1. @Habu Sake ハブ酒
      How can you bungle the impeachment when the jury is rigged with senators who made their mind up before any testimony or evidence was presented?
      Now that NY prosecutors have the orange shitstain’s taxes, and the republican senators aren’t going to be the people who decide his guilt or innocence, you’ll see justice. No bungling, as you called it.

    2. @David Brawn stop it guy

      If you and others were honest truly honest about things ,if Trump would of won the 2020 elections Democrat voters would of rioted.

      Why would I think they wouldn’t ?They were rioting for months in 2019- 2020 all over the country.
      That wasn’t Republicans that that took over that block in Portland Seattle.
      Those weren’t Republican voters rioting in Minnesota,San Antonio ,Ferguson,Las Angelas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia
      You know it and I know it so does everyone else.

      What happened at the Captiol was SaDd.
      Republicans have low information too that make dumb descions that apperant.
      But don’t pretend that Democrats don’t have low information voters that don’t make stupid descions as well.

    3. @The Watcher clever pseudonym. I don’t agree,but that’s not important. Is China a threat? Absolutely, but not in the way most people think. If they send an armada,we’d nuke em before they ever got close. Economically? Yeah,because “American” companies are entrenched there. It’s a matter of numbers. America=330,000,000. China = 1.3 billion. They have 1 billion more potential customers. Where do you think $ intrinsic companies are betting? Glad I’m 60 years old. I’ll be dead. Enjoy

    4. @Zolar Czakl
      I don’t converse with people who puke profanity laden rants.
      If you can’t speak without filthy language speak to someone else troll.
      If you have anything else to say, enjoy the echo chamber.
      ~end of transmission~

    1. He’s the most unnatural human I’ve seen in all of my 68 years on the planet! To say he’s disgusting is being too kind.

  1. WOW! Here it is in full display to the entire world. This is why WE are the dumbest country and no longer great.

    1. @Tech ti “We’ve been dumbed down”, please. don’t judge others by using self reflection as the standard.

    2. @Ben Younger lol. I didn’t have to judge others. . The actions I see shows it. Actions speak louder then mirrors and words, that people like you tend to love.

    3. @Tech ti Your entire statement, particularly the last sentence, is just your personal opinion. Therefore, your judgment.

    1. @Fay Maye two bank accounts , And really does pay his taxes there , and his off spring having more the 50 patents in CHINA , tell us again about drumph and china, because you left those things out , tell the whole story .

    2. @don stroud Trump as a business man USED TO have bank account in China…closed it when becoming the President so he STRIKE ChiNo with the FAIR TRADE HAMMER. Joe will always be friend with Zhong Guo Xi..

    3. Doodle Pop’s- I guess he had a point since they stormed the Capital for him and then denied that Trump had anything to do with Jan 6th. The so called uneducated gave him a get-out-of-jail free pass.

  2. That statue is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Do they not see how laughable they have become ? Truly ?

    1. @z|–(.)(.)–|z That’s what makes it so hilarious- the left really thinks the most religious, conservative people in the nation are worshipping a man and/or a golden statue…I feel like people aren’t seeing the irony of the statue.

    2. @Travis Rogers don’t have do
      – all those at CPAC are already dancing around doing it RIGHT NOW
      – CPAC use to be for all Conservatives to brain storm new ideas to get Democrats and Independents to side with them
      – now there doesn’t seem to be a brain cell amongst the whole group, cause CPAC is now about praising and worshipping one ORANGE MAN/GOLDEN IDOL
      – glad that Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, John McCain and all the true Conservatives that came before, don’t have to see this crap

    3. @reallyrowdyred Is that your failed attempt at being funny? Or are you just that stupid? When it comes to you guys it’s hard to tell.

    1. They are not blind, what this is all about is Trump made it normal to be a shitty person. These people can flock together and feel no shame in their shittyness.

  3. “If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country,, and I’ll be there with you”

    Then he scurry’s away like a rat to watch on TV and turns his back on them.

  4. The take away: McConnell is “absolutely” willing to support a candidate whose behavior he clearly indicated was immoral. What does that say about McConnell?

    1. mcKKKonnel hates trump… this is about preserving “whiteness” and white dominance in america at any and all costs as the country returns to Brown.. He would back satan literally to that end…

    1. @paul rollings exactly. We wouldn’t have so many problems with each other if people would stop and question if what THEY believe is true. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe.

    2. It fits their narrative to denigrate and attempt to distance themselves from those people who committed criminal acts on behalf of Trump…

    3. @Ellie James Wouldn’t it fit anyone’s narrative that didn’t agree with what happened? Narratives aren’t binary.


    Have these “christians” ever even read the Bible?

    Has there ever been a bigger example of “worshiping a false idol” in US history?

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