1. @aka_just_matt Well, they have to take “democracy” (you know, fair elections), to Syria…Oh yeah, and human rights too.

    2. @79 purple trans am burnout in my lifetime democrats have been the ones to fix the country than its wash rinse and repeat to putting a a republican back in office to make things difficult again. Clinton and Obama at least in my lifetime were the best. I can only grade the republicans presidents from Reagan to Trump on the scale of who was the least worst and Bush senior caused the least damage to me.

    3. @Snipe Mike your nuts this country was in a mess the day Biden took over. I doubt he will have time for socialism bc he has so many issues to clean up bc trump was golfing instead of working.

  1. ZERO evidence of widespread voter fraud that affected the outcome of ANY election!

    There was incidents of voter fraud in 2016, but oddly enough, the current GOP doesn’t mention that at all. trump cried fraud in EVERYTHING he doesn’t win!

    Can’t wait for his taxes to become public.

  2. Ohh yes he will go way.. When the layers of the onion peel out one by one the orange suit is waiting.. The numbers always get you.. The Cult will disappear just like the Tea Party..

    1. @That Guy Frankie so weird. She had expected people to get on their feet a d cheer. No awareness of reality. She figured it out when no one clapped even. It was on her face. Her fake facade was a poor disguise. She didn’t know what had happened but knew she d made a fool of herself

  3. I’ma be honest, I click these political videos just so I can go to the comments and read the arguments. Lol

  4. “They use to talk about israel and other important things.”

    Oy vey, Erin. Don’t let the cat out of the bag.

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