1. ​@Ada Marlem No one in my family died. No one I even know died. I only know about 5 people who even had it for that matter. Perhaps you live in a place that is not free idk but here in the USA our country was founded by people willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom. Freedom is more important that making sure no one dies. If you don’t understand that then you probably don’t deserve to have freedom, you would just give it away to protect yourself.

    1. @Logan M
      THE KING?
      I’m just a regular person in Boston media. WE LIE ABOUT MASSACRES N STUFF. ENEMY OF KINGS.

    2. @R DoubleU
      Well if 70 million would have stopped believing 1 man, who told them to hate the free press and anything they say…WE WOULDNT BE HERE in Delta land TODAY.

    3. @R DoubleU
      Want sanity? #Boston2024
      Pretty soon. Maybe November.
      1 year. BORDER SECURITY $0.
      We dont get thanks.
      We just lose kings.

  1. If they can easily ban someone for kneeling over police brutality, we sure can blame the athletes can we not? Or is US actually a two-faced country?

    1. @Froggy77100 BLM is very vocal about their hatred for whites. Any white people supporting them are either really dumb or really crazy and enjoy being abused.

    2. @Froggy77100 LOL an “independent”. I love how libbies are so ashamed of the dems and what they have become, they tried to change the name. Nice try, dem.

    3. @S. M022 How dare you try to bring facts and logic into a conversation with dems? They only care about feelings!

    4. @Allie Evans
      Why are you arguing about George Floyd. A jury disagreed with your opinions. If you thought there was reasonable doubt; either you didn’t actually watch the court proceedings &/or you’re not familiar with the proof required for each charge in order to be lawfully convicted.
      It’s telling you feel proud being sociopathic…

    1. @Poppies! Sleep! I also know somones who got very ill from vaccine and can’t get anymore and i know nobody who has got seriously ill from covid

    2. “We’re all going to die of somethin’, so just kill yourselves, people! So long as I get to live, I don’t mind climbing over your corpses to get to Washington! That’s what cults are for! And there’s no bigger Qult than me!” . . . MTG, every day . . . 🙄🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. As human beings our fear can be such a driving force it can even lead to mistrust and hatred for one another but how can we cope if we don’t try to work together as one🤔

    1. @Michael Dudley yeah DC was comprised of a bunch of decent people and Trump was the moral outlier. Before Trump they were all saints…

    2. @harry palm I doubt that you have any idea what Marx, or any other author ever wrote. Might you actually have anything intelligent to add to the conversation?

    3. Joe Biden on 10/15/2020: “We’re eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control.

      I do.”

    4. @JJS 1990 Any plan can be derailed by idiots. This is now the pandemic of the Unvaccinated. Canada leads the world in per capita vaccinations, and has 10% of hospitalizations and deaths per capita of the US. Pretty simple arithmetic. Only simpletons don’t get it.

    5. @Wayne Burton A gun is an inanimate object,you could buy guns from the Sears catalogue when i was a kid,no “gun violence”.people kill people not guns.

    1. Joe Biden on 10/15/2020: “We’re eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control.

      I do.”

    1. @almost there .
      In Texas you say? Hmmmm! Isnt that the state where Former VP Joe Xiden is encouraging Covid infected illegal immigrants?

    2. @almost there .
      Wow. That went south fast! All I did was bring facts to the thread. And i based my opinion regarding the Jews & Nazis on those facts! Everywhere, free citizens who have broken no laws are ordered to produce their “papers” just like Nazi Germany! I understand your point. You believe its political? Ok I can appreciate your opinion.
      Can you refute any of the facts that I mentioned?

    3. @almost there .
      Btw, i was mentioning Joe Xiden. You know. Former VP? & never was POTUS? Mr President refers to President Trump & always will until there is a honest transparent election!

    4. @We All So Bad Are you talking about the ex-president that was supposed to be re-instated on Friday the 13th, and his big day came and he wasn’t LOL

  3. MTG shouldn’t even be ALLOWED to utter the words, “common sense”! She has no concept of what it means!

    1. Joe Biden on 10/15/2020: “We’re eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control.

      I do.”

    2. @Borvo You didn’t see it, did you? SMH Trump, Trump, Trump. You wake up with a wet spot thinking of Trump. Get help.

    3. @bombastic attitude I wonder if he paid her the $400 he normally pays for sex or was it her little gift to him for being on tour with him.

    4. @carolyn boyce Yep and he has made America the laughing stock it has been for the last 5 years too huh
      I wonder if he will have a reinstatement day too since the last few haven’t turned out so good for my pillow guy and the Orange Mop

    5. @carolyn boyce Check the stats honey, it was 81 million to 74 million. When I went to school 81 is larger than 74 and no matter how hard and illegal you try to find votes and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. TRUMP LOST

  4. There’s no “i” in team, but there’s one in vaccine???

    There’s also an “i” in live, die, and covid.

    So, what’s even the point of this title?

    Whoever created this title should be fired, and this reporter needs to get off his high horse.

    1. @Debra Johnson
      ANYONE CAN SUE for libel and defamation of character,slander.
      Nation of laws with freedom of press.

    2. @Debra Johnson
      President Trump will be the first president kids see. ETERNITY.
      With Boston media.
      Not enemy of free people.

    3. @Debra Johnson
      Two choices for news on Earth.
      1)4billion BC – 1770 BOSTON MA. NEWS FROM ONE MAN. OUR DIME.
      2)1770 – PRESENT
      FREE PEOPLE with an ability to LIE ABOUT ONE. THEIR DIME.
      THATS IT.

  5. Who cares if he answers that question? That’s his business. This video is stupid. More pleading to take the poke…

  6. There’s no “I” in team but there’s a “naive” in vaccine which is what some of these people are including some Politicians. 😏

  7. The ability of people to be profoundly illogical while they think they are presenting reasoned arguments is bewildering.

  8. “Back down to common sense.” Really Greene?, Since when did you show any common sense? Absolutely ridiculous

  9. Jim is such a baby cry cry cry man up if ppl don’t want to take it or talk about leave them alone.

  10. And this is why they have lost over half there viewers. Wish I could see these reporters in person they give there dumb a– opinions instead of reporting the news. This network doesn’t have reporters it has influencer 🙄

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