1. And just to think 7 months ago the eyes of the world we’re watching the Russian army..and now it’s literally crumbling at every level the turn of events is surreal.

    1. @Canary Tiger A few fact checks. “It was Soviet Russia who fought 80% of the battles against the Nazis”. It was the USSR made up of many countries who fought against the Nazis. This included millions of Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and so on.

      Russia did a deal with the Nazis with the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. They invaded Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and parts of Romania. Russia was an aggressive power like Germany.

      Russia didn’t liberate anyone. The USSR may have defeated the Nazis, but they went on to occupy half of Europe for 50 years with just as evil a regime.

      There are as many Nazis in Ukraine as there are in Russia. This idea that Russia is fighting Nazis is bizarre. The idea that Russia is protecting Russians in Ukraine is also ludicrous considering how many they’ve killed bombing civilian areas. The idea that a Russian speaker is automatically pro Russian is also wrong. Imagine Great Britain invading Republic of Ireland because it used to belong to Britain and it has English speakers.

    2. @Conscious Citizen I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who’d call someone else a sheep who wasn’t actually a gormless follower.


    3. @melonbobful because every time I look at comments on videos about Ukraine it’s always “Russia is going to be pulling out if Ukraine by next week” or “Russia is losing” yet somehow Russia is still in Ukraine so please explain if Russia has been losing since the invasion and somehow still has land occupied in Ukraine How are they losing?

  2. This affirms that there should be no negotiations with the Russian state at all. The Ukrainians need to be given all they need to drive them out of their land totally and completely. Also the sanctions should not be halted at all until Putin’s terrorist regime is gone and Russia no longer poses any threat at all.

  3. I think Putin is in a more desperate situation than Kruschev was – the big problem is that this crisis could escalate very quickly – there’s a lot at stake here.

    1. Zelensky is desperate hence why he’s calling for the US and NATO to use Nuclear weapons. Russia said they will only defend, not strike first. put down the coolaid

    1. @J A paranoia.. a food taster used to be the one who ate off the kings plate first to check for poisons. Having two is superfluous.. so it is hyperbole for paranoid state of affairs 🌷

    2. That suits the Ukrainians who will get hit by a nuclear bomb and NATO can’t do anything about it because they have no defense agreement with Ukraine. It’s all just a bluff that they will retaliate against Russia😂

    1. @rEvolver indeed I don’t. I troll whenever I feel like it. Kinda obv with the stupid takes I’m saying.

      Way better to say nonsense than straight out say something that would actually spark a war in this reply section.

  4. Great respect to the brave Ukrainian soldiers who are proudly fighting to protect their country’s freedom!! Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦 🇺🇦💪✌️

  5. So in Russia, you will get 15 years in jail if you discredit the Russian Army but it is okay to discredit the generals or Minister of Defense?

    1. There is a saying in Russia – The severity of Russian laws is mitigated by the optionality of their implementation. Basically we live in a huge legal twilight zone where laws are written for the opposition, and not for the regime supporters.

    2. The juristic situation there is nuts anyway. You got put into jaul for saying it’s a war, now it’s ok to call it a war

    3. It’s being done by some very powerful people with their own separate support bases, that’s the difference.

  6. Pretty sure Russia spent the last 20+ years with their tanks and equipment from the 1960’s and 70’s collecting dust in a barn while their military only ever trained for the next red square parade.

    1. @Susan Bengston The difference is that in 2014 Ukraine had just 6,000 combat-ready troops. JMTG-U has since been training troops in Ukraine starting in 2015 with Special Forces troops from Canada, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, United States of America, and the United Kingdom. By January 2022 Ukraine had 200,000 Combat-ready troops. What a huge difference that has made.

  7. One thing Russia lost is the respect of people globally. I have promoted and defended Russia’s role for more than two decades in promoting and contribute to trade, peace, development globally. I made a terrible mistake. Putin failed Russia and Russian people. And supporters around the world.

  8. I was a freshman in college during the Cuban Missile crisis. Yes it was a very scary time…but it didn’t really last very long. To me, this time around, is more protracted more scary. Also, Kruschev was not as over-the-top nuts as Putin is, Kruschev was unrefined a course but Putin is cunning. Scary time.

    1. @Lee Robinson khrushev was born in russia, “ukraine” as a nation didn’t exist at that time … even if it did and the borders were as now, he was born just on the russian side of the border north of sumy,…he moved to the donbas as a kid where he eventually worked in the mines … he then became part of the ukrainian government when it formed after ww1 (after various groups contested for control, including people in the west who wrere part of poland but wanted to form their own country …

      (note…when the soviets divided poland with germany in 1939, one of the forst things they did was to strip land from poland and give it to ukraine …. khrushev was in charge of the new territory…. you should also note the word soviet means “council” as the soviet union was a union of countries much like the EU and countries like ukraine had far more leadership role in the running og the soviet union than many stereotypes (and modern propaganda) would have you believe…

      many of the people in modern western ukraine (formerly part of poland) were basically settlers to the region during the time of the germanic “volks movement” wich swept the region arouind the time of the unification of germany (hence why they still use the “blood and soil” flag, and promote the same motto’s and nationalistic” slogans) and why they used to clash with the polish government (before germany and soviets divided poland) and co-operated so willingly with the nazi’s as the exact same volks movemet was also promoted and used by the SS especially but also by german national socialism (whihc hitler hitched a ride on, given he wasnt germanic in as much as he was from the austro hungarian realm)

      the reality is, khrushev was stalins right hand man through all the purges and the war (stalin himself was a georgian, so the lands in the caucuses he came from had only recently fallen into russian hands after centuries of being part of the ottoman turks empire….

      to paint him simply as ukrainian is fair enough, but you shouldn’t belittle his russian ancestry as he certainly played on it when it suited his agenda… never mind the reality that many people seem to be using that as an excuse to deny the rights of ukrainians in the donbas who are proud of their russian heritage but have been persecuted for it by their own government for near a decade because they and both thier friends all want control of the land resources those people live in so they can similarly hold europe to ransom just as surely as tghey claim russia is doing..

      by the way, brehznev, another “soviet leader” during the cold war after khrushev, was similarly a “ukrainian”, though he was born in dniepier around the same time as khrushev, so before ukraine was a nation .. i think you will find one of the next soviet leaders was also born there, or nearby and gorbachev was born in rthe caucasus too, so its a productive region in human resources too …

      in case you didn;t know, the word “ukraine” roughly means “border land” as the entire region was basically the border land between the russians the ottomans the polish/lithuanians and the austrian hapsburg empires and the bulgarians for centuries

    2. @Peter Sedesse at the time of the cuban missile crisis ICBM’s were only just being developed, so having nukes that close meant much because it was realitively easty to bring down bomber aircraft … hence why the soviets wanted the US to feel the same pressure they did when NATO under control of the US put nukes in europe right on the soviets doorsteps …

      in the end , the russians withdrew their nukes, but thats when the intercontinemntal ballastic missiles (icbm’s) negated their need .. as the next development was centred around missile defense systems to shoot down icbms …

      as the US had a “first strike policy” and the soiviets had a second strike policy, they each developed different ways to combat each other … the US went for nuclear strikes with subs, that way they could get close to soviet shores and fire, which wouldn’t give the soviets toime to react and return fire … so the soviets developed whats called the “dead hand” … its basically an automated return fire system so i the case the US strikes first and the command cannot be given to return fire, the automated system will do it automattically …

      there have been a number of occassions where that nearly happened in the late 60’s 70’s and 80’s due to US spy planes invading soviet airspace… so we’ve come much closer to nuclear armageddon since the cuban missile crisis …

      the problem is now, the media have selectively taken parts of putins speech to pretend he’s threatened nukes, when in reality, if you listen to the entire speech, he reiterated they have a right to defend themselves if threatened and he made subtle inferences to the “dead hand ” mechanism, as i’m pretty sure the system would be switched on given the situation

    3. Khrushchev is not the one who saved the world during the Cuban Missile crisis, but a Russian naval officer, Vasily Arkhipov, who refused to launch a nuclear torpedo, even though he was asked to do so. My hope is that those who operate the launchers will be just as wise as he was. Thank goodness it is not Putin who presses the button, or else all hope would be gone.

  9. It’s like a GM who does all the worst drafting and free agent signings but blames the coach for not winning.

  10. The fun fact is that Shoigu is half Ukranian. He also has the nuclear codes if Russia pretends to use them against Ukraine. I still think that Russian Generals will stop Putin if he wants to use nukes. Putin might have a military Coup and Russia is going to end the war by singning a peace treaty with Ukraine.

    1. Well, if it does go down that path, there will be no winner and will escalate for entire earth annihilation with radiation for unpredictable path of life.

  11. Nothing to do with incompetence. The Ukrainian soldiers want to fight for their land & freedom from oppression and the Russian soldiers do not want to fight, it’s that simple really.

    1. Other than the fact that the Russian Military “Leaders” haven’t supplied their Troops with food, water, weapons, orders in any adequate amnts since day one which = gross incompetence and/or Pootin withholding the $$ needed- not willing to dip into his stashed billions. what a guy

    2. the majority of troops in those regions in the north that have recently been captured are basically local lpr and dpr troops, that means they are actually ukrainians that actually live in those regions, so what you are saying is equally applicable to them…
      they obviously have elements of the 1st guards tank army supporting them, as well as russian omon troops/border guards and equipment…

      if you look at kherson region, they are mostly russian troops and they’ve held up pretty well considering the size of the forces thrown at them ….

      i think many people will find out the difference shortly when russia sends more of its own troops in, especially now those lands have been folded into the russian federation …

      in case you didn;t notice, russia gave up giving a stuff what western nations thought about a decade ago

  12. Still wonder why we’re not talking about the escalation ladder, and why we’re not specifically looking at the biological and chemical weapons that were used in Syria and elsewhere. I think chemical warfare and an “accident” at the nuclear plant are more likely than a battlefield tactical nuke. Lets have some assessment and discussion of these contingencies.

  13. There is a risk that once a low yield nuke is set off, a low or non-escalatory response emboldens the further deployment of them and then such behaviour starts to become normalised, which is a terrifying prospect and just can’t be allowed to happen.

    If Russia deployed a nuke, it would simply have to be met with such an overwhelming response that says “No, we will not allow the world to cross this line under any circumstances!” That response may be nuclear or more likely conventional but whatever it might be, it would have to put Putin down so hard, he and any other autocratic madmen never contemplate the use of them ever again.

    1. @Mark Tolver allow the Ukrainians to vote upon the issue of annexation. Have the UN oversee the proceedings collectively. Regardless of the outcome, Ukraine must be neutral, Crimea remains Russia’s, and the war must cease. If the Ukrainian people vote against the annexation, then Putin must leave Ukraine and restore it’s original borders prior to the invasion.

    2. you are discussing “axe theory”, which oddly enough is what the soviets were warning of in the 50’s/60’s when nato started deploying the “davy crocket” to front line troops, which was basically a recoiless rifle that shot low yeild nukes …. at that time nato was severly outnumbered by soviet forces as the west had demobilized after ww2 but the soviets hadn’t

    3. @Luke_SkyWanker the soviets developed an automated system called “dead hand” that will ensure its missiles will be launched automattically should the command and control be taken out by nukes …thats what putin was warning about in his speech, as russia still has that system jusrt as they still have a second strike stance wrt to nukes, though they altered that a little about a decade ago when they changed their doctrine to include their state being under threat of even a conventional attack that would threaten the survival of the state …. which is what they have been warning of wrt to nato’s actions putting strike systems into europe aimed at them for over a decade

    4. @Fedor Silva Japan wouldn’t surrender, and they had estimates of 400,000+ American men to storm the main islands . Japan at the time was the aggressor, and attacked Country after Country.

      Japan in 1945 weren’t ever going to win at the time, but they weren’t rational actors either, and would rather everyone die than admit defeat. Look at Japan today, awesome country!

      Had the Japanese Soilders, and civilians been forced to defend the main islands to the very end, rather than admit defeat – Far more people than the 2 Bombs killed would have died, literally 10x as many people.

  14. “Above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war” – JFK, 1963.
    And he knew that more than anyone.

    1. @Lawrence D’Oliveiro They invaded Ukraine. They never had to. Putins war speech in February was something like, “Ukriane is fake, its a western invention. Ukraine belongs to Russia. And we will fix this wrong.”

      But the infinite supplies of Nato, and Russia being cut off from the world has embarrassed and shown Russia to be a cardboard tiger. They look good marching, in parades. But thats about it.

    2. @Lawrence D’Oliveiro They don’t. Not without regime change from within. Putin has never shown any interest in conciliation since he came to power, so the likelihood of him backing down is rather small.
      Either he’s out of the picture, or this ends very badly.

  15. Lmao this guys name is Simon Shuster and he’s a writer.. it’s like the judge known for his long lasting legal opinions “Learned Hand.” We had a veterinarian growing up named Dr. Pett. As soon as I see an astronaut named Mr. Spaceman I will be convinced I’m in a simulation. It’s too good to be true lmao

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