1. No atmosphere on the moon, no atmosphere in outer space either; but we’ve figured out how to keep a permanent manned space station.

    We could solve the problems.

    1. @Kristy Campbell Thanks for nothing! Your link was to a completely stupid vid that has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.


    2. @Paul the Audacious Bradford Report that as spam or some other category. May not do anything, but better to let YT know. Who knows something might happen?

    3. You really need to think this through better.
      The space station requires constant
      re-supply. Many other obstacles need to be overcome. Such as, what are they going to eat?

    1. Have always admired his acknowledgement of Carl Sagan as a personal influence, but moreover the teacher pupil relationship that can be had from a small interaction which lasts a lifetime. “What if, NDT never met Sagan”…

  2. I really hope they take the time they need to make this happen. And aren’t pressured to move forward due to money restraints. This mission is important.

  3. I’m saddened that it is delayed. We have been away from the moon for far to long. Nearly my whole life. Born in 1971

    However, it isn’t just rocket science that is hard. Space is hard
    There’s a lot of moving parts and NASA is going to scrub the mission for a loose screw if they can’t get it tightened within the window of opportunity
    So this isn’t shocking

    It is just a little sad that we have wait a little longer to move the cause of humanity forward in the universe

  4. I don’t look at the issues with this launch as a bad thing at all.
    This is why we were launching artimis. Specifically to check for problems and make sure we are ready for when we actually launch people to the moon in 2024.
    Today wasn’t a failure, today was them finding the issues before the become actual problems.

  5. Very glad they uncovered this before take off. It would be just terrible to have a major explosion during a space mission in 2022. Phew.

  6. He looks like he JUST got back from the moon. The man still explaining things to America. Thank U, Sir 💯👍

  7. From what I understand, there are plans to build a base on the moon. I’d like to know how the building materials are going to be delivered to the moon and what happens to the delivery method? Will there be lunar landers that deliver building materials to the moon? What happens to the landers? Will they be integrated into the moon base structure or will they be reused somehow or will they just collect on the lunar surface as junk/debris with no further plans? I think it would be good to somehow integrate everything that is brought to the moon into the base somehow so it’s just just waste sitting up there…

    1. The moon has building materials once you are up and running. You can build spaceships on the moon and launch them much easier than from earth

    2. Most likely prefab modules delivered like a Space Station. Piece by piece, fully functioning. Small scale. Components can probably land themselves.

  8. My question for future space commentators – Tyson mentions China’s ambitions, but given that China has recently been vigorous in its expansionist ambitions especially with the Spratley islands and Taiwan, what would it mean if China claimed part of the moon? Is that even conceivable or merely an implausible scenario without any real risk in the foreseeable future? Regardless of the risk estimate, what areas would be valuable and why? We have heard of key resources like water at the southern moon pole, but I am unclear what the degree of risk that Chinese outposts would pose for western activities on the moon and elsewhere in deep space.

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