Acosta: Republicans skip January 6 vote to kiss Trump's ring 1

Acosta: Republicans skip January 6 vote to kiss Trump’s ring

CNN's Jim Acosta traveled with former President Donald Trump to Texas for a border wall event that was attended by dozens of House Republicans while colleagues were holding a key vote on the January 6th select committee in Washington, DC.

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  1. It’s simply amazing how many stupid people there are on a small piece of real estate. Did they practice, or does it come naturally?

    1. You get conned and duped by an 80 year old idiot with dementia every single day and you’re calling others stupid. Classic

    1. @Franchise Fields there a no evidence anywhere showing that Democrats somehow “stole” power. Your lying orange sideshow freak list and list fairly. And you know where that claim that the lying orange sideshow freak somehow had that election “stolen” from him came from? That lying orange sideshow freak himself, who is not exactly a reliable source of information, and by that I mean he is a pathological liar

    2. You would think that why? Do you have a pulse? You need a lawyer to pay a ticket nowadays. Getting a lawyer means nothing.

  2. They kiss the ring of a seditionist traitor. McCarthy with his beady black eyes went down to Florida and resurrected Dracula from the grave. The GOP can never be allowed to regain power in their current form.

    1. @ynotttt, you don’t have a clue of what “proof” is, do you? You really think that your empty claims and constant excuses for why you can’t give a single shred of actual evidence to back them up constitutes “proof.”

      Wow. No wonder our country’s in such trouble.

    2. @daniel banks Go take a look at December’s 900bn stimulus package.
      Reps pushed to cut funding for state and local governments back then too even though local and state law enforcement officials were practically begging for funding not to be cut.
      You keep focusing on the words of one or two dem politicians rather than the actions of every single republican in Congress who first voted to cut funding in December and then voted against extra funding in the latest bill.
      BTW. Crime was on the up back in December too, while your orange Messiah was still “in charge”

    3. @Ben Pierce ….I’ve given enormous amounts of evidence as defined by all those Dems that loathe Donald Trump. Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Swalwell, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris. They all agree independent fact checkers, whistleblowers, anonymous sources etc…..are all protected by law. These are the same protocols excepted as proof when against Donald Trump the double secret agent for the Russians. Now…all of the sudden you say it’s not proof.

      The real difference in this is the corruption that’s bringing down the country. We’ve got a President stopping pipelines here and approving them for Russia in Germany. He handed our energy independence over to people that want to kill us while putting 200,000 American energy workers in the soup line.

      Was this election stolen….of course it was. As sure as the sun come up. That’s why it’s runaway train to Venezuela.

    4. @Rob Arkell who pushed again. his was a demorat wish list bill. BTW, demorat cities were already defunding the police in december idiot. portland, chicigo, seattle,NYC plus how much of that was BLM and anqueefa responsible for. What party released over 100k violent criminals last year? demorats

    5. @daniel banks you need help.
      Is antifa in the room with you now, Daniel?
      How many of them can you see?

    1. @Joel Carlson Sorry Princess but your mom told me that there is a reason people call you Princess. LOL LOL LOL LOL

    2. @Joel Carlson You are not the stupidest person on the planet but you better hope he doesn’t die.

    1. @David Eby Yet daddy arranged 2 dozen Chinese patents for lil Ivanka, raking millions for during that corrupt one term…

    2. @Jim Slim Yep, straight back to the 1950’s with the amazing regressive and oppressive republicans, block, deny and obstruct any and all progress. Cultist.

    3. @Horns Fan Under Trump in 2017 the USA has dropped 20’650 bombs until July 31, the 80% of Obama in 2016.

    4. @Cropper Copper That doesn’t make grammatical sense following what you said before.
      Like I said, you’re just randomly throwing out phrases and hoping something is applicable.

      Par for the course for smooth brain lefties who are more concerned with _what_ to think rather than *how* to think. You can’t form a decent counterpoint, just blurt out response from your pre approved NPC dialogue list.

  3. Trump knew that Christian extremists would be the easiest marks that he’s ever had to con.

    He recognized that their belief system had already conditioned them to compromise their moral integrity and treat blind faith in leadership like a badge of honor.

    1. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII
      Haven’t you got a gun to clean or something better to do MAGAT ?

    2. @Connie Harper
      Let me guess white right extreme far right right short fat bald and 53 but you identify and a coloured woman

    3. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII
      Forget Hunter where’s Giuliani’s laptop?
      Oh that’s right the FBI have it

    1. No double down anymore, casino’s going down, bankrupting and no more bets, pay up! Now, ! No markers, loans,pay up !

    2. @hopeless nixon? He was smart enough to cut ties,step down and resign! Quit, but noooooo,stupidity and arrogance is trumps lifetime achievement, grief, grift,con and steal. HOPEFULLY HAPLESS HOPLESS.

    3. @Gameing & Tech they allowed their party’s leadership to be dethroned and completely replaced with what is literally the American nazi party. Corrupt is the nicest phrasing you could use, and it is a kindness they do not deserve.

    1. @Dank Jankings the way that it’s going trumpists are gonna start the second american civil war

    1. @ms operator they’ve been led astray, run amok. Maralago didn’t land on them, they landed on it by choice

    1. @Franchise FieldsIDIOT!
      – first the House was in Republican hands for the first 2 years of the Trump terms, and he lost it, putting Pelosi into the Democratic House Leadership, so maybe she has been a tyrant for 3 years
      – second, she isn’t the one that started this, she is just responding to the WHOLE LOAD OF CRAP started by the ORANGE KLOWN, and now being continued by elected Republicans as they try to get Trump’s base to vote for them

    2. @Franchise Fields are you calling Pelosi a “career political criminal” or hopeless, cause it is unclear
      – by the way, only person that is a ‘criminal’ is the BIG ORNAGE BABY KLOWN!

    3. @Franchise Fields versus a career criminal, who entered politics because he saw an opportunity to grift.

  4. They are afraid of being implicated and found out. They are complicit and need to be called out.

    1. @Jeff Ginther No, in the real world it’s all true. Only you traitors can’t accept simple facts.

    2. @Jackson White They were filmed pushing the lies over and over again, sowing doubt in the election, lying about fraud that they know didn’t happen, helping incite the insurrection. It’s almost like they don’t get that they’re on television and every seditious word is being recorded.

  5. What does it say about a GoP who still sucks up to what is officially one of (if not THE) worst presidents in American history?? Pitiful!!!

    1. @Mr. Perfect you were never a democrat and we welcome people into this country. You relatives that came here before were immigrants too y’all don’t get to shut the door behind you.

    2. @Harold Moore Yeah your right we do/should in a legal manner tho, funny that we can’t help the homeless? Yes i was and still am a mod dem, i don’t recognize what this party has become anymore.

    3. @Mr. Perfect your party is not interested in helping the homeless or anybody else. Hatred courses through most right wingers veins and hated anybody that’s not a carbon copy of themselves.

    4. @Harold Moore For one im not a right winger, secondly after 3 years of bashing trump and then looking up facts. whoaaa..The hatred and sick brainwashing is comming from the far-left of my party.

  6. Since January 6, the courage, morality, and credibility of these Republican trumpets has seriously faded.

    1. It’s been on a downslide for awhile…what’s ironic is Congressional GQP runs to Texas to avoid a vote, where the Texas State GQP complained about Texas Democrats doing the same thing….

  7. knew Michael Fanone was beaten badly, but had no idea the worst was brain injury and heart attack. Now I understand why his PTSD is so bad.

    1. He’s really shown up for the capital police though – I give him tons of props for talking about it and trying to do something about it!

  8. Imagine that, their Cult clown is more important than the actual work they are supposed to do for their constituents.

    1. We need more individuals in politics who actually have good intentions…leaders who actually want to work for the people and help them in any way possible.

    2. @Chloe Pennington yes, we need uber smart policy nerds with good intentions and no desire for the spotlight in positions of policy making…not these cult of personality, craven opportunists.

  9. So, the other Republicans who voted to impeach still voted against the commission and select committee? Sad.

    1. @unlisted junk If you were twice as smart as you are now you would be half as smart as you think you are.

    2. Maybe that’s because Democrats do nothing but investigate things that need not be investigated. When asked to join the Republicans investigation of the origin of the China virus no Democrats showed up. Seems the Democrats are still Chinas little cowards.Xi owns Creepy Joe.

    1. @Z Morris from all the comments from republicans in this thread and others, republicans voters are no better than republicans in the Senate. Whataboutism, deflection, one conspiracy theory after another, etc which all amounts to no accountability on the topic of a very serious crime. So they (senate) are behaving like the criminals they probably are and you are covering for them, smh. When do you say, ok, I think the Senate is wrong, there should be an investigation, instead of always falling in line with the narrative? It just shows republican voters have no will of their own.

    2. @what? oh! what’s it like to whine that anyone that doesn’t want to eliminate the entire democratic process in our government is a “traitor?”
      it would’ve been a “big” riot, had it actually made the least bit of difference. but it delayed the confirmation…. one whole day. you’re just piggybacking on it for political reasons because it helps you idiots force your agenda on everyone else. which is evidenced by the fact that you traitors call to eliminate the checks & balances in our gov’t literally every time a Democrat legislation isn’t passed without question.

      and this is all after cheering on criminals attacking federal courthouses and buildings and harassing police and elected officials all summer long. after spending the entire summer wishing pain and death on everyone who doesn’t agree with you…. now you want to use the deaths of those 6 ppl you wished death on all summer for political gain. for your personal political agenda. then roll around here acting all self-righteous haha talk about disgusting.

    3. @Anthony out of curiosity, is your self-righteous self aware that the FBI, the DOJ, and TWO BIPARTISAN GROUPS have conducted investigations already? I know CNN tried to hide their results(they didn’t solely blame idiot Orange Man) so you might not know they 2exist. but they do exist, and they found several extremely strange things about the way security was conducted that day. and guess who that implicates? the woman who is saying we need to destroy our entire democratic process just to have a FIFTH investigation. it’s literally specifically so Queen Pelosi can point fingers at who SHE wants to point them at, and nothing more.

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