Acosta to Trump: Take your fake WH seal and play president elsewhere 1

Acosta to Trump: Take your fake WH seal and play president elsewhere


As former President Donald Trump prepares to make remarks at CPAC, Jim Acosta takes a look at his recent activities, including a trip to the border and a speech at his New Jersey golf club, and concludes that Trump is pretending to play president while also playing the victim. #CNN #News


  1. How do you argue or explain common sense, facts and evidence with ignorance people.

  2. “POTUS Potemkin Village.”

    It’s always a sham, always a scam with these dictators and wannabes.

  3. Living in “LalaLand/Twilight Zone”
    comes very easy when one has been living on such a plane their entire lives.

  4. if you say it long enough hard enough people will believe it.
    1. he’s a stable genius.
    2. fake news
    3. rigged election.
    4. and so on and so on.

    1. @My Boy Cyrus none of it’s true and you can’t prove otherwise. What does that say about you?

    1. Is he paying anybody for anything?
      I believe the last person he paid for sure was Stormy Daniels (123k).

    1. The most laughs come when you’re asked what we got conned into and you come up with nothing. Lol

    2. @My Boy Cyrus the most laughs come when a trump supporter doesn’t realize that he’s been conned.

    3. @My Boy Cyrus trump university, Trump water, “the election was stolen”, he would build a wall, he would repeal and replace Obama care, he gritted money from supporters who donated to him less than 5k by that money just going to his pocket, I mean do we need to keep going?

    4. @My Boy Cyrus you got conned into accepting Nepotism, revisionist history, corruption, you’re a joke on the international stage, your allies and foes don’t see you as intimidating anymore, Russia has bounties on your service men, your DOJ is in shambles and would have to fire and indite a couple of its staffers just to return to normal, your police are state sanctioned Criminals, the Republican Party is a mess and a joke, the republicans party is such a joke their policies are in the line of Boy vs girl politics. Preschoolers can come up with better policies than the entire Republican Party. Bet you didn’t think I’d eat you up like this Cyrus ??

  5. He can play president in prison when he gets there see how that will go for him , that is the only outcome the world wants

  6. “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Samuel Johnson. AKA “Humping the flag doesn’t make you a patriot.” -Me(repeating my self)

  7. this is a new level of crazy!! Understanding Dump and the dumpsters is like picking up a turd by the clean end !!

  8. Someone should tell the great Orange Cheeto to get out of the “ Neighborhood of Make Believe!”.

  9. I’d never imagine that a person who claims to be worth several billions of dollars and then elected President of the United States would openly claim to be ‘a never-ending victim’ 24/7.

  10. He’s like a doctor who lost his license for malpractice yet he still walks around with the stethoscope.

  11. How is he paying for his rallies? He still owes cities for his rallies during his campaign. His supporters are funding his Big Lie tour, sad.

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