1. Don’t forget to delete my factual comments. Because the truth is something you know nothing about.

    1. Rajkiran Natarajan, maybe you can be the one to give an example of systemic racism in Canada. Nobody else can, or is willing to.

    2. Rajkiran Natarajan WTF is “ systemic racism”? The system isn’t racist….there might be individuals who hold racist views but the system isn’t racist…quit using nonsensical terms.

  2. Makes me less and less confident about Trudeau since after making her initial remarks, he still stands by her How can she make changes when she’s so clueless?

    1. The fact that you still had confidence in Trudeau, says a lot about your thought process. Can you please tell me one example of systemic racism here in Canada?

  3. One thing that’s VERY important to note: We have the Truth. It’s a weapon they can never possess. They can propagandize all day, but it’s like building a house out of BS bricks. it’s not going to weather any storm. We don’t need to lie about anything because we don’t have to. We have the Truth and it’s valid currency anywhere.

  4. Clearly Lucki needs Bill Blair or someone beside her whispering answers into her ears. I’m beginning to think systemic racism in the RCMP doesn’t begin with her, she’s just a token superintendent, someone else is actually in charge.

  5. My experience with the military I have seen no racism in fact look at the military they have been diverse for a very long time .

  6. Brenda Lucki is just another failed example of what happens when you do not install the correct person for the job, but the politically correct one!

  7. I believe that is considered discrimination. Not racism. Wtf….she clearly needs to retake some english courses to identify appropriate language required to debate.

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