Historians ranked all the presidents. See where they have Trump 1

Historians ranked all the presidents. See where they have Trump


Presidential Historian Tom Naftali explains a CSPAN survey that asked 142 presidential historians and historical observers of the presidency to rate all the US presidents. Abraham Lincoln came in at the top spot and Donald Trump tied for 41st, the worst ranking of any president in the last 150 years.
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    1. @Alex Buxton Poor Americans were slaughtered by the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party. Then the Americans who escaped by chance became slaves of the Democrats.

    1. @George W. Bush – @”Chicago has the strictest gun laws anywhere in the United States and they have the worst crime.” – It is not true that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the US. That claim has been debunked repeatedly. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has given Chicago’s gun laws a B+. And though Chicago does have stronger gun laws than many other states, its kind of irrelevant when national gun regulations are so weak. You act like an imaginary state line stops guns from crossing over.

      @”Crime is up everywhere because of the lack of policing due to democrats cries to defund the police.” – This is just a false statement that has LITERALLY no evidence to back it up. I’ll also remind you that Republicans ACTUALLY defunded the police in a recent vote.

      @”Funny how Biden’s administration is now saying republicans wanted to defund police.” – No, no. Republicans didn’t just WANT to defund police. They ACTUALLY defunded police in a recent vote.

      @”Liars and hypocrites.” – Agreed. Republicans and Trump are definitely that. Though, I do think it has to do more with the ignorance of the Republican voter in actually getting informed on facts (such as yourself) than the lies of the GOP.

    2. @rek131 I just debunked everything you said. You’re welcome. I’m done arguing with you. The Biden administration has caused chaos and has blamed Trump for everything wrong Biden has done. It is irresponsible. At what point will it not be Trump’s fault? When will Biden take responsibility for HIS OWN ACTIONS. Biden and the democrats in his administration have allowed for all these problems to arise. These weren’t problems with trump and they are now. They are the ones responsible. Time to stop blaming trump. Time for you to stop listening to so called fact checkers as they’re puppets of the Democratic Party turning you into one too.

    3. @rek131 I will just enjoy the fact that Desantis or Trump will take control of the White House in 2024 and undo all Biden’s bad policies. People are waking up and seeing past the lies of the democrats. Switching the narrative when it backfires is a bad look. Enjoy the rest of Biden’s one term presidency. If he dies btw, Harris will lose in a landslide to any Republican. She has no qualifications and is not liked by demcorats. That phony only got in as VP because of her gender and race. That’s disgusting. Can’t wait to see all the reporting on CNN about how racist Desantis or Trump are. They only talk about the president when they don’t like the president. So yeah, just enjoy the next 3 1/2 years because soon enough, gas prices will go back down, taxes will go back down, crime will go back down, border issues will stop, and the country will be great again and democrats will lose their majorities in Congress in mid terms.

    4. @George W. Bush – @”You believe all of Biden’s lies huh?” – Im not sure what lies you are referring to. Speaking so generally is unhelpful. I believe facts, not propaganda or conspiracy.

      @”Children are still in those Obama cages” – The ones Trump was ALL TOO HAPPY to use in numbers far greater than Obama or Biden have?

      @”coyotes are taking advantage of immigrants at the border.” – You have no evidence to support this statement.

      @”You’d know that if you stopped watching CNN exclusively.” – I highly recommend you start watching SOME news source instead of the propaganda you are clearly watching.

      @”Biden administration is blaming trump for everything.” – The Biden administration hasn’t mentioned Trump very often at all, in fact. And since Trump is to blame for quite a bit, I do have to respect that level of restraint.

      @”Trump literally warned against all of the things that would be happening with illegal immigration under Biden.” – Trump made general statements about things that have been happening for the last 50 years, including under Trump, and said they would continue under Biden, and you act like he was making some shocking revelation about the future.

      @”Trump just has better policies.” – Trump didn’t have ANY policies. He signed a few executive orders and passed a tax cut for the rich. That is LITERALLY what he did in 4 years.

      @”Don’t blame the border crisis on Trump.” – I never did. To blame one president on an issue that’s existed for decades would be moronic.

      @”It’s a flat out lie.” – Trump lost fairly, and that’s the truth.

    1. ​@Alex Oelkers “So either way your comment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

      I said anyone that thinks CNN is legit is a fool. Which is completely true as they have been exposed as frauds. When you cant understand that idk what to say…

      Heres a recap “When u believe what CNN tells you.. you’re a complete fool.”

    2. @The White RabbitBut that has nothing to do with the video or the comment of the person you hit “reply” to. So you tell me you just randomly go to CNN videos on youtube, randomly go to peoples comments, and write “any one that thinks CNN is legit is a fool” for no reason at all even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the video or the person you replied to. umm… ok.

    3. @Tila Dutton No one mentioned CNN. I myself base my opinion about Trump on the 30 + years before he ran for president. I knew he would be bad, and I was right.

    1. @UCNjDIVcn65oJkxl0RfhyC9A the Chinese are the responsible ones. You know the conspiracy that trump was spreading….now after he is gone the dems are saying it. It was only racist when trump says it. Don’t call it the Chinese virus cnn says, then calls the varent the African virus. You know, like we name all virus, where they came from. But only dems are not racist.

    2. @Mr Critical 😂😅who told you that… CNN? I recovered from it after I lost my sense of taste for 4 days. That was it. That was it. Yeah. Yep. 2 weeks lost pay……..yeah….what was that about organ failure Don Lemon.? Stop saying stupid things dummy😋

    3. @AllAmerican PATRIOT the side effects can range from that to more major things, granted I worded what I was saying a little awkwardly

  1. That’s what makes his “You knew I was a snake” speech so endearing, that’s going to age just fineeeee!

    1. @Brandon Smith
      Nah, that seems about right. That would make Obama good but not great, and Bush about middle of the pack. When I think about their actions in office and the legacies of their tenure, that sounds about right.

    2. @OriginalPiMan Bush was not decent. He had a lower approval rating then trump. Theyre only praising him bcus he said something bad about Trump. Bush was hated by dems and republicans the old ranking had Bush 5 to last. And Obama is middle to below avg. He said he was an ineffective president. He gave us the mitt romney healthcare plan and for the next six yrs did nothing. And the last 3 presidents the reason they gave was they were racist. Truth is Trump was a decent president. He had the strongest econ, lowest blk unemployment and got the 2nd most votes in histroy for a reason. Your just a partisan nutcase to think defeating Isis, changing the narrative of China, Singapore Peace summit with NK, and his amazing handling of the border are somehow bad.

    3. Brandon Smith – He failed miserably with the border. What the hell are you talking about? And what kind of stupid BS is saying we think things that YOU cherry picked are bad things? Makes no sense.

    4. @J Groovy i cant tell if your trolling? Is the border situation better or worse since Biden took office? Exactly! Did u just learn the word cherrypicked? I was naming some of the good things Trump did. The singapore peace summit was what got him nominsted for a nobel peace prize. And the lowest black hispanic, and Asain unemployment is the history of the usa is a good thing. No way you are serious. Nice troll bro you got me to explain things that everyone im the world agree with me on

    5. @Brandon Smith 
      Bush ended with an approval rating almost as low as Trump’s, but it was never lower and spent years being much higher. If I was ranking him purely based on my personal opinions, I’d put him in the bottom third, but I also recognise that much of what I dislike him for are things that conservatives either like or feel neutrally about.
      Obama did not spend six years doing nothing. He had just one other big successful policy that I can think of: the Iran nuclear deal, that successfully halted Iranian nuclear weapon development, but Republicans claimed without evidence that it was a failure and Trump broke the deal, which has led to the Iranians restarting their weapons development. He was competent both at home and abroad, and has never suffered any real blame during Republican obstructionism (especially in his last two years). He was the one to successfully steer America out of the GFC. He had some bad policies, but they barely hurt his reputation.
      Trump was a bad president. He hurt America’s reputation overseas in ways that will take years to recover, if ever. He merely inherited Obama’s strong economy, then sent the largess to his fellow millionaires and billionaires. He loved China until around March last year when he needed someone to blame for his mishandling of the pandemic (which only got worse as the year went on). His North Korea peace summit was big on optics but did nothing to stop North Korea; it got them to repromise things that they’d already promised, but in vague terms so it would be difficult to hold them accountable, and in exchange Trump gave a firm promise to stop wargames with South Korea which leaves South Korea less prepared if fighting returns to the peninsula. His handling of the border was one of the biggest disasters of all. There are still hundreds of children that his policies separated them from their parents, who have not been reunited with the families because so little was documented. He spent a lot of money on his wall, despite it being an inefficient use of money for the task and it effectively ceding a bunch of land to Mexico because it couldn’t safely be built on the Rio Grande.
      The only good thing I’ll give Trump credit for was _some_ of his Middle East work. Most notably the normalizing of diplomatic relations between Israel and a couple of Muslim countries; if those deals are as good as they initially appeared, then they are a rare sight in the Middle East.

  2. “You see, we’re clearly first. We’re lower, so we’re higher. No one has scored like me. It’s just so bigly and hugely good.”

    1. I see you are using his logic that the more we test, the more positive results we get, so if we test less, we will have less positive results….!! Genius!!!

  3. I would have thought he was THE WORSE 45 Ever in the history of politics..He’s a FF for Failure..And LL for double loser.

  4. I don’t think we needed the historians to confirm something that the public already knew.😏

    1. @The White Rabbit so should we turn to your trusted news source, Fox & Friends? The very same who call high ranking military members, “dogs.”

    2. With a mind of a child, he probably thinks this has to do something with Worcester sauce..

  5. They ranked him high for economic management??? He did NOTHING, he jumped on the tidal wave launched by Obama and rode the wave taking credit daily, that isn’t management, that is being a parasite.

    1. True enough, he was handed a growing economy compliments of the Obama administration. Obama inherited an economic meltdown compliments of the George Bush administration. The republicans have been a train wreck for a long time, with no real platform,only obstruction. If we can’t move forward then we will be left behind.

    2. And Trump created unprecedented increases in debt even pre-pandemic. In other words he was running the country like he runs his company, into the ground.

  6. Hard to imagine how “Relations with Congress” could ever be worse than “sent a ravenous mob to murder Congress.”

    1. @Cris EX Describing facts and evidence as “fake news” does not change it or make it go away.

    2. @Cris EX you have to be the biggest moron to say they were all boomers and say that was akin to tourism. Do tourist normally riot and break open windows and doors, get in and chase down and kill cops? Not to mention steal stuff and smear crap all over the walls. Bet it was t foul in there after that, especially being around the person in question. If that’s your idea of tourism then I’d hate to see anyplace after you’ve been a tourist there. I’m just saying… 🤷

    3. @Cris EX You mean in the minds of the unhinged leftist Federal Prosecutors who have indicted 100s of them? That’s what you mean?

  7. The only president in history to be impeached twice within his first term. Remember that 🤓

    1. @Hans Preus I think the witnesses from the State Dept. and others were clear enough in relating the Trump/Giuliani schemes during the impeachments. Where is Giuliani now? In heaven talking to God? And Trump has fled from new York to Florida . Arraignment by New York going very well.

    2. @Jackson White There was actually no witch hunt – Trump managed to screw up everything he touched without any help from anyone. Impeached twice, lost the popular vote twice, failed to secure a second term, installed his own family members in the WH despite the fact that they were (and still are) completely unqualified to do more than tie their own shoelaces, and completely,failed,when it came to crisis management, just at the time when real leadership was needed. Yep – one big loser, who spent four years losing everything he touched.

    3. @anna c Well done Anna. You just told the whole world that you don’t understand what the impeachment process is. You must be a trump supporter !! 😂😂😂😂😂

    4. That’s how vindictive and petty the democrats are. Totally useless. Imagine how much Trump and our country could have accomplished if the childish do nothing democrats hadn’t taken their ball and bat and gone home.

    1. @Hugo H. Tom Naftali and the other historians he is horribly politically skewed his results are based on opinionated views not full facts

    2. I wish his Brother was alive to see what had become of his sibling. In Mary Trumps book she describes how the Donald “Absorbed” his Brother’s & Family’s, inheritance. Diamond Don simply doesn’t have the basic elements that make us Reasonable or human.

    3. @Colby So you don´t agree with anything on this list? Or is it just YOUR presidents placing you disagree with?

    4. @Mr Jee I just want a real ranking frankly made by people that are big on facts and don’t have much of a political view

    5. @Colby So again I ask you? What was wrong with the list? What was wrong with it and was it only because Trump rank low? Because I know history and I would have ranked him even lower.

    1. @Dr Fu Minshew there are some well-known and common sense aspects of morality that are universal and objective. It’s why we can have a functional civilization at all. And he routinely flouted and disregarded those crucial norms, leading others to behave without morality as well.

  8. He always want to win and be first on everything so there is I think he is very happy with this ranking hehe.

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