Pat Robertson Slams Policing In America | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Pat Robertson Slams Policing In America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Following the death of Daunte Wright, evangelical leader Pat Robertson on Thursday weighed in on policing in America, saying that while he was pro-police, the 'best and brightest' aren't currently there and that police were underpaid. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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Pat Robertson Slams Policing In America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @JackG79 The sound of his voice does not automatically equate what’s in his heart. I believe he was/is a far-right winger and shouldn’t even speak on politics anyway, since he doesn’t pay taxes.

    2. @Mario Stinger – Perpetual Traveller You must not have as many stupid people in Canada.

    3. @Mario Stinger – Perpetual Traveller Congrats from Europe for banning Fox news. Makes sense since it slightly violates Canadas law that prevents ‘news’ channels from lying to their viewers. I was kidding… blatantly not slightly

  1. In my country police training is 3-4 years, the equivalent of a college degree.
    I understand that in the USA it can be only a few months.
    We also pay them for it. You get what you pay for.
    The problem is the system, it is no different from the crumbling infrastructure, poor healthcare, mass shootings, etc.

    1. @MR_Coccy & BIO it’s the people and not the guns. We could have 10 times the number of guns and you’d have the same issues going on. In some parts of the country we have many different tribes fighting each other.

    2. @David Welch What total rubbish. A quick look at census data shows that the USA’s population is about 76% white. Let’s compare it to your supposedly “homogenous” countries: the Netherlands is about 79% white. Latest data from Norway (2020) says their population is now just over 75% white. Canada was 78% white last time a large-scale survey was conducted, in 2016. So no, David. It’s not the fault of ‘third world people’ coming in and ‘ruining’ everything. It’s the fault of a corrupt, underfunded and systemically racist police force.

    3. @Legslipsandlashes there is absolutely no shortage of domestically grown problems. I was responding to a different point

    4. @David Welch if you’re talking about people not paying tax, then your point still does not stand. Norwegians – of all colours – pay some
      of the highest tax rates in the world, and they largely don’t mind doing that, because it means they get excellent public services (policing, healthcare, education, housing etc) at little or no upfront cost. The real tax villains in the USA are not migrants but corporations. Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook generate absurd wealth for their founders and execs whilst paying most of their workers poverty wages. And what demographic of person are the billionaire owners of these companies? Yep. Almost exclusively white men. Diverse societies do not HAVE to be divided ones.

    1. @Knarf Stein He’s on the wrong side of what he’s supposed to stand for and that makes him a hypocrite.

  2. Our military treats foreign enemy combatants with more compassion than our police treat our neighbors. Is this how we want to treat each other? Like enemies

    1. Our elected leaders and policy makers want us to treat enemy combatants with compassion as much as they want us to treat each like enemies. Look around you – everyone…and I mean *EVERYONE* in America has a victim mentality.

    2. Oh really can you prove that feeling with some statistics??? Police have 40 million interactions with the public and ur dumping all of them over .00003% of individuals???? Ur a genius fir sure!

  3. That is the first decent thing i have heard him say in over 30 years. Inescapable truth!! I live in a small town and by reputation years ago as one of the most corrupt law enforcement entities in Kentucky which does not have a stellar record of honorable service. I have seen and know of many unsavory charactors being fired from one department ending up here in Clark County. It has gotten better but has a long way to go. Training is everything and to give a gun and a badge to your nephew or son because they can’t get a job anywhere, at anything else is, or was the hallmark of policing here. If it is here, it is everywhere.

    1. @Roland Martin yes sir, Winchester Ky. Now i do not mean every officer because i had a few that rode in my bike club and they are honorable men but i have had personal expierience with corrupt officers because my training and the job i had after leaving the military was investigating corrupt departments. It has got better but i do not sit silent when i see the obvious. I expect law enforcement to be above reproach and we have in this country a long way to go. The days of bullies and power hungry mentally deficient hires has to end. Anyone who does not think that individuals seek out law enforcement jobs to have power over others is delusional. Like i said, there has been great improvement here but i risk my own safety if someone local reads this because i am a known threat to the corrupt.

    2. @Wesley Hitchcock – Not a new thought but, anyone who wants to be a cop probably shouldn’t be one. Random drafting of the populace would produce a better product.

    3. @Wesley Hitchcock One side of my family is originally from Kentucky and from what I understand everything you stated about why and how cops get hired holds true for that area as well. I was told that for many decades that when one party was in power many of the men in my family were police officers even though they hadn’t been trained much or at all. From what I understand of the state I don’t envy anyone that has to live there.

  4. You know it’s bad when we gotta teach the diff between taser handle and gun handle

  5. I grew up in a state that used to require the the city that the officers worked in they had to live in. I grew up in neighborhoods and knew who the cop was on the street. I went to friends and families neighborhoods and knew what house the city officer was living in. The police lived and worked in the same community. They valued the adults and children in the neighborhood. This helped to keep crime down and also gave the police compassion for whom they are pulling over, or the home they are going to, where there is some trouble. Why because it was a good chance of them knowing the family. They removed that requirement many many years ago. So now you have police that live in other cities then where they work. They have no connection to the cc ommunity and really no empathy for individuals. If you compare an officer that lives in the city and neighborhood they patrol you will see the difference on how they police compared to an officer that lives in another city and another neighborhood. The police respected the community and the community respected the officers which were also neighbors.

    1. I don’t think that holds up. I have two nieces that teach in school districts that they don’t live in. I don’t think they’re ineffective. I don’t think they cannot not relate to the kids. I don’t know I think there’s a flaw there somewhere

    2. @John Topper i dont know her exact situation. I just see a sh*t ton of public officials in detroit that dont live in the area. Teachers, cops, etc. That takes money out of the poorest communities.

    3. Great comment, same should apply for politicians, I grew up in a suburb of 10000 people with only 10 police officers ,when my mother’s preserves were stolen from her cellar,cops had the teen perpetrators in custody next day. Cops were liked and respected, their jobs so much easier as whole community was eager to help them. Greed is winning folks ,the owners like when polloi fight among themselves with eyes closed ,they get reelected to another term to steal more.

    4. Todd Portice, You are referring to a time before they put the local police in autos, when the cop had a walking patrol. The police knew the neighborhood youth, and coop w the parents and vice versa to keep tabs on conduct of kids and helped them understand obeying the law. This was reinforced in churches, and in schools, in the morning w reading Bible, and reciting Lords prayer, before recitation of the pledge in appreciation of hard sacrifices of forebearers.

      Even crooks could recite Bible verses; and perverts, and child molesters knew to stay in their closets for their own safety, that is, before increasing complex attnys, following human nature, began training under Prof Laydons Positivism, from the late 1890s, to keep in step w prevailing, all exclusive evolution as narrow fact, instead of possible coexisting explanations.

      Then, unelected Sup Crt gods, began to bypass apathetic congress, to make their own laws, incrementally encouraging a loss of morality and resulting lack of respect for law on a trusting, distracted people. Before that, parents, teachers, school truant officers, coop w ea other in a more respectful manner, reinforcing safer and more trusting society? Laws against vagrancy on public sidewalks, and mental institutions helped to cope w unfortunate mental disturbed, before weakened laws returned them back to incapable homes, city streets, and over crowded prisons; and disturbed, unsupervised youth began shooting up the schools and neighborhood! Now, this nation has the blessings of modern dem prog humanism, instead!

  6. You can train skills but you can’t train character. Police recruiting needs to shift to good character and a good wage to learn right policing and stop hiring the borderline psychopaths.

    1. @Niels Pemberton
      Maybe treat policing the way they used to treat air traffic controllers in pre reagan america

      Good strong union that wasnt apologists for lack of skills.

      When in doubt, time off and counseling.

    2. @Maxine Fowler
      Gosh I hope you are wrong!
      Maybe if you treat racism like addiction?
      It feels good, pumps you up, but makes you and your world fit badly together?
      Megalomania, same thing.
      I know there are business men who hire someone to try and catch them if they tend towards being a sociopath.

    3. @Bill Casey You can’t be cured, its in you for life. Whites invented racism only for their Monetary benefit, and built a World economy on it. Now practically every White person on here says it doesn’t exist. Strange.

    4. “good character?” The police doing the hiring think “good character is using a heavy hand against blacks.” You have to be specific. Police need to shift to hiring people without racial biases. And Americans need an education on their own history of inequity and bias, their monuments to white supremacy, all the things they hide from and lie to themselves about.

  7. I almost fell off my chair when I heard Pat Robinsons words. I kind of wondered if in his old age he was trying to repent or something.

    1. @KC’s Funhiuse: my thoughts exacrly. I was stunned by his comments! I thought reprwntance? May be he knowa his days are numbered! ‘

    2. @Carlos Villalta Because I’m black. That BLM has nothing to do with black people or black people’s donations. No one in our community knows who that is. Look at Portland, do you see black people there? It’s even been said that BLM has exhibited racism toward black people who try to participate in protests. The BLM you reference means nothing to me. For black people, BLM is a hashtag and a plea. All that other stuff has nothing to do with us. And surely no one is surprised that people try to capitalize off blm or that certain groups have tried to hijack the whole thing. You can be mad about where donations go but real black people just don’t want to get lynched anymore. Real black are afraid, embarrassed, angry and tired.

    1. I agree with Pat, police shoot all these people because they are poorly trained, and are not inherently skilled, because they’re poor salary attracts Mainly unskilled people; it has very little to do with racism, and there is definitely no systemic racism. This is why defunding the police would make things worse. If anything, like Pat said, the police need to be paid higher salary to attract more skilled people, which means funding, not defunding, the police. Thanks.

    2. @Terri Dominguez US Republicans only care about the R next to your name and this goes for Pat Robertson too, he gets his judges etc. So in the end right wing evangelicals look past Trump personal behavior because of presidential access to the White House. The evangelical community basically sold their souls in order to enabled Trump personal behavior. But I believe even a guy like Pat Robertson can see that what is going on with the police in the US is unsustainable.

  8. The older he gets, the more his real feelings are coming out. He spent too much time promoting hate!!

    1. Not until the first caucasian is deported back to Europe for their crimes

    2. @Four Twenty life changing not as harmful as a cigarette , but you are one of the people who won’t see why it is egregious that one can be called a “criminal” for smoking weed … .

    3. imo, the minute a cop violates their oath to protect and serve by abusing a citizen, they stop being cops, and everything they do should be judged as if any citizen was doing it.

      chauvin is being tried as a cop, enjoying the vastly increased benefit of the doubt that he got as a cop- he’s still being granted the privilege he had to do things that regular citizens can’t do- i.e. a cop’s detaining = a citizen kidnapping. a cop’s restraint = a citizen’s assault. what we saw on video, if done by any citizen, would be charged as felony 1st degree murder, with kidnapping, menacing, 1st degree assault, and a bunch of other major crimes.

      he is NOT being tried using the higher level of responsibility that comes with being a cop.

      he’s getting all the protections of an accused citizen, but is not being held to the same account as all citizens.

      we need laws to reflect the fact that cops are government, and when they use the extraordinary power we grant them against the citizens, that is a crime not just against one of us- it’s a crime against us ALL. there should be a severe enhancer for crimes by cops.

    4. @Grichka Tayou not just weed. All drug should be decriminalized. Who’s to say we can’t do what to our own bodies? The government.

    1. @Adam Williams yes, there lots of them.. got their nerves. They enjoy the luxury of being in America from centuries of black folks struggle and fight .

    1. its amazing how much RESTRAINT the police were able to exercise with that RABID crowd of CRIMINALS that attacked the capital n were BEATING police with flag poles. its shocking that they can exercise that RESTRAINT with white people but forget all of that training if the person /people are brown or black. so strange..

    2. @Ford Ford they don’t until they finally find out it’s not like it was in the 30s and 40s and even before then!!! They are insecure NOW , we don’t want nothing but to Live in peace , but then IT IS WHAT IT IS , PROTECT YOUR BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!#

    3. That’s a great suggestion. No sarcasm. At my job I have quarterly assessment meetings with my supervisor. These supervisors need a councilor meeting with them just to give a brief cursory exam.

  9. Never forget Elijah McLain. The bright, slim, innocent young man who I did not know him. But his story is heart-breaking and will ring through the ages. When he exclaimed “I am introvert” as he struggled to breathe and the “officers” holding his little body down are nothing more than thugs. Elijah was a good guy, he is gone, the thugs are still here and they will never get a moments peace of mind in their miserable lives again

    1. As the mom of a boy who is also on the spectrum & loves to wear a hood, all year, Elijah’s last words absolutely devastated me. 3 other Aurora officers later posed for selfies at the scene of his death, with poses mocking how they killed him. One of the cops responsible for his death, replied “Ha Ha”. A fellow officer reported the photo & the chief fired all 4. The other cops who killed him were put on desk duty. The city didn’t prosecute, but state investigation found the department hid things from the DA & said cops had no cause to stop him or use force on him.

    2. @Sonia C exactly, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Like the defence showing that 2019 arrest video of George Floyd – there were two officers shouting at him with contradictory commands – “put your hands on the dash/put your hands on your head” – he did both, but they still said he was non-compliant, because guess what, you can’t have your hands in two places at once.

    3. I cried when I looked at the video of Elijah…such a sweet young man. Something has to change! But I think Robertson is onto something…the character of the people hired to protect us matters.

    4. Not thugs racist psychopaths. I m Black, I met them , there are Women too. We get shot in our own houses.

    5. Ahmaud Aubry was heart wrenching for me. I ache for him and his family. There are so many murders, it really really kills my soul

  10. 34 ounces vs 8 ounces. If she spent over 20 years being an officer there is NO WAY she didn’t know she was holding her gun.

    1. @MeiJah Mitchell yes that’s what she was doing was watching her belt. My gawd you are all experts on what these people went through.

    2. You wont really know in the heat of the moment genius. Like 3 years back a cop got shot pulling his taser instead of his pistol. Yes that is crazy and he did survive and he said he won’t ever carry a taser again. Police pull out tasers 50x more than their pistol. This lady cop got screwed up pulling her gun while pushing the rookie out the way.

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