A New Chapter For The United States And NATO? | MSNBC

Biden is set to leave on his first foreign trip as president, and he will attend the NATO summit. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joins Morning Joe to discuss meeting with President Biden ahead of the summit and strengthening the U.S.-NATO alliance.

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A New Chapter For The United States And NATO? | MSNBC


  1. Shout out to George Floyd on almost thirteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!! 🖕

    1. I know a Perfect place you can stick that finger but you’d have to pull your head out of it first. Addiction is no joke, especially when it’s a result of a medical treatment.

    1. @ORANGE GENERAL always nice to see the mentally challenged participate in the comments section… thanks for posting.

    2. Without Israel, the US has no Middle East allies. Try thinking for once.
      Trump wanted NATO to pay their fair share. Biden has infrastructure money for NATO.

    1. FAKE NEWS!!! 😫😫
      DERP STATE!!! 😫😫
      WITCH HUNT!!! 😫😫
      STOLEN ELECTION!!!!😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    2. Yeah, traitorous Trump is more of a distraction than anything else. He still wants to do Putin’s bidding, but the worst part is all that pathetic whining. Need to make him irrelevant, but the media just love the spectacle of the moron, so like a bad cold he never seems to go away

  2. The United States has led the post-World War II international liberal order for decades. Trump’s flagrant indifference towards international liberalism harmed our allies and buttressed our opponents.

    President Biden’s European tour is a reaffirmation of our post-WWII leadership.

    1. LMAO the final nail in the coffin of America’s “leadership” was hammered in on March 19, 2003.

  3. Weak journalists wasting an opportunity to interview one of the most powerful people in the world.

  4. This is important stuff. It’s a turning point. The last four years watered down our security with our allies and basic norms.

    1. NATO is nothing more than an excuse for the military industrial complex to justify its existence. NATO was supposedly created to combat the USSR. The USSR is no longer around, so there is no valid reason for NATO to continue to exist.

    2. Yes, to the point that domestic terrorists attacked the Capitol. NATO should have intervened.

    3. @Ivan Tellalie Its not NATOs business to intervene on an internal matter. Also, trespassing is not terrorism.

  5. *REPUBLICANS without LINCOLN:* _Exception, not exemption = blame it on god_
    Obstructing is paramount to winning and what better way than through insurrection. But if your going to be caught your defense must be perfect. ‘Exception’ is a ‘God Instructed’ action beyond the means of Justice to fix. <<-- The Great Lie is an Alibi!

  6. I hope it goes better the Kamalatoe’s disaster of a trip to Guatemala. At least she flew over the border.

  7. NATO is critical for maintaining peace and Democracy in both Europe and the USA. Trump wanted it gone or to pull out of it to support Putin, his buddy. Time to maintain strong alliances!

    1. No, he didn’t. Trump wanted them to pay 2% GDP per year which was agreed to years ago but countries weren’t living up to it.

    2. Biden’s one that gives a green light to the pipeline from Russia to Europe Trump blocked it. So which one is in Vladimir Putin pocket?

    3. @James Smith Trump gave Russia harsh sanctions and was against certain things Putin did internationally like side with Assad of Syria, Build the Nord Stream 2 into Germany so Russia has control of Germany’s gas supply, Assassinations and his conflict with Ukraine. However, they managed to have a good personal relationship. Fun Fact: Trump never visited Russia and Putin never visited USA during the 4 years. They had both invited each other to their countries however, US politicians on both sides saw Putin as an enemy so it never happened and therefore they only met each other in a other countries.

  8. I used to say the only good Trump ever did was pushing (certain) Nato members on more Defence-spending. Now I learn that too had already started under Obama….

    Good interview by mr Stoltenberg here. Not easy keeping your answers a-political when interviewed by MSNBC. 😀

    1. Stop the bs and pretending non political bias. And….the richest most powerful country in the world wants to stay that way. Our money has bought powerful allies, who by being safer have made more money that helps them build systems to keep safer from enemies who would otherwise seize their country. And look at how US money helped bring Japan and Germany up to being financial superpowers AND our powerful allies. Meanwhile Russia’s economy is smaller than Italy and heavily dependant on the slowly dying oil & gas industry. US money has given us many very powerful friends, and more are slowly coming up with our help and protection. Look at what China is trying to do with its foreign policy spending? And why do Russian leaders continually ‘plead’ for sanctions to be lifted. Money is power. If Russia’s neighbours were not empowered and unified by the US, they would all long ago be in a Putin led Soviet Union. The old “iron curtain” fell because of pressure US foreign policy money put on the Soviet regime. And the very best justification for our foreign policy spending, having done 5 tours I prefer our money do the fighting than our soldiers.

  9. By a “new chapter” means going back to the old trick of ganging up together like a pack of wolves to attack weaker nations with natural resources the so-called West wants. Yeah… Got it.

  10. That’s how you get a Irish mob boss race war started, these shiny right green mean demons are experts on the process of inner city race relations

  11. Nahhh! Unites States is finished. A lot of hot air and no action. Trump should be in Guantanamo by now….

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