'I am about to die': Afghan interpreter's message to US veteran 1

‘I am about to die’: Afghan interpreter’s message to US veteran


Kristen Rouse, a US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, describes the messages she and other veterans have received from Afghan interpreters who are unable find safety as the Taliban besiege the country.

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    1. @best bestSince when has Biden kept Trump’s decisions in place? The border, the Keystone pipeline? And every other Trump executive order. Stop it. This is ALL on Biden. Btw where is Joe?

  1. 2 trillion dollars over the past 20 yrs to equip the afghan military , they fell in a week. It was never about real training it was about military contractors and corporations raking in giant profits “
    *- Richard ojeda,retired us military army major*

    1. The corruption didn’t help, with the Afghan gov largely inflating its actual number of troops to get more $ from the US.

    2. If you are going to have the USA attack a sovereign Nation who had not attacked us for the first time in our Country’s history why not have your buddies and donors profit off of it for decades???

  2. A moment of silence for all the veterans who committed suicide, suffered drug addiction, had debilitating injuries, or were killed

    1. Slow clap for Biden administration. Be warned never trust the USA. If you work with them they will betray you and let you die.

    2. Musical Artist Exactly! These fools would say anything to get at President Biden. They act as if they care about people that they look at with hatred and disdain and call terrorists. SMH…

    3. @Phil just like me and my Brothers who fought the Vietnam war, you were betrayed by gutless politicians. It is hard to imagine that, they didn’t learn anything from their blunder in Vietnam.

    4. @Musical Artist You do know the USA have military bases all over the world in many different countries. The last US military death in Afghanistan was in February 2020. A small force was keeping the peace using the airport in Kabul to give support to the Afghan government now China, Iran and Russia will use that base to give support to the Thaliban. Which one of those choices do you think will be best for the world?

    5. @Black Queen Are you braindead? The Thaliban are terrorist and everybody still look at them as terrorists. Your cult believe in your savior Biden is making you stupid.

    1. The loser is your intelligence. This debacle is brought to you by Joe Biden, not the military industrial complex and voters like you.

    2. Leftist Media, Fauci, and Biden Praises Taliban For Wearing Masks During Attack – “Woah, that’s a bummer,” said the Biden Administration’s foreign policy team. “We didn’t see that one coming.

    3. We went 4 years under Trump without chaos across the globe. That’s why he had to go. We knew this bs would start when he left.

  3. Really depressing. My heart goes out to all the veterans and their loved ones. More importantly to the women of Afghanistan, as suicide becomes the only option left.

    1. I’m really sad that god isn’t real and hell doesn’t exist…. I’m sure it would be full of murican WAR heros. Ah well the PTSD will be enough! Aka horrible people deeds coming back at them!

    2. Most women will go back to living their lives as they did before America arrived. It might not be the life you want to live but interestingly, they changed the law to allow women not to wear the Hijab, but strangely 95% continued to wear it. Because the west lives in a certain way, this doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to.

    3. Ultimately it’s the Afghan people who has to fight for their own rights. Taliban are not part of the “government” so why are they given so much power…well because not all ordinary Afghan people believe what you believe…they actually agree with Taliban and that’s their way of living.

    4. @Doghouse Riley that is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. No woman would choose this. They wear the hijab because of their faith. Sharia law will have the raped, beaten and often times killed. Nobody chooses that

    5. You must be really proud of yourselves letting everyone know your heart is hurting. It’s all our fault this happened not just the government we let screw us into believing bullshit.

    1. @Andrew Jones what do you mean! It won’t continue to happen? People will be slaughtered in that hell hole.

    2. I will never let my sons join the military! To fight a bunch of rich white mens made up war?! Never!

  4. We spent $100 billion a year on this catastrophe. We have no problem finding money for endless wars but not to help our citizens.

    1. We are all citizens, we are all human beings…. Stop being so selfish. America puts its nose where it doesn’t belong but in this case we see how bad it gets when they leave

  5. “Nobody really wants war. We just want to keep the treat alive.” – Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman – Superman 1)

    1. @Connie Harper sure…and your comment about turning Afghanistan over to the Chinese is the paragon of logic and reason….ya.
      Give your Empty Head a good shake lady.

    2. @Cyrus Theowl hey there little buddy….
      Lap rides at bidens this weekend.
      Kids ride free. Just have your mom drop you off.

      Btw, joe loves the smell of baby shampoo…

  6. I believe that we should NOT leave behind the Afghanis who as Translators, Informants, etc., helped United States Personnel in Afghanistan. We should give Asylum to those Afghanis and their Families. We have enough space and resources to accept those loyal Afghanis into our country The United States. A situation such as this is what Asylum was made for. It is the Right, Good, and Honorable thing to do.

    1. yet INNOCENT FAMILIES are denied entry into our country looking for a better life… So in order to get into the USA – there must be a QUID PRO QUO!

    2. Ah STFU. We shouldn’t be accepting no refugees. Do you see how many homelessness in America??? The governments can’t even take care of their own people. We do not have enough resources moron.

    3. @Secret Squirrel No there must be a reason to come here beyond making more money here than they would in their country BECAUSE we only have so much room and people fleeing war are first. People from Ecuador or Mexico because they want to make US dollars which are worth more than their money verses people in Afghanistan who will be murdered, raped, terrorized is more important! Don’t you think?

    4. If there was a war in your region, would you be willing to move to a middle eastern country and make a new life there? Never see your friends and neighbors again? Leave behind your culture, foods, church, etc.? Lose your house, business, job, and all the dreams of your future? Of course we and other countries should offer them sanctuary… that’s a given. But sanctuary is a poor substitute for everything in your life that matters to you. This is a failure of epic proportions, and not just by the United States. It was corrupt Afghans too, as well as countries all over the region only pushing for their own interests. Countries all over the world who refused to help fight the taliban. People all over the world who turned away and said it was not their problem.

  7. I hope that if we learn anything from this…we should NEVER see homeless or hungry veterans on our streets.

    1. There are a good amount of vets who choose to give up on modern society and abandon it after experiencing the ugly side of human nature firsthand.

    2. The money should go to families you screwed in Afghanistan and other countries you screwed for no reason….

  8. When a person comes towards you with a rifle in their arms and tells you they are bringing democracy…. Don’t believe them.

  9. It’s so sad all this blood sweat an tears there an they’re taking over again. Money an life’s lost over nothing.

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