A ‘Successful Diplomatic Trip’: Breaking Down Biden’s Summit With Putin

The Morning Joe panel recaps President Joe Biden's Wednesday meeting in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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A 'Successful Diplomatic Trip': Breaking Down Biden's Summit With Putin


  1. Allies respecting us again and Putin fearing us again? Well would you look at that, America has a competent President once again!

    1. @Bass INC Putin has respect for power. Which biden couldn’t even figure out how to use. You have no point that’s relevant.
      Biden isn’t a lapdog for Putin but would kneel easier than trump would.
      Stop going straight back to trump by the way.

  2. Way too much hype by the media about how one leader would react to the other. What one would say to the other. Just let the leaders have their summit and report what was done. Tone down the hype.

    1. Reality check from Biden, “I’m not confident at all.” He may have been short-tempered with that CNN reporter but he told it like it was. He knows Putin is a killer.

  3. Did Lamire just rush into the studio from the helicopter, or did he pick up some styling tips from Boris Johnson at the summit?

    1. It’s the young people’s style. They think it’s cool 😎 and Boris thinks he’s young and cool. Johnathan is young. Boris is delusional

  4. Diplomacy and Democracy are what makes us Americans and not matter how messy, we are still Americans who believe in our Country The United States of America.
    Together we stand. Divided we fall. I believe in my heart ❤️ that there enough Americans who believe in our Democracy and are proud of President Biden.

    1. @jjajdavidson 02 No, I don’t mean storming the Capitol — a TRUE American Patriot would never participate in the attempted coup we saw on 1/6. A REAL patriot wouldn’t do many of the things we’ve seen over the last 4.5 years.

      The thing we must remember is Trump and his followers have tainted the word “Patriot”– it no longer means a person who puts his or her country first. They make decisions based upon whether something will or will not benefit the citizens, and that’s instead of putting the politics first.

  5. That’s the problem with so called strong men. They want to eliminate opposition because they are fearful and weak. Diplomacy takes strength and confidence.

  6. “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first” – Charles De Gaulle

    1. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year life is political your turkey sandwiches political everything you say and do is political

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis by shipping jobs overseas? Making us uncompetitive globally? By strengthening Russia and China economically while decimating our security. We make nothing. With the flip of a switch China can turn off the united states.


    1. Hey bruceleefan!!You obviously
      Have been living under a rock for the
      Last 5yrs w/the other Trump supporters.

    2. The Democrats are not destroying the economy, the process of civil discourse, or civil liberties at all. In fact, it’s the Democrats who are working hard to protect our civil liberties.

    3. George Befanis
      LOL Yeah, I watched videos from Biden’s visit. He got lost like an adult, his memory was shot like an adult. The G& laughed at him like adults. Btw has Harris been to the Border yet?

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis that must be why they accuse everyone that disagree with them of being some how morally corrupt, allow riots to take place , forcing innocent Americans to suffer and continuously lie about the riots

    1. @B. T. Translation: I have nothing to say about the dementia patient struggling to form a coherent sentence.

  8. Listen to this propaganda 😂….nothing mentioned about all the insults Putin hurled…. So much propaganda…you guys are only getting one side. Meanwhile China is about to take over Taiwan. We will never have enough chips again. We will be crippled.

    1. He didn’t trip… he didn’t slur, double back, make missteps and regained the respect for the US that this country deserves. Stop listening to your echo chamber.

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