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  1. Reggae Gospel to the world’ , Bless up Tommy Cowan and Noel Willis. “I for Jesus” tune by Ernie Smith sell off

  2. Reggae Gospel is sacred music just like the traditional Hymns and choruses, the Cantatas and the Oratorios. Best of all Reggae Gospel is our own.

  3. God is the owner of all music like everything else. The devil has hijacked some genre by way of lyrics ! But the devil is an imitator pretending to be a creator. He was always jealous of God after God gave him a job as head of music in heaven before God had to cast him out. When god give a gift he does not take it back, so the devil have some musical gift. This is why where ever music is played the devil shows up in his jealousy to cause havoc and confusion . In case you are wondering why we have so much violence at dances.

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