn’t, and based on your comment it appears there are a few other things in life you don’t see.

    1. Stupidest comment on the thread. I don’t think the books are a huge deal. Just wondering what history could be repeated by not selling books? Somebody else writes it and gets paid? It’s lazy thinking to repeat something you’ve heard about something else and try to push it into every situation of the kind. If you really think about it you would agree it’s an unthought thought. #BeBest

  3. The man’s name is Ted Geisel, not Dr. Seuss.
    You can find other Dr. Seuss books under his other nom de plume Theo LeSieg.

  4. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Going to start hoarding them and selling them like they were old booze.

    1. @Anneka Brimhall Miss Mary Mack that’s a racist book to. Because that was directed towards black people. And I didn’t know what I was reading. Until my mother told me about what I was reading when I was 17 years old. And that’s when I stop rocking with Miss Mary Mack. And the nursery rhyme song. Ring Around the Rosie pocket full of Posey. That was racist towards black people also. Because they used to sing that song when they were getting ready to set a black slave on fire. And they would circle around he or she. And sing that stupid racist song. It’s a lot of crazy stuff out here.

    2. @Mason Coon That’s not going to work. Miss Mary Mack is racist followed by the Doctor Seuss books. And the song Ring Around the Rosie is racist also.

  5. “It’s a troublesome world, and all the people who’re in it, are troubled with troubles almost every minute. You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot, for the places and people, you’re lucky you’re not.” (Dr. Seuss)

  6. CNN, can you figure out why Charlie Kirk’s face is so small compared to the rest of his huge head?

  7. If my parents would of known what “ring around the rosies” referred to. We played and Sang it as children

    1. “Post-modernist”,”wokeness “,”cancel culture”…these tools are just parroting that joyless wackadoo Jordan Peterson

    2. I am beginning to wonder if these woke lefties actually are white supremacists.. You look at all of the banning of POC on labels..No more Uncle Ben’s Aunt Jemima, no more Indian on the land o lakes … History repeating itself. Take away the Native American but keep the land.. lol Now eating with chopsticks is deemed racist. Take all cultures away and make everything the same..

    3. People don’t know the difference b/w stereotypes, bias, prejudice and racism. Dr Sues did not use racism in books, he used stereotypes. For his book to be racist, he would have to hold up one race as better than another.

  8. Tad ironic that we have no qualms letting Disney toxicity penetrate our children’s psyche from birth
    I’ll be making sure I’ve got the whole set of Seuss

  9. “I’m afraid sometimes you’ll play lonely games too, games you can’t win because you’ll play against you.” (Dr. Seuss)

  10. “Post-modernist”,”wokeness “,”cancel culture”…these tools are just parroting that joyless wackadoo Jordan Peterson

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