1. If they (The GoodOl’Boys Obstructionist Party) insist on the filibuster there should be rules… one person, standing only, no deviation from the topic, no comfort breaks.

    1. @Don Nwzad Wow. You couldn’t be any more Trump like. Just because you repeat stupid names like a playground bully doesn’t mean that you are respected. You just sound ignorant.

    2. @Ape Kaspank The first thing you did wrong was saying, “your side”. We’re all Americans and this divisive rhetoric will only harm our nation’s standing in the world.

    3. @Ape Kaspank What you failed to mention is that bills should be passed to help Americans, especially when the bills had a majority of support from American voters. Everything else is just procedure and McConnell has forgotten that in his quest for power and money. He’s playing games with people’s lives and if you support that, you’re a traitor to this nation.

    4. @Stephen Thorpe The lines have been drawn. There are clear divisions and trying to reason with some one who is pushing for racism to somehow defeat racism can’t be aligned with. No one asked the commies in the 1950’s to go away… we had to execute them and throw them in prison.

  2. As someone living in Georgia I can’t wait to vote out these people that passed this ridiculous law. I can walk across the street and vote any day of the week. Can’t stop our votes

    1. @Sarah F he didn’t do anything. Liberals took lies about race from the dems, and as a result several people died and cities were burned.

    2. @Freedom Bow-ner the only way you win is if you cheat, him Crow republicans. Do something for the american people

    3. @Matthew Reed Republicans are suppressing the american people vote;. restrictions m. The only way they win is when they cheat

    1. @Jerry Zogler somebody caring about ratings is only following behind and using others talking points.

    2. She seams less screechy than Miss Piggy Keilar but she’s still an obvious Liberal propagandist.

    3. @Jerry Zogler i am not a fan of cnn but abby so far in her career is not a deranged lefty like don lemon. i hope she can stay near the centre left.

  3. Does anyone honestly think that Mitch McConnell would not hesitate to get rid of it if he had the chance and desire. We saw how two-faced they all were with the Supreme Court pick

    1. @John Crocker no, the filibuster was invented by John c Calhoun to protect slave owners, even then bills could pass after prolonged delay, unlike now

    2. @John Collins Strawman. Your examples are not comparisons.
      Garland and Barrett were nominated in the last year of that president’s term. Whenever the opposing party in the senate is in the majority, more often than not they will decline to hold a hearing to confirm a nomination in the final year of that president’s term, especially the 2nd term.
      It’s constitutional, no loopholes required and it is not corrupt. Both parties do this. That’s politics.
      The voters decide on the president and the president nominates justices.
      The voters decide on the senators and the senators confirm or don’t confirm the nominee. In both cases, it was the voters decision.
      Democrats are the party of the elite.
      Name one policy, from the left, that actually benefits the working class.

    3. @David Williams nice to see something useful could come from that horror. I wonder if the Democrats remembered it’s origins when using it in record numbers during the Trump presidency?

  4. (“In my 11 years in the legislature, I never saw a bill approved at such speed,” Stacey Abrams tweeted. “This wasn’t efficiency. Republicans want to hide their shameful actions from public scrutiny.”)

    1. harris  unfortunately the GA State legislature is REPUBLICAN..they just took 1 day to pass them and first CHEATING KEMP to sign

    2. @Mark Simpson there are thousands of Georgians who KNOWS Kemp CHEATED..he WAS Secretary of State and made the rules..Abrams ISN’T letting him FORGET it and neither are the GOOD people of GA of which I’m one..I CAN accept a REPUBLICAN winning if he/she DOES so HONESTLY..I have yet to SEE a REPUBLICAN win HONESTLY

    3. Democrats when there is a republican president: We need the filibuster!!! it protects the minority!!!
      Democrats when there is a democrat president: We need to remove the filibuster!!!! It is RACIST!!!!

      Republicans when there is a democrat president: We need the filibuster!!
      Republicans when there is a republican president: ………

      I was kinda laughing at the videos they made about how RACIST and EVIL the filibuster is. All their examples the named “congress people”. Why? cause else they needed to say “democrat”. They love to repeat that in the 2019 and 2020 there where record amounts of filibusters… Yeah, they say it as to make republican EVIL and RACIST.. But they leave out that it was democrats that used the filibuster xD haha

    4. All the new law does is add weekend voting to make it easier for ppl. to vote if they can’t vote during weekdays. It also asks for id for mail in voting just like you show id when in person voting. Adds 2 ppl. at drop boxes instead of having only one. Why does that upset you?

    1. Not only that but require the entire Senate to sit there during their filibuster. I’m tired of seeing senators ignoring business for their own sake. Karma is the first name of Lady Justice and without Justice you cannot have democracy.

    2. @derrill yager Exactly. If someone is going to filibuster, then everyone who’s there to vote needs to sit and wait it out. If you leave, then you’ve lost your vote.
      And the person doing the filibuster needs to stand there, ON TOPIC explaining WHY they’re blocking the vote. If they can’t come up with actual reason, then their filibuster fails. They don’t get a break. No food or drink, it should be illegal to give them anything.
      Everyone still present by the time they’re done would get to vote.

      Oh, and remove all cell phones and devices from everyone in the Senate while it’s happening. No distractions. No killing time online while the filibuster is going on. You’re either paying attention, or you leave the room.

    1. @Rod Left hasn’t banned any books, stopped anyone from speaking and the Las I checked the 2nd amendment was doing great, stl there still intact!

    2. @Sin Sincere
      Lol… triggered!
      Now ask yourself why you’re so sensitive.
      Or maybe respond to the fact that Democrats are racists.

    3. @Theda B Gatlin The most books I’ve seen banned, were banned by foaming at mouth deranged religious nutbar conservatives… I’ve had a right ol’ “good church-going girl” tell me I was going to hell in grade 7 for reading Harry Potter. These GOPniks really do love their projection and hypocrisy, don’t they?

    4. @Sin Sincere I Notice you Didn’t say What Thrill Me said was not not true, You just used the Democrat tactic of calling someone a Nazi when they say something that is true about the Democrats. you are stupid and weak minded

    5. @CharlyDeamen Yes sir, my parents left he republican party when the went after Mad Magazine, called it lewd and anti Christian. My parents picked up a couple of copies and laughed till they hurt. the republican never create it only destroys. As to religion nope, I look at a persons faith walk, so many talk the talk but never walk the walk.

    1. Republikkkans always try to change history & hide their racism but that’s what racists do. They act like we don’t remember or have video evidence

    2. @Thrill Me I think they will direct their ire at whomever is politically expedient. Ie whatever gets them power. Remember they were founded to support Andrew Jackson. A president who lorded over a little thing called the trail of tears.

    3. @Sin Sincere I completely disagree with this. I think when democrats hold minorities to a lower standard and tell them they are incapable of making their own way and solving their own problems and that it is only woke white people who can save them, I think that is white suppremacy and that makes white Suppremacy and neo-racism part of Democrats platform. For Republicans they just pick up a few of the crazies but racism isn’t part of their platform unless you believe self determination is racism in which case I refer you back to my warier comment on woke suppremacy and neo racism.

    4. @Mark Simpson Republicans have been found guilt in federal court of discriminating against minority voters with “surgical precision”

  5. It’s funny that the GOP is all for changing the filibuster when it concerns their ability to pass laws lowering taxes on the rich, and nominating Federal Judges and Justices.

    1. @Mark Simpson
      Britain has vaccinated around half the population. Israel has already vaccinated well over half the population. It didn’t take “warp speed” to reach that. It took organization and couple of big contracts.

      Trump got the contracts, but he didn’t do much with organization.

    2. @Mark Simpson oh you call that a quid pro quo but not Trump extorting ukraine to help him in the election? Another pathetic comment from a giant waste of oxygen.

    3. @Mark Simpson”Do you have any reason to believe that President Obama was referring to going easy on Russia for an invasion that hadn’t happened yet, do you?” it’s amazing comical to see the misinformation individuals like yourself continue to push. Your statement doesn’t make much sense, for a couple of reasons. First, Russia hadn’t invaded Crimea yet. Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014, and the Obama decision against including lethal aid in its overall support of Ukraine came after. When Obama made his comments in 2012, Ukraine had a pro-Russia government. statement doesn’t make sense. nobody in 2012 was foreseeing a future conflict between Ukraine and Russia. According to Michael Kofman, “It is a banal assertion that does not comport to the basic laws of the space-time continuum,”
      he said. is asinine to assume that the hot mic discussion had anything to do with Ukraine,” According to Mark Simakovsky, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who formerly worked for the U.S. Defense Department. “It had more to do with potentially warming U.S.-Russia ties and improve the relationship between U.S. and Russia overall. Obama felt he had more flexibility in doing so once he was re-elected.”
      The snippet of dialogue between Obama and Medvedev occurred when they met in South Korea on March 26, 2012. The leaders met to discuss the contentious issue of a missile defense program intended to protect Europe but vehemently opposed by the Russians who believed it is aimed at them. The two leaders leaned into each other to speak, suggesting they thought it was a private chat.

    1. @Fay Maye It is funny how you are saying CNN is fake. But that’s probably because you love old Dipper Don and his bullshit from Fox. One day you will have to see reality. Or get put out of your misery by the fact that the world is no longer your oyster.

  6. Now that it’s been brought up, Mitch will end it next time they’re in power regardless of what the Dems do. So use it now! Since Obama, when they’re in power it’s balls to the wall – so we need to be as well. If not, it’s going to look like Republicans are the only ones who actually get anything done.

    1. Yes time is a wasting and that only benefits the Repugs. If we are paying attention we will see how they delay business and obscure the truth. and point fingers TIME is a wasting.

  7. The “fake” history Mitch is only that which you see every time you LOOK in the mirror, (scream).

    1. Why does nobody care that it was the DEMOCRATS that used the filibuster to block the 64 civil rights act?
      You Democrats are in a cult.

  8. The filibuster is not in the constitution. And the founders were explicitly against it. James Madison the father of the constitution specifically said that both houses should require a simple majority to pass legislation in the federalist papers

  9. Man’s nefarious plans always backfire. Kemp maybe digging a deeper hole for his base and he doesn’t even see it coming. God is good.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. They are going to fire up the democrats in Georgia which is clearly now a swing state and motivate people to turn out in bigger numbers. Clearly Stacy Abrams has demonstrated she is a force to be reckoned with.

    2. @TheBrownIsland It’ll be hard for her to win since Georgia now has some integrity and accountability to elections….the last thing Democrats want.

    3. @Adelina lol, you spelled “rigged state” wrong.

      Dems are freaking out because they know they won’t be able to steal it again.

    4. Mitch McConnell said the filibuster has “no racial history at all.”

      “The actual use of the filibuster as its developed has been, almost more than anything, a tool of the white supremacist South and a cudgel to block civil rights,” says Chris Hayes.

  10. Who cares what McConnell says. He’s lost all his credibility a long time ago. All he cares about is preserving his right to receive dark money

    1. @Scott Harrison Kentucky is the poorest State in the USA . Most of their people are on food stamps and welfare . This is the vote that I questioned .

    2. @Madonna Davidson – are you actually being bigoted against the Appalachian people? You didn’t really think this through, did you?
      Not everyone has your way of shallow thinking. It’s time to step away from the leftist propaganda and think for yourself. I did, as if my life depended on it

    1. Why does nobody care that it was the DEMOCRATS that used the filibuster to block the 64 civil rights act?
      You Democrats are in a cult.

    2. @donavon roberts And the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln, how things change, that was 150 years ago, total reversal. Today the Democrat Party is the good guys and the Republican Party is on the wrong side of history. Look at the Republican Party today. Shame, shame, shame!

  11. “Two political scientists, Sarah Binder and Steven Smith, identified every bill between 1917 and 1994 that they believe failed purely because of the filibuster. Among these, half were civil rights bills, including anti-lynching bills proposed in 1922 and 1935.”

    1. @William Jackson Yawn. Yes, we know that the Democratic Party of the 1920’s and 30’s was the party of Southern White racists. Thankfully, we got rid of those old bigots in favor of a multicultural, pro-woman electorate. Sit down, Son. You are now in the minority.

    2. @William Jackson Hundreds of riots? Lol. The rioters were almost entirely Boogaloo Bois and undercover cops.

    3. @William Jackson *Democrats……The most RACIST party in the history of the US* is nothing more than a catchy right wing talking point with no evidence to support that statement.

    4. @William Jackson dems may have been racist in the past but the Republicans are dam sure the racist now!!

  12. Almost everything has a racial history. This country was built on the BACKS OF SLAVERY. Get real for once

    1. Why does nobody care that it was the DEMOCRATS that used the filibuster to block the 64 civil rights act?
      You Democrats are in a cult.

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