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    1. Engine brakes on a truck It for safety. It helps control the truck when carrying heavy load. It should only be used carrying load

  1. In regards to noise, these riders need to obey the road rules and then there is no need for a loud exhaust. I have a neighbor who rides like a jackass. We have others who have that pop pop noise. I am very glad they have this law. These riders are generally doing something stupid when they crash.

    1. Did you listen anything above ? Who said they were to disobey rules? Who said there is need for loud exhausts ? The fact you mention your neighbors you have clear bias. The guy articulated very well the issue, the law says the decibel allowed is 85 the typical bike comes at 90/95 based off his experience which means you are contravening the law but just buying a bike which is ridiculous, if our lawmakers weโ€™re doing there research on how practical these laws were we would have very little problems like this and the car seat issue.

    2. @Ron As someone who has endured the antics of bike riders with their loud machines who crash and die anyway every other day both in and around my community, I implore you to silence yourself and take the time you’re wasting online to learn the value of lawfulness.

    3. @Jordan Jordannis lol you should take time understand that we dont have history of always compliant and lawful as you put it otherwise Jamaica wouldnt exist and you would be on a plantation somewhere so dont try to trample on free speech, critical thinking and questioning things such as laws, no one said there shouldnt be law and order but create a law thats inclusive otherwise we can become a communist state where laws only suit one set of people the rich.

    4. @Ron So the old adage continues to be relevant. The US sneezes and Jamaica catches a cold. It truly takes a one of a kind person to start harping on about ‘freedom’ when laws are put in place to regulate a society. There is no correlation between plantation society where laws mean whipping and murder, and a black republic where laws mean having a peaceful day without the sound of a Tommy gun emanating from someone’s bike and creating a disturbance for miles. And I’ll have you know that NOTHING about this law was tailored for the rich, because the rich don’t know anything about loud bikes. They live in their exclusive neighborhoods where the irresponsible bike riders would be ostracized and plagued by police were they ever to enter there. This law is for the poor, of which I am one, and I GREATLY appreciate it. So restructure your defense completely and try again.

    5. @Jordan Jordannis ok laws says all vehicle should have child restraint seat or booster seat when transporting children on the surface not a bad law but shed some light on being lawful in this instance works out in Jamaica let me see where your headspace at since this is also an American law adopted for our black republic

  2. He needs to check his facts again. Most stock motorcycles come at about 85 DB. That is as loud as a lawnmower. So loud enough. The law says no more than 85.


    1. They really don’t. We don’t need any advocates for motorcycles around any table. They perpetrate an absurd amount of accidents on the road, they modify their vehicles to optimal nuisance capacity and I have watched them killing themselves on their own without any car drivers help because of speeding and reckless driving. I say this with no apology. The next step should be banning them from the roads COMPLETELY.

  4. First, many car drivers with AC and radios cannot hear motorcycles or trucks- so that argument you need to be heard is actually wrong. I drove forty years and have also ridden from Harleys to new electrics and I actually was taught that a rider must act as if they are not seen. But the way riders act like speed limit and traffic rules mean nothing so they pass you uphill on a corner without seeing what is around the corner- then blame us in cars and trucks for their accidents…

    1. Many US states allow filtering as does most of Europe, but still you have limits on noise. I should not hear your motorcycle three miles away..

  5. We listen music above 85 db with the windows up a/c blower on high therefore depending on the noise of bike mufflers for safety is a bogus belief. Where is the safety for electric bikes? Drive with courtesy, drive responsibly. Jamaica is a lawless country! The govt is trying to correct that and yes they have had some stumbles but this is not one of them. Trucks going thru a town with jakes, bikes revving over 85 db, everyone beeping itโ€™s ridiculous. It all needs to stop it has nothing to do with industry itโ€™s pollution. Why should a bike be louder than an aircraft?

  6. I don’t need to be hearing a bike passing by 24/7. One bike on the road no cars but yet still I’m hearing the bike making a sound on one level, can’t switch off. That’s what horn is for. Despite popular belief drivers do hear the horn. Riders need to rely on proper riding habits and stop taking this placebo called “load Muffler save lives”.

  7. If it is on factory settings and it have to be modified by the owner then why unu allow it in the country in the first place. Unu pass bill ( law makers) and think bout it after., and this is relative to the financial sector

  8. The main thing on ur motorcycle to ride with is ur head lamp on wheter day or night. It will reflect the light in a car mirrior its more effective than the load muffler

  9. When i used to ride I would use my horn when splitting lanes. And i also never go 100 while splitting thru traffic.

  10. He’s right. A newly stock unmodified Honda CBR, Suzuki GSX-R, or Kawasaki Ninja, is guaranteed not at or below 85 “blow dryer” decibels .

  11. As a visitor to Jamaica, motorcycles are noisy and riders are ignoring the traffic laws.
    Itโ€™s time we have some rules in place people . Jamaica is unruly nation!

  12. Loud pipes DO NOT save lives! Loud pipes confuse car drivers because drivers can’t determine where the motorcyclists are and cause them to make unexpected moves, like suddenly braking or changing lanes. Defensive and aware driving by motorcyclists saves lives.

  13. I believe Neville Bell and Simone needs to receive an Lifetime Achievement Award from TV J ๐Ÿ˜‚ The Best TV personalities since Oliver an Mis Lou

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