Montgomery, Alabama’s Mayor On Masking Residents and Encouraging Vaccines

Seven states make up half of all new Covid cases in the United States, according to White House officials. And in one of those states, Alabama, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed is issuing a mask advisory in an effort to curb the rising cases and hospitalizations in his city while a mask mandate ban is in effect in the state. Mayor Reed joins MSNBC’s “American Voices” to discuss what he’s hearing from residents and what he feels is still needed to help the people of Alabama.  » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Montgomery, Alabama’s Mayor On Masking Residents and Encouraging Vaccines


    1. @John Kennedy have you talked to a pediatrician about these vaccine concerns or are you going off of social media because it goes against commonly head medical opinion? Can you enlighten some of us “sheep” about where you are receiving this information, so that maybe we can examine your scientifically gathered medical information.

    2. @Matthew Neddeau Dr Robert malone is a reputable source to start with . He helped invent the V. How many Drs and virologists would satisfy you? I have tons to choose from.

    3. @John Kennedy Malone did not invent $hit.He has used that phony claim to promote his private ‘Wellness Clinic’ for years. He was on the TEAM that did some very early MRNA research in 1989. Did not have anything to do with 30 plus years of vaccine development since. Now he’s just a professional guest on alt right misinformation shows.

  1. mask mandates everhywhere ended too soon, and go get your vaccines, before the hospitals are overwhelmed

    1. Yea but there’s still chance of viral escape even if all adults get their 2 shots. Kids under 4 usually are asymptomatic, so are perfect vectors to spread new strains that can get around their parents vaccines. Basically the virus will have plenty of chance to “practice” bypassing current vaccines. I don’t think Delta was the last strain. Just was talking with my brother, he’s an immunologist ar Duke & that’s his take on it. As for vaccines I hate them, all needles and stuff the govt puts in our bodies, plus I don’t trust Fauci and not for politicsl reasons. But had to get the Pfizer because I need to go to France for business. Otherwise I would have waited until all the strains are out because within a year or 2 there will be a better universal coronavirus vaccine- no doubt about it. Oh well this is the world we live in I guess.

    1. how bout turning them away because oops,no more beds,that will be the truth,i feel sorry for the children,they dont have a choice in the matter,thats sad

  2. Fun Fact: Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia are the least educated states in the nation.

    1. @Scahoni no, just plain ignorant. The kind that actually gets medical advice from Facebook over their family doctor. Who can blame them, though, they can’t afford to see a real doctor, their public education system is abysmal, even as American education goes, and they’re brainwashed by religious nuts and anti government conspiracy nuts. Why these are the same states with highest per capita rate of people on welfare and Republican voters is kind of mind blowing. Anyway, carry on spreading your expert knowledge with your fake degree in endemiology , bot

    1. I’ll mumble to both the floor and the ceiling while pretending to psychically communicate with an all powerful cloud-hopping superhero in the sky on your behalf – even if it couldn’t possibly make any difference. But, you asked. And, I’m willing to do whatever I can to help.

    2. I will pray you’re smart enough to go get you a respirator for sanding/ painting and take up intermittent fasting.

  3. Alabama, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Arkansas,…it’s a close race for the dumbest state.

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