1. @Douglas Reagan I think your wrong as people and Georgia voters no how important Stacy Abrams is to them and smart woman all o er our country! She is a force to be recognized

    2. @kydrythm if you think Stacy Abrams is a fool I’d hate to think what you’d call intelligent! She Ms Abrams is the reason a state like Georgia sent the current administration the 2 Senators it needed in 2020 for the our president to function!

  1. I use to feel abortion was wrong, mostly because I didn’t understand what it was. All it is is a medical procedure. It’s not a pleasant one, but many situations are not. If you think abortion is wrong, be part of a solution that minimizes the need for one, such as education and access to birth control. Other aspects can’t be controlled as much, such as medical crises within that pregnancy. So, case by case. I also listened and learned that it is never acceptable to put your own beliefs and desires upon another. Not only is it wrong, but you don’t really know what that person is going through, nor should you. Those who are against abortion would likely have a total attitude change if the situation affected them personally.

    1. @K Morris Learn reading comprehension maybe? I know that leap from “a medical procedure” to “something that happens in a clinic or hospital” was really hard for you to follow.

      Keep cracking the books, you’ll get there.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Exactly. Needs and human rights. That troll replied with words I didn’t say. They see and say (lol) what they want. There are many disturbing things we’ve heard lately. Some that stand out for me are the 10 year old girl from Ohio, I am in Ohio. And this is a disgrace to our state. And hearing about women who have had to carry dead fetal tissue in their body for days on out. Once something dies it breaks down, bacteria and everything. It’s something that happens to us all. But inside of a living woman, so dangerous to her life. And because of these so-called pro life people, those women are left to die. I could go on. But this is all ridiculous. I’m ready to vote them out.

    3. @Cheryl Pounds I’m in Ohio, too. And as a Social Worker, I can tell you 💯% from experience that that 10 year old is not alone – her story just happened to make the news. Incest is unfortunately extremely common. People assume it’s rare – it’s not. People either don’t know this, pretend it doesn’t happen, or are just plain ignorant. Incest is repulsive, so people don’t want to believe it happens. And 90% of the time, incest & rape go unreported. Who would choose to go tell someone that their father, or uncle, or cousin raped them? They suffer in silence. It’s extremely sad to work with a 14 year old, who was raped by her father, could not get an abortion, so she gave birth to her sister. It drives me crazy when people say abortion is sick or vile – I think allowing a 14 year old to give birth to her sister is vile 😠

  2. The only thing that Joe Biden and the Democratic candidates promised, is that they would fight to get these laws passed. They did fight for these things. But the Democrats need more Senators and Representatives, because the Republicans won’t give them any votes on these issues. I believe with all my heart and soul, that Stacy Abrams is the best person for the job as governor of Georgia. I know that she will uphold our civil rights.

  3. For every Republican politician taking away abortion rights, I’m pretty sure that if their teenage daughters ended up pregnant, 99% of them would say “I’m very disappointed in you. Now here’s a credit card. Buy a plane ticket to New York, a hotel stay, an abortion, and a ticket to The Lion King Movie and when it’s all over to cheer yourself up after a rough day. Don’t tell all the poor people in our state who can’t afford that.”

    1. @carolynn markiewicz what have you done to prevent abortions from happening? And I don’t mean using politics to inflict your opinion on others. People who can’t have a child will still abort their pregnancies, whether by traveling to another place to get it if they’re wealthy enough, or by illegal and dangerous means if not.

      So have you filled your house with adopted or foster children? Have you lobbied your elected officials to increase services to families so that they can afford to have and raise a(nother) child? Have you lobbied your representatives for better labor laws so that working families are better off? Or to expand Medicare so that people in poverty can access medical care?

      How about donating to Planned Parenthood which provides birth control to many whi can’t afford it?

    2. @Linda Scott Let me guess: the answer to every one of those queries will be “no” or “nothing.”

  4. I agree with minding my business when it comes to someone else’s body. I agree with being judged for my actions when I stand before my maker. I’m not a hall monitor.

    1. @J Son If your faith was as deep as you say, you would call out sins when you see them. I will keep on asking the same questions over and over until someone answers. Should there be any restrictions on abortion

    2. @Idaho Native Then What Is The Problem, Let People Do What They Want and People Need To Say Out Everyone’s Personal Business

    3. @Kevin Preston the trolly dilemma demonstrates most think killing the one rather than the six is moral , but either action is immoral but one is justified as its causes less imposition of will but its still immoral , abortion is immoral but it is a justified immoral action

    4. Sadly the majority of other believers don’t agree with your position , beliefs impact actions take as we don’t live in a vacuum those actions effect others not just believers , worse than that you can’t reasonably demonstrate a god in reality so its reasonable to conclude its imaginery

  5. Why TF do we keep bringing someone’s faith into this conversation?!?! If YOU don’t believe in abortion for religious reasons, that’s 100% ok, but to force those beliefs in someone else is one of the most Un-American things you can possibly do!! There is separation of church and state for a reason. Not only that this has nothing to do with “life” it’s about bodily autonomy.
    I don’t want to live under laws people make because they have imaginary sky daddies that want those laws. Just like people shouldn’t be forced to eat kosher, or shouldn’t be forbidden from eating pig.

    1. I think you are dreaming if you consider that government and the Christian religion are not intertwined

  6. For those who are opposed to abortion in all circumstances….If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have an abortion. Let other people have the freedom to make their own decisions on this very personal and sensitive question.

  7. I don’t like abortion as birth control, but it’s also a necessary medical procedure. Republican state legislators should not be allowed to control women’s reproduction or necessary medical procedures.

  8. Women in these states should sue the state to pay for health care, as they can be prosecuted if anything happens to the child.

  9. This women needs every single women in Georgia to step up and vote her in, and those men that do respect there wives, sisters daughters, women, they need to be doing the same thing, grow some manhood and stand up for women, not put them down

    1. Truly. A real man is smart enough to know this is really about much more than “just” abortion. After all, when further distilled, the ruling implies that people in general do not have medical privacy. It also means the party most affected by can be excluded from the decisionmaking process about that issue. A good man knows that injustice anywhere corrodes the community everywhere.

  10. You have my full support Miss Abrahams from Colorful Colorado. Keep doing what you’re doing 💙❤🤍

  11. you dont have to be for abortion you just have let people decide for themselves. It’s their right under religious freedom

    1. I think of it with this bit of outraged yelling “GET OUT OF MY DOCTOR’S OFFICE.” No one has any business knowing anything about your health care.

    2. It’s really not about religious freedom, it’s about bodily autonomy. When you give personhood to a fetus, you’re giving the fetus rights that no other person has, which is the right to use someone else’s body to stay alive. You can’t force anyone – not even a corpse – to donate an organ. No one has the right to restrain you, cut out one of your kidneys & give it to someone else who needs a kidney. We simply can’t give personhood rights to something that’s not viable.

  12. Stacey Abrams is the best communicator in the Democratic Party at this time . Secretary Pete is great too. We need her to win and continue to speak so succinctly and eloquently on all of these issues.

  13. So I was sitting on my bed watching TV of The rallies the day the supreme court overturn Roe then a news reporter in the crowd walked up to a mother with her 16-year-old daughter Who were celebrating the results he asked how excited are you that they overturn Roe? The mother said that she was so excited and blessed that she was there to witness history then he stuck the mic in her teenage daughter’s face and asked her the same question she said “ i’m so happy that they’re stopping abortions now girls won’t die” 😳 I wish my hands could go through the TV

  14. The main thing that terrifies me is mothers with a dying fetus and the doctor will be too terrified to remove the fetus for fear of prison or losing their license..Then they lose both mothers and baby. This is happening in other countries so now will it happen here?

    1. It will happen in the US. And because of the fear of criminal charges for actually doing the procedure when medically urgent, MDs will not be trained to deal with these emergency situations when encountered.

    2. Exactly. This is what people don’t understand. When you’re restricting access to abortion, you’re restricting necessary medical treatment. I think that a large amount of people assume that people getting abortions are simply “irresponsible” & getting an abortion due to “convenience”. That isn’t true. Many people have abortions because they are medically necessary. Some people have medical conditions that prevents them carrying to term. Treatment for miscarriages is the same procedure as an abortion (and the medical term for miscarriage is spontaneous abortion). When doctors are not legally allowed to remove the dead fetus & placenta, it causes sepsis and death. I’ve heard of two recent stories of women who were diagnosed with cancer, and had to travel to another state for an abortion so that they could start chemotherapy.

  15. Stacy is so well spoken! She cares and she is honest. She’d make a great governor. I could easily see her as President someday, too!

  16. I seem to recall a time not that long ago that many people in the Republican camp were talking about taking up arms against anyone wanting to make them get COVID shot. The mantra was all about body autonomy…not going to make me put something in y body I don’t want. Now those same people are saying screw your body autonomy and you should keep something in your body that may actually harm you or cause more harm than good depending on the situation. Someone explain that to me like I’m a six year old please because it sure sounds like a double standard to me.

    1. Yeah, I have been very curious about that very same thing but there’s been not a peep from that same group. It’s just more of the same: “Rights for me, not for thee.”

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