A Reflection On 100 Days Since The Capitol Riot | Way Too Early | MSNBC 1

A Reflection On 100 Days Since The Capitol Riot | Way Too Early | MSNBC


Friday marks 100 days since the siege of the US Capitol. Reporters Leigh Ann Caldwell and Garrett Haake join Way Too Early to reflect. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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A Reflection On 100 Days Since The Capitol Riot | Way Too Early | MSNBC


  1. Maryland’s former chief medical examiner testified “for the defense” in the Minneapolis murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with killing George Floyd. Dr. David Fowler’s testimony came at the same time he’s being accused of helping to cover up the police’s role in the 2018 in-custody death of Anton Black, a Black 19-year-old from the Eastern Shore.

  2. One of the most reprehensible moments in my life as an American. More sad and absolutely egregious stories to come, unfortunately!

    1. @Shane Kasper so I have evidence… it’s anecdotal, but she’s black, so it makes sense. No proof of it since, but you just gotta trust me on this.

    2. @Shane Kasper Stop with the false equivalencies. The two events were completely different. BLM are protesting over centuries of human rights abuses, police brutality and racism. You MAGAts lost an election. And to the point, most of the BLM riots and looting were gangs, rightwing insurgents and opportunists. The VAST majority were extremely peaceful. But you go ahead with your little talking points and white privilege tantrums, I’m sure someone is interested.

    3. @Wahyu Indrasto tell your wife to pick your meds up. I’ll take that seriously when you make that same plea to abtifa and blm

    1. @Kyle Kyle Go tell the DHS and the FBI. They report 90% of domestic terrorism comes from right wing extremists. Go tell your allies the Boogaloo boys, banned as a terror group in Canada. Those reports will tell you exactly how the term domestic terrorism is defined.

  3. I personally think its B.S. that they didn’t know something of the sort was going to happen. Myself, not having any formal training, no memos or anything but tv news, newspapers, and social media saw it coming. I saw it coming weeks in advance. The reason I voted for Biden was because I was like “That tRump is trying to organize a coup. He wants to be prez for life or King tRump.” No doubt in my mind if he would have won we would never had had elections again. No, we may have had a military coup afterwards, but maybe not. There are enough brainwashed Trumpists that there would have been festivals and parades for the death of democracy. Weeks of celebration right up to the point that the military with tanks and guns marched down every street coming for everyone else’s guns, freedoms, and rights.

    1. After Charlottesville you knew that it was going to be an ugly presidency. I don’t understand why people would elect a racist like him? My god man his father was a member of the kkk. trump grew up in a racist household

    2. Be quiet your Genius is showing cuz they must think the rest of us are dummies this is not a handicap dis because I’m very special but Helen Keller got more accomplished than any politician of the last 75 years

  4. If this insurrection does not get addressed on the level of our legal capabilities everybody knows we have no chance at justice up is up and down is down to reject The Facts of Life you make reservations for tragedy

  5. I remember where i was on 9/11 and now i will always remember hearing of the attack on our capitol in my car on my way to my moms. Then having to go home and show my kids what was happening in our country’s capitol and seeing the shock and dismay on their faces. My son was just their with school the school year before sat on them same steps for some pictures with friends.

    1. @Robert Way is sad and sick. I may not like everything the government does and i my not like who wins in an election but i would never in my life think of trying to overthrow the government cuz my guy lost. In my eyes the people who took part in the attack are nothing more then homegrown terrorists. Makes me rethink of voting for a Republican ever again and i have vote for both sides being an independent voter.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx the difference is was this was caused by an ex president that couldn’t accept he lost.
      Huge difference

    3. @Robert Way They make political demands followed by violence. A sustained pattern of violence using projectiles, explosives, lasers, boards with nails. That’s terrorism by definition.

    4. @Robert Way The left even raised bail to get violent rioters out so they could keep fighting in the street. They were released without charge by Democrat prosecutors. You need to stop watching MSNBC until you are better at separating fact from fiction. You better hope the Democrats don’t turn on you. They’ve abandoned due process.

  6. This is . We’re not gonna get any real answers for years. They still have yet to tell us whether Boebert gave tours the day before, who exactly told them to not use certain weapons & why, who told the National Guard to stand down, who removed the panic buttons from people’s offices, etc…

    1. That’s exactly why the investigation takes so long. There’s many different things to investigate.

    2. @Florin Jurcovici It’s been 4 months & no answers. Is Mueller running the investigation or something.

    3. @Bruce Leroy It’s a criminal investigation. It’s big, involving many thousands of defendants, probably most of the individual cases with multiple charges. The burden of proof, in criminal investigations, is very high – if you actually want to get a conviction. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would take one more year. Never before had the justice system in the US had to deal with such a huge case.

    4. @Florin Jurcovici I disagree because they have announced arrests & people have been to see a judge. Also the few questions I’ve listed shouldn’t be so hard to get answers to between phone records & security cameras. What I think is gonna happen the terrorists won’t get more than a year & we won’t hear about the politicians involved (if any) until they’re no longer in power. It took the Government almost a decade to admit Bush Jr. lied about WMDs.

  7. The compliant media no longer wants us to call these riots. They are protests and demonstrations.

  8. This violent storming of the Capitol brought to you by DJT and sponsored by Fox news, thank you for your support

    1. All white people are racists. Also, too much English exists in the USA. Spanish should replace English. The USA has to be a province of Mexico. Black Lives matter!

  9. Trickle down makes it sound like the best part of millionaires and billionaires dripped down their dads legs.

  10. So, a higher-up in the police dept. ordered his people not to prepare for a riot, also the head of the national guard refused to send troops right away. Talk about a conspiracy.

  11. Anyone who even attended, weather they entered the building or not should be arrested. Domestic or otherwise, this was an organized act of terrorism. tRump was on live TV making a call to action to bring this riot into action.

    1. You might feel this way, but attorneys and prosecutors have to act according to law. There’s no law, to my knowledge, that punishes demonstrating outside of the Capitol. Most likely, everybody who can be identified and entered the Capitol will receive some punishment. But, at how much work this requires, even identifying all intruders will take a lot of time.

  12. In some sense I think its fortunate for the nation that it unfolded the way it did.
    On the one hand it spared us a bloodbath and deeper division, on the other it exposed these people and made both them and their intentions known to both the authorities and the general public.
    I feel sorry for those who allowed themselves to be duped but believe they should not be coddled.
    Also, after having been interrogated most rigorously those deemed to have incited it can and should be sent to Gitmo, as they have no place here.
    Meanwhile those who instigated it should be required to pay the ultimate price, Trump and ‘Q’ at the top of the list.
    If we do not set an example we will only encourage them to try again.

  13. The best way to rebuild the sanctity of the Capitol is for all the attackers who breached the police lines and entered the building to be punished severely. Anything less than a felony conviction will embolden future attacks.

  14. The police treatment of the capitol rioter. And the police treatment of the Minneapolis rioters. PROVES RACISM IN AMERICA TODAY!!!

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