1. Thank you. I appreciate you keeping us informed. Really, I’m impressed. I will always appreciate John. Our government has no idea how much people are struggling right now. Your truthful advice on mental health, homelessness, gun violence, mass killings, elementary schools, hunger, lack of access to healthcare, racial tensions, hatred, fentanyl overdoses, gang violence, police brutality, violations of human rights, mass illegal immigration, the collapse of the financial system, the extreme economic downturn, record-high inflation, and the Great Depression has been very helpful to me and helped keep this story alive. It has been a true blessing. Can it really get any better than that? You are brilliant

    1. You can thank the GQP for that will except the immigration part which they really don’t care about that they just use that to keep their cult followers at the polls voting against their own best interest 🤭 but don’t tell them that 🤫 they still believe in Party over Country and Humanity 🙄

    2. All your points are right on. The zombies that follow CCN and MSNBC have no idea what is really going on across America. The majority are angry with the direction this administration and their mainstream media have taken our country.

  2. Now we are judging people by how many twitter followers they have. Thats not something that i even look at.

    1. Are we? That’s kind of pathetic isn’t it. Don’t use it myself, the world doesn’t need to know when I fart.

  3. TFG would have ignored his advisors and ordered them to shoot it down anyways. If it killed people or damaged something, he would have blamed it on ChI nA. Good thing we fired him.

    1. @Kitaro It’s not a lie. 3 Chinese surveillance balloons entered our airspace and flew over the continental US during the 4 years Trump was twiddling his thumbs in the White House. He knew it, he covered it up and he did nothing. You just can’t handle the truth.

    2. @Liberals haveitallbackwards All the people who hate Trump have TDS and it is as if their world revolves all around Trump no matter what the subject is.
      trump isn’t the President who made business deals with China, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico for millions in personal profits that gave China the sympathy to let a spy balloon fly over the country for a week before saying a word about it. You need to look to Joe Biden for doing all that.

    3. @George Allen no one wants to see what you have on your phone George. When you say “many of you” who are you referring to? Are you a racist George?

    4. BREAKING: A second spy balloon flew over U.S. airspace and Hawaii’s Pacific Missile Range during the Biden administration on Feb. 16, 2022.

      Why is the media citing an anonymous DOD source to say this happened three times under Trump? Kanekoa the great

  4. They were gonna complain no matter what. Shoot it down. Fast late not at all. All answers are wrongs so they can scream

    1. A quick burst from the F-22 Raptor’s cannon would have been sufficient. The expensive AIM-120 rocket take down of the ballon was intended to be more dramatic to prove we have a decisive military and president ………. after the fact.

  5. Isn’t it amazing that these so called gun people doesn’t know that their bullet would not even get close to going high enough to hit the balloon.

    1. Bubba and the boys in Billings Montana were perched on a mountain top ready to shoot it down with their potato cannon. However the majority of Californians who are democrats living in the state said the falling potatoes could cause environmental damage to the uninhabited areas. CNN and MSNBC confirmed this as well.

  6. “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Few lines from U.S. Supreme Court opinions are as memorable as this declaration by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. in the landmark 1927 case Buck v. Bell.
    Ken Buck’s lot versus bell hooks perhaps allegedly.
    hissi fits
    Think on.
    Black History, Uncensored: Why Florida’s GOP targeted bell hooks

  7. If the Chinese are going to send balloons to us, can’t they at least be pretty? Like red lanterns for the Chinese New Year… Then we wouldn’t shoot them down. Also – why not have a cultural exchange and send them our Goodyear blimp? Let’s be friends… 😊

  8. The US Air Force crippled the balloon’s ability to gather Intel the moment it entered US airspace. This was played perfectly. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Excellent decision to shoot it above water. Who knows what kind of systems were on board to power that thing. It was the size of 3 school buses. It’s too risky to shoot it down on land, imagine it was nuclear powered who really knows, water is infinitely safer either way

    1. Being that there’s thousands of acres of land in Montana and the Mid West with nobody living there.

  10. I don’t think they’re absurd by accident. They’re appealing to the factions of Americans who don’t really understand and just think it’s all absurd anyway.

    1. No. Usually just electronics and the balloon uses helium. They also waited so that recovery would be easier.

    2. It’s harmless, just a message from Xi to Biden, that he’s a clown.

      He could have shot it down as soon as it got near the states lol he waiting until it hovered over.

  11. Anyone shooting into the air has ZERO control of where or on whom it lands.. Children like MTG should have adult supervision when firing a weapon.

  12. They had to ask people to not try and shoot down this balloon with a gun? My god, how did America even make it this far?

    1. Mostly because of “brains’ shipped from overseas. There was a considerable lack of them on this side of the ocean. Sorry, y’all, it’s the truth!

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