1. Whatever you say Putin. Give me a break. He can’t handle a country the size of Texas and he’s gonna mouth off to us. Bully in a corner.

  2. Russia: struggles with Ukraine like a drunk man fighting a wall
    Also Russia: *come at me bro, I can take on a mountain!*

    1. @Cog You said phyrric? again, it’s debatable. Ask yourself how many soldiers died. And how many each Russia as well as Ukraine have in reserve.

      Not too long ago Ursula von der Leyen declared Ukraine has lost 100K lives. She deleted her tweet. But internet has its archived, I dare you to cross check me.
      Maybe reality is hard to swallow that Ukraine took just the tip of Kherson territory back, and Ukraine casualties number need to be hidden from you, and delete the tweet. LOL

    2. @Hellpup Interesting, but why do you think they would intentionally strategize to be stupid? Russia has been a player in world politics for centuries, and hasn’t been successfully invaded since the time of the Khans.
      They pushed back Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Hitler, survived 70 years of communist tyranny, and continue to play a significant role in world events.
      I’m not saying they are right or good, it’s just hard to comprehend why they would all of a sudden become essentially suicidal.
      Why do you think that is?

    3. @Hellpup btw it’s legal to be a conscientious war objector and not pay taxes on that grounds. But as a modern day liberal, you probably think people should be locked up for not supporting war

    4. @Tranell Moore exactly. These people back the same force that bombed mid east into oblivion, bush and Cheney are on their side, but call themselves liberal, they’re just military industrial complex supporters for the latest war profiteer effort, would’ve believed every one of bush’s lies 20 years ago

    5. @Hellpup What exactly do you think the world would do? Ukraine is not part of NATO so its not like they would jump to declare war on Russia if that happens

  3. Russia has boomerang rockets that come right back at them, straight out of looney toons. Talk about unpredictable 😂

    1. @devil doll  I have dyslexia, a difficulty with words its not a matter of intelligence. I can’t understand why people are so unintelligent that they’re so ignorant and inconsiderate.

      Stop being so patronising over a spelling error on youtube and get on with your life.

    2. @Matt No, I enjoy patronizing others. Except my comment wasn’t patronizing. I simply corrected your error. If you’re such a fragile flower that withers at the slightest correction, I deeply apologize.

    3. @devil doll what makes you think I’m withering lol, great mentality anyway I bet that works well off the keyboard in life. Id say your comment was patronising you judge intelligence by grammar and i made a spelling error hence your patronising me, as its part of my learning disability.

      I’m not fragile I just replied with honesty and offer and insight to the ignorant, inconsiderate and condescending.

    1. @theloki72 I don’t. More people should be like me. Everyone has dropped skepticism, but it’s a noble thing and I believe it’s our duty as citizens to question power, and especially when people are getting killed.

    2. @theloki72 he has messed things up pretty bad so far so I guess one could argue he is looking for a moment to gain the initiative back. I just pray it doesn’t involved WMD

  4. Following from Sierra Leone West Africa.
    Give Ukraine everything they need to defeat Russia in the battlefield


    2. Mind Begs the Question:
      If in a World
      X opposes Occupation – Heroes
      Y opposes Occupation – Terrorists
      World Governed by – Righteous,Evil?

  5. Is that even a threat? Lmao or are they saying they don’t know how many more guys and gear they will lose? 🤣


  7. Some of the consequences are predictable, the Russian pilots will sh*t in their pants when sent to attack Ukrainian targets. They (US) didn’t send it until now because it is expensive (a single long-range rocket costs over 2 million $) and they are rare. NATO and US go mostly using air attack tactics, not air defense. It is much cheaper to use F16 and SideWinder rockets then Patriot missiles against cruise missiles. Patriot is only that last defense line, not the regular way of doing war.

    1. The US and NATO are using up weapons nearing their expiration date, so they can be replaced with new ones under a different budget line item than their normal day to day expenses.

    2. @Chris Yeh – You’re correct. The Saudis have Patriots and are effectively defenseless against Houthi drones attacking their oil sites. The U.S. and NATO repeatedly underestimate the effectiveness of super expensive systems which turn out to be easily defeated by low-tech, low-budget alternatives. How soon people forget IEDs, for example. As soon as the war started I asked myself this important question: “Who is going to make money from this conflict?” And that will lead you to the truth of what’s really going on here.

    3. Why are we funding a war with against a nuclear power? This would have never have happened with Trump. These clowns at CNN getting all giddy like the warhawks they are is just sad.

    4. @Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht Funny because they are now realizing they can’t produce enough to cover for the losses. The gravy train will soon dry up as will Ukraine’s infrastructure.

    5. @Matthew Roberts That was generation 1, these are gen 3. There was an error caught last minute in desert storm where patriot systems needed to be powered off. The clocks needed to reset regularly, otherwise targeting was way off by computer error. Israel actually solved it for us.

    1. @Pla Yer that the thing ukraine and there nazi lead can’t ever have nukes or even join nato with out it going back to Russia look up the mints agreement sing by both nato and Russia so by ukraine trying to join nato is a violation of said treaty. Therefore, technically, Ukraine has sacrificed. It’s sovereignty back to Russia. And it is well document in the men’s agreement for that case

    2. @Cane Ma in part but also not .
      People of the jewish fait have been buying land in palestine sins 1880 .
      The first decleration of independance of israel was the lands that they legaly bought (and that independence was agreed on by many nations)
      The land they took after was a result of the failed invasion of 5 arab countries wo went against the decleration of independance .
      The 5 arab nations lost that war and it is to be agreed on that after being the victomme of agressions israel had the right to be compensated with more teritory .

      Israel is doing mutch wrong now , but to say it has always been doing wrong and israel as a countrie should not exist is false .
      Saying they are collonialist landgrabers is also fals .

      1 people buy there land and imigrate .
      To disagree with that and calling it collonialisme is to agree with western far right , that migrants from africa and middle east should not be welcomme and do not have the rights to buy land or own property .
      Simply it’s nationalistic and racist .

      2 to say they are just landgrabing is also wrong .
      After the second invasion of the arab coalition they again won and controled way more land , up to the suez cannal , and they gave it back (ofcourse keeping somme more in name of war reperations).

      So to conclude , yes israel is doing a lot of harm to the people of palestine now and yes it should be stopped .
      But it is first up to the people of palestine to stop suporting iran backed extremist and comme back to the negotiating table’s and stop claiming israel should not exist .
      They should accept the terms offerd after the second coalition invasion , accept the agression pushed upon israel from the beginning and then let the un deal with israel legaly .
      Becous the truth is so long that palestine accepts support from those backed by extremist (by un clasified terrorist ) regimes nothing can and will be donne legaly .

    1. Maybe because it works? If it didn’t they’d have to face consequences? Idk maybe because they don’t want to risk it? If nothing happens then it works no?

    2. Rumor has it he might have cancer and probably has nothing to lose . I don’t think he cares if the world ends with nukes unless he wants his own children to live there life’s

    1. 3:26 to 3:30 You left out the ” capabilities of the EKWFWDJGKFL+ community ” I’m offended and will sue on their behalf.
      ( Disclaimer, I’ve included every group that I’m aware of as of 12-15-22 8:42 P Eastern time, if a new group has arisen in the interim, please post an update so I can correct my post. Sorry for any distress this may have caused you or your support animal. )

    2. When they say the US’s most advanced missile system is going to ukraine, my mind instantly goes to Russians trying to capture one. Ofc retreating Ukrainians would take it with them or destroy it but I imagine even the wreckage of one would be valuable to Russia. Even though they have a pretty ‘capable’ line of missile systems, studying one could help them counter it.

    3. @Ray *_”@Viễn-Phương Yes! They just need kindergarten math: Russia never had conventional weapons to face NATO. However, it has the best missiles and nuclear submarines. If you hit 03, it’s over USA and Europe. But like 40 they get it right! So what are you doing? Fighting them until you hit the button. So much problem in the world, to solve.”_*

      You got it right. I’m surprised to see a viewer with brain on the *lying CNN* channel that be able to fool most young Americans with so many *stupid lies*

      Not talking about Russia is military superpower country that can fight against US and NATO, and Russia has many decades to prepare for this fight. How Ukraine with few old junks dumped by US and NATO (for full price) can defense against a superpower country like Russia and US.

      I’ve the feeling that Russia is trying to force civilians and the NAZIS to move to NATO, EU countries then will pound Ukraine even harder than what is doing now. And Ukraine will try to keep civilians to stay because even Ukraine knows Russia doesn’t target civilians.

      And Russia is waiting for more US and NATO troops to enter Ukraine to grind them for good. With new technologies like satellite, Russia should be able to detect most movements especially the Patriot Missiles. If you watch the Russian channel called *”TRIBUN TIMUR”* you’ll see Russia can see each individual Ukrainian soldier.

    1. @Ruwayda Struwe So he tired moving NATO further from his border by…extending Russia’s border closer to NATO ? Genius move.

    2. @Frederic Beaudet nope you don’t get it Ukraine can not have NATO article 5 assurance it definitely moves the world to war , the Russians want Ukraine to be neautral ,I don’t get it cuz that land does not hold other importance to nato strategically besides the USA trying to mess with the Russians no other reason at All

    3. @Frederic Beaudet no , he will use Ukraine 🇺🇦 like a buffer , u need to check the history cause u sound like he only watch cnn , whose complete biased

    4. @anon 1642 Because Trump isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. And would love to be in Putin’s place.

  8. “Unpredictable consequences”, translation: ” we won’t be able to figure how to respond to this either. “

    1. Biden: ” um duh, uh uh, what am I doing here ” , ” I’d like to thank the President of Colombia ( while in Cambodia) “, ” Hunter’s the smartest man I know “, and ” Putin’s just doing a little incursion “… let’s not forget ” Where’s Jackie, Jackie stand up, I know she’s around here ” (Lady passed away 2 months earlier 🤣 Buck Joe Fiden

  9. they were holding it back as deterrent. Russia attacked infrastructure at new levels, i.e. they weren’t deterred, the US sends that system –with the implied message “go ahead russia, call our bluff and cross another boundary; we will just deliver something more potent to them.”

  10. “I find it ironic and very telling that officials from a country that brutally attacked its neighbor — in an illegal and unprovoked invasion, through a campaign that is deliberately targeting and killing innocent civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure — that they would choose to use words like ‘provocative’ to describe defensive systems that are meant to save lives and protect civilians,” Ryder said.

    1. Nobody New there Neighbour Before This War.
      Zelensksy had 25% of Ukraine’s Approval and His Government Backed Violence and Murder against Russian speaking Ukrainians and Zelensksy Even said on Ukraine TV if you Want to be Russian go Live in Russia!

    2. @Tank Hill LOL it’s hysterical to see you attempt to play what about-isms with a man much smarter than you. lmao

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