A Florida Family’s Plea: Get Vaccinated Before It’s Too Late 1

A Florida Family’s Plea: Get Vaccinated Before It’s Too Late


Frank Saks was a Cuban-American small business owner and father of five who didn’t make time to get vaccinated. He passed away from Covid in a Miami hospital last month, and his family is sharing his story hoping it can save lives. Frank’s daughter Kelly Saks joins MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez with a message for the unvaccinated.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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A Florida Family’s Plea: Get Vaccinated Before It’s Too Late


    1. @Sean Schisler Birth place of Covid and it’s parent are a moot points. Recklessly and without remorse, 600,000+ Americans have died and are outrageously dying everyday resulting from the despicable greed of politicians promoting their own personal gain

    2. @Rose X it really makes me sick when people say DT is a true patriot. The only thing he is true to is his own greed

    3. @SG Yep Anyone who incite, enable, attack US Capitol and US government are definitely not patriots but are traitors, criminals, and terrorists and should be prosecute seriously and severely

    1. @Pogo I agree, but Republicans love them their charter schools. Because they bring in cash vs public schools, rich people use them more and they teach “Christian, conservative values” or most do anyways vs that liberal indoctrination they’re always going on about.

    2. @Rajat I still don’t believe he won. Russia won it for him. Most of America didn’t vote for Trump in either election! Only stupid Republicans! The same idiots dying from Covid now!

    3. @Ello Owu it also allows them to keep their precious kids from the unwashed, and takes money from the public school and transfers it into the coffers of the corporations that run these charter schools.

  1. So once again, until it hits home – Republicans don’t care. Sad to hear but at this point if you haven’t listened to medical advice and not partisans, you get what you get.

    1. @EVERREADY TO PLAY again if you are 69 and younger and you are tested and they tell you are positive you are good as you don’t know you have the virus. If the country has everyone over 70 get the jab 93% of all deaths would be stopped. This is not rocket science common sense

    2. @DG youtube That makes no sense whatsoever. THat’s like saying as long as you don’t know you are carrying the virus you’ll be OK. Well it isn’t ok like I mentioned these people including CHILDREN are suffering effects caused from the virus and it’s horrible way to go through life!

    3. @Richard Batchelder More Propaganda. THERE WAS NO WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD THAT WOULD HAVE CHANGED THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION REPEATEDLY STATED BY CYBER SECURITY/INTELLIGENCE. Lastly new evidence has come forward ……communication between Trump and DOJ (Who would have no part in it) with Trump trying to get the DOJ to co-ordinate in stealing the Election. Plus Rudy Guilani treasonous audio for Trump. THe walls are closing in.

    4. @EVERREADY TO PLAY quit using kids as political weapons.
      Yet you don’t say anything about the thousands and thousands of kids trafficked at the border or stuck in cages with covid . Or hundreds of kids getting shot in democrat cities.

    1. @Pete Pistol Words of hypocrisy can be disguised. DeSantis’s words are tools of his mastery to manipulation. Deaths surrounding him will stifle his self-serving declarations, leaving him speechless

    2. @Scahoni Faith consists in believing what reason cannot – Voltaire
      Common sense is not so common – Voltaire
      To the living we owe respect, to the dead we owe the truth – Voltaire
      Truth is-There’s too many American Covid deaths who are collateral damage or encompassed in politician’s lofty goals

  2. Hospitals in Panama City are full. I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy for those who refused the vaccine. It’s just selfish at this point.

    1. @MM 27 How are the unvaccinated a threat when vaccinated people can still catch covid and pass it to someone else? Vaccinated people are just as much a threat as anyone else

    2. @Alan P

      Also…What if I have a heart attack or get in a bad car accident?

      What am I supposed to do when the hospitals are overflowing with infected Covid patients and I need a clean bed and well-rested medical personnel to care for me?

      My youngest grandchild just turned one year old. She can’t be vaccinated, and by being unvaccinated, you are a threat to her life and by extension, me.

      Who do you think pays for all the medical bills that will go unpaid because most people won’t be able to afford intensive care? [it’s taxpayers]

      Get over yourself and take the jab. It’s easy! And It’s free!

    3. @Alan P It’s not about lack of respect. It’s about being extremely frustrated with other people’s bad decisions and feeling powerless to help people see truth and reason.

    1. @Julie Ring I don’t care if you say racist. I just pointed out that those crossing the border are illegal and infected. I have nothing to do with what color skin they have or what country they come from. Just stating a fact, a TRUTH. I know how you libs hate the truth, and call everything racist, because you have nothing to contribute. As I always say, good luck to you in life.

    1. Humans created this vaccine. And humans are fumbling around trying to figure out how to make money off of the vaccines and how to create vaccines that don’t cause death and severe side effects for some unwary vaccine takers.

  3. Don’t ever say “if you’re able to” ? Take time out of work to get it done. If your work don’t let than call in sick. If you’re fired for that you can fight it or find a new job. Your life is way more important.

    1. @Neil Rusling Thats what scares me most, unless I misunderstand your thoughts, it seems this divisive narrative is being pushed worldwide. If you watch global news there are massive lockdown riots all over the world, nothing close to US (maybe due to the history of these other nations and experience with tyranny), how is it that the entire world is being told two narratives that are polar opposites? When I see that it makes me think it has to be intentional, especially when I started paying closer attention to the global uprisings. I truly do not know what’s happening.

    2. @Neil Rusling If you agree that one side (either or) is flat out lying then you believe or acknowledge the presence of massive conspiracy. Or is it massive corporate stupidity, or possibly massive corporate greed? It does seem possible that this could be taking place and the people are fighting each other instead of pondering the very action that is taking place against us. The messages are too far apart and reach too many for it not to be an assault on (here is comes) “our democracy”. These people are in cahoots.

  4. Can’t make time? Are vaccination sites limited in Florida? It took 15 mins at a drug store in my area…

    1. Yep, I’m a bit skeptic too about a man who has the money to spend on flashy cars – oh, excuse me, to be passionate about cars – but can’t simply shut his store (which apparently falls down to ruins if he’s absent?) for two hours so he can get vaccinated.

      “Oh if only I’d have had the time / the information I have now.”
      I’m hearing that way too often.

    2. @Yagotta Kidding
      2-3 hours???
      I got both shots, it took 20 minutes out of my life each time…
      That’s including making sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction.

    3. No this is a response from people who are lazy and don’t want it. People make time for who and what they wanna make time for

    1. @Tim your not going to when all you do is watch propaganda. Even the guy who made the vaccine said its not safe. And of course he is now censored. The ceo of pfizer hasnt even taken the vaccine which is why he had to cancel his trip to israel, the most vaccinated country yet still some of the highest rates. But dont think about that stuff. Just keep doing the bidding of pharma and your political Gods

    2. @Gabe Dudley THat’s a lie! Are you that guillable to believe such nonsense? In the Congress Hearing head of NIH, Director Dr. Francis Collins told Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) that researchers at the Wuhan lab “were not approved by NIH for doing “gain of function research” before adding “we are, of course, not aware of other sources of funds or other activities they might have undertaken outside of what our approved grant allowed.” Stop spreading disinformation!

    3. @Gabe Dudley RE: “how do we know it mutates when we dont even have a test to tell the difference? ” Do you know how to fact check? Try CDC website! THey have a article on how virus’s mutate.

    4. @Gabe Dudley RE: “QNON is made up by the left and the propaganda” LOL QNON is made up of the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson and many others.

  5. Sadly, it’s the same excuses you often hear. It seems that was never enough time in your life, you were too busy living your life; until there is no more time left.

  6. Hey! We finally have an opportunity to play Julian Lennon’s Much Too Late for Goodbyes!! Finally!!

    1. Nah, what he’s doing’s full-on premeditated. The guy’s got a law degree from Harvard: he knows exactly how his actions will affect Floridians.

    1. Only because they know that if 50% of their dumb viewers die they’ll go out of business.
      Republicans are slowly coming to that realization, too.
      All they’re doing is killing their own base.

    2. Some commentators advocating but most are not, Even though they are all required to show proof of Vaccination to enter the office.

  7. My question is, why do people wait until a family member dies before change of heart. People need to stop listening to GOP and Trump, it’s not worth your life .

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