Haberman: If you see Trump doing this it will be telling

CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman reacts to the latest CNN poll suggesting there's little appetite for a 2020 rematch in the 2024 presidential election. Haberman points out that although Donald Trump is the only candidate that has announced his run for office, he has done "literally nothing" since his announcement.

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    1. I always wonder how much money Trump’s trolls who post here have given to him. Certainly not as much as he wants from the suckers.

  1. I agree with Lemon. As much as it pains me. Biden is doing a good job. Better than the last president. By a mile.

    1. @Nick Ader but didn’t you enjoy those tariffs that drove prices up 20%???? Of course, maga never understood how tariffs work…

    2. @Shlep Messing classic maga fool. You’re just restating what fox tells you to say.. republicans drove the deficit up $2T, funny how you didn’t mention that…

  2. How can they say he is not doing anything? He just released some Digital Cards for $99… isn’t that what all Super Heros, sorry I mean Presidental Candidates do?

    1. @Biden is Garbage the country is so sick of democrats, they keep getting elected. no offense, but your comment reminds me of something my autistic cousin would say.

    2. @Biden is Garbage
      Dems don’t need to follow a candidate around to rallies like tweens at Justin Bieber concerts.
      Maga groupies do exactly that and love fawning over Phony Soprano.
      Keep on giggling, Giggles.

  3. Trump doesn’t need money to hold a rally he just skips out on the bill & venues keep hosting his events anyway.

    1. @Biden is Garbage Halfwatt empty account BOT, spreading propaganda, lies, and projections of Putin’s RU State TV lies… edited for REPORTED

    2. @Belly Dancer Em American oligarchs and magagats sell the MoronDon to magagats in the area he wants to pollute. They cite financial considerations: increased hotel receipts, overtime for willing police, full restaurants, in the arrival of the fans. They are given reassurances for the payments required for use of venue…but end up millions in the hole when the manbaby reneges on his debts.
      Edited for spelling corrections.

    3. @Big Bear Hungry Another halfwatt lying bot, spewing propaganda, hate and divisiveness. Bell end with no clue. FO, bot. Edited for REPORTED.

    4. @Biden is Garbage Don’t act like y’all wouldn’t howl from every rooftop every night with laughter if the Democrats had elected a grifter that is so fully made a fool of themselves that the majority of the party is attempting to detach themselves.
      Republicans take every opportunity to find even the smallest flaw to flog someone in the media over rofl

    1. @meowverwhelmed True, Meowy. I once read a short sci-fi story, where being President for one year was done by drawing, like the lotto. Interesting concept. In some native American communities, the leadership positions are rotated within tribal members, much like national service, so everyone gets a turn.

    2. @Miss Informed I disagree on availability and transparency concerning this administration. They have not been . It also appears social media has been used as a tool to quell half a nation of its opinion

  4. I didn’t vote FOR Biden, I voted against the Dump. If I have to do it again, I will. Considering how far the GQP has gone down the Christo-Fascist rabbit hole I will be voting against Republicans for a long time, as will most of America.

    1. @Arche Ryan it’s not your property anymore either. Let’s Now Play Fair from here on.
      Your supporters asked for forgiveness because “We” didn’t know yet.
      I knew. And you will be held accountable under the UCMJ or Jesus himself.
      When hear his words say” I Never Knew Him/Her.”

    2. @John Herold you support a president with failing policies that are destroying our country in record time yet you claim care about America? If you care about it why do you support such destruction and such hardships on American citizens mostly under the guise of their made up climate emergency? The facts on Joe are all in Hunter’s LEGITIMATE laptop. The FBI ran interference to cover the story. Is this the type of America you care about? It’s all coming out real soon. Plus we still dont know the amount of corruption the Twitter files are going to expose. You really should set your hatred of Trump aside and take a long hard look at who your standing up for.

    3. @Tim Lepley” there you go again” pointing the finger ( at U.S. ) or are you just giving U.S. the finger? Anyrate as usual this has gone over another tRUMPets head. No skin off my back. But U.S.

    4. No wonder America is a falling Empire when people are voting with nothing but their emotions and No intelligence.

  5. “If you see Trump doing this it will be telling”. Well, if you see his lips moving or see him typing, you know he’s lying. It’s his tell.

    1. @Gerry Bailey Here you go, gerry: Record economy, unemployment in the 3% range, fewer Covid deaths in 2020 than Biden had in 2021 despite millions more vaccinated, safer streets, stronger borders, no war in Ukraine. You need more?

    2. @Gerry Bailey Spot on. He was run by Putin’s playbook, and Putin didn’t back the MoronDon because he liked him—he hated the greedy s.ob. and despised his trivial, elitist golf obsession. But he hated the US more, and installing useful idiot trumpf💨 was the best chance he had of fulfilling the desinformatziya programme started by Stalin almost 100 years ago and pursued through regimes preceding and leading up to Khrushchev and Gorbachev through to Putin.

      The plan was to exacerbate and magnify, divide the West by elements Stalin identified as Western weaknesses; he was angry after WWI and vowed to take down the Western countries, Europe, UK, Canada and the US. He sent out “religious refugees from godless communism”, who were conservative, fundamentalist sleeper cells, including Ayn Rand, who came to US in 1926 and wrote books lionising the ugly selfishness of capitalists with no souls, and other philosophers who set up hard-core think-tanks and established proselytising religious and commercial outreaches.

  6. Because of Pres. Biden’s age I would prefer someone younger. However I will support him if he decides to run which I believe he is going to do barring any health reasons for him not to.

    1. As an independent, I will vote for ANY Democrat as long as the Republican opponent embraces the Big Lie. That said, I’d prefer somebody under 60 yo to be our next POTUS.

  7. McCarthy’s first response of, ‘have you spent any time with my conference?’ pretty much gives it away. He straightened up immediately but he let it slip there that he’s being held hostage by nutjobs.

  8. The response from Kevin about that last question proves the GOP does not understand that the vitriol IS the problem.

  9. Go Joe,go ,be there for the american people…Youre programs are really very helpfull for the poor and needy……Keep upthe good work….

  10. He’s not rallying and going out in the country right now, because he’s federally prohibited from keeping campaign or fundraising donations to him now that he’s declared officially. He has to declare donations and put them into a federal expenditure. So essentially it’s all about money. Which is the case for everything he’s ever done in his life, probably since he was four or five.

    1. You took the facts right out of Donald Trump thinking in I’m no.1 Deal maker and pay a over sea tax of over hundred million a yr in taxes n thinks he making America Great again when he was stealing America Dermacace by not paying a Tax from under cutting property values or saying there 17 story’s hi when there 14 hi lmao he did everything he could by not paying taxes and his Tax guru over seeing his bottom line is getting 6 months jail sentence unreal now who over seeing Trump Inc. His son lmao

  11. Biden is an effective leader. The electorate is too used to focusing on what someone looks like as opposed to whether on not that person is skilled. And that’s why TV or movie personalities can get over on the electorate.

  12. Excellent comprehensive report! I learned, and I watch a LOT of news. I really appreciate Maggie Haberman. She is a sharp analyst. Thanks for having her on.

  13. Biden definitely should run again regardless of his age. With age comes wisdom. He believes in science, surrounds himself with qualified advisers and tries to work across the aisle to get things done. Right now with the republicans’ “candidates”, he has no competition.

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