1. There has to come a point when you realize that you ARE the problem. And wherever you go, the problems will therefore follow. Just look at ex-Californians, as one different-but-same example.

    1. California use to be beautiful 30 years ago I had to move or after 48 years there and when I left everything that happened to be here from California wants to change things here I came here to get away from that crap

    1. ​@Youtubecantsaveallthesnowflakes 800 k😅😅😅, nah the drain just got clogged because cameras were put onit. As soon as the cameras leave in a few days, it will be a steady flow again. 😊

    2. @Youtubecantsaveallthesnowflakes nope. Doesn’t affect my day to day, and probably not yours either. 👍

    1. We got plenty of buses to continue shipping them to Democrat cities to overwhelm them.

  2. So why is Mexico so messed up, a good portion of their people want to flee to the US? Is anyone working to solve Mexicos internal issues?

    1. @Clark Kido not all of them are coming from Mexico. There’s a surge from central american countries, Venezuela, and even asian immigrants hoping to access via a land border.

  3. The name of that train is “la bestia” crazy the things happen on there and even crazier they continue to ride it

  4. I’m so glad that American citizens have the almighty second amendment, because I guarantee it’s not Central American doctors, engineers, and professors jumping the fence.

    1. @chhewee  Ancient middle-eastern people never had supernatural powers.

      I learned the difference between fictional and non-fictional literature in the 4th grade.

  5. Clue folks in… they aren’t mexicans…. they’re from cengral and south america in most instances if not further and transpire the 50+mile Darien Gap ….which is a deadly jungle. The train ride is a welcome rest.

  6. Let anyone who is supporting this experience it first hand like how border states have been doing for decades. Let their neighborhoods be plagued with crime, homelessness, and filth.

  7. Everyone thinks US is a promise land. Show them pictures of the homeless all over California, Florida, Portland Oregon etc

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