'Acquisition And Retention Of Illegitimate Power’: AG Holder On GOP Gerrymandering | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Acquisition And Retention Of Illegitimate Power’: AG Holder On GOP Gerrymandering | All In | MSNBC


“This is all about the Republican acquisition and retention of illegitimate power,” says former Attorney General Eric Holder on gerrymandering in the wake of the 2020 census results. Aired on 04/26/2021.
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'Acquisition And Retention Of Illegitimate Power’: AG Holder On GOP Gerrymandering | All In | MSNBC


  1. When you can’t win an election you redefine what winning means. You make the outcome of the election mean less.

    1. They don’t need to…they only need to hold power long enough to prevent any opposition from dislodging them. They are frighteningly close right now! They have a deathgrip on several State governments and on the Courts as well. If they ever gain the majority again in Congress, the United States is over.

    2. @John Nemesh Yep. And I keep telling these folks. Then once that one authoritarian party, even if its republicans, feel threatened, the “all for the second amendment” Republicans will then be the ones passing gun control legislation. To make sure no American peasant threatens their power. I keep telling these republican voters to hold unto their beloved guns tightly because once they get to that point, they will be stripped from them.

    3. @Emsley Wyatt its all funny to these republicans in “sticking it to the libs” until they are asked to hand over their guns. Then it won’t be funny for them anymore. My grandfather grew up under Mussolinis rule and this is exactly how it started.

    1. Very HARD when GOP operates in bad faith. The Ethics in the GOP are almost nonexistent!!! GOP has Lost it’s Morals….

  2. They fight against abortion, not because they care about the life (notice how conservatives don’t present adoption options and those few parents who do foster parent in most communities are overwhelmed with children)…they care about the congressional district.

    1. For Republicans, it is all about power and money and the power of money — for the few already very wealthy.

  3. It blows my mind the number of Americans who continue to believe there is no racism in America, especially given the abundance of evidence available to them.

    1. @key peele If I have a federal ID and the federal government has authority to identify a person with an address, please explain to me why that is not a valid way to identify that person’s registration? If I can identify myself in a case to determine standing, I.e. I have identified myself in a way that the court recognizes that I get standing with identity and address, why should I be denied access to my registration which is a state’s determination of that person’s right to vote? You have NO answer to any of those things and as such, that is exactly why that is a denial of a right to vote with zero additional security.

    1. Or we can retaliate by gerrymandering Democratic states like CA, NY, WA, OR etc. For every Republican action, there should be an equal and opposite Democratic reaction otherwise we look like fools…

    2. @Deanne Albrecht, until redistricting is taken out of the ruling party’s hands and placed in independent, nonpartisan committees’ control, this will continue to happen, unfortunately.

  4. This is exactly why SCOTUS should have put their collective foot down and ended gerrymandering once and for all.
    Of course that’s not what happened though. They gave a green light to trying to cheat the system.

  5. People, please please listen to this intently and really absorb this. It is of the utmost importance for us to know and understand what’s going on regarding gerrymandering.

    1. I agree. This is probably the most nefarious additional tool by the GOP to retain minority rule, and it’s been going on for much too long. And SCOTUS agrees? Scary.

    2. @Jason Dixon No, it’s just never fine. Gerrymandering should be banned and redistricting should be done by an independent, bipartisan body.
      Add to this the end of dark money in politics (repeal Citizen United) and start limiting and regulating campaign financing to prevent leverage from big corporations. Everything is in HR1.
      Then vote for the John Lewis Bill, and you’re all set for free and fair elections, without any shenanigans or BS laws. Ready?

  6. I feel a sense of relief whenever I hear AG Holder speak. If we had more men like AG Holder in positions of authority, we might call ours a great nation once again.

    1. He literally let firearms get smuggled into Mexico during operation fast and furious then lost track of them.

    2. @Kennedy Suggs Actually that was rouge Arizona ATF officials.
      You should be very mad at the person who told you that because they got you looking stupid.

    3. @Kennedy Suggs that operation started by the BATF in 2005… three years before he was appointed to lead a different agency?

      Nice propaganda you got there, what about bengazi or the rnc emails or is it dnc emails?
      You silly q-tard

  7. If the “For the People” act was passed, would those rules come into effect for the 2022 and subsequent elections. If yes, break the filibuster in the Senate.

  8. You’re going to have to get rid of Paxton and Abbott. Not hard, look into Falcon Drilling and their parent company.

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