Rep. Jayapal Describes Her Parents Getting Covid In India Amid Surge | All In | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jayapal Describes Her Parents Getting Covid In India Amid Surge | All In | MSNBC


Rep. Pramila Jayapal details her parents’ experience getting Covid in India: “We saw it happening. I was there as the cases started ramping up.” Aired on 04/26/2021.
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Rep. Jayapal Describes Her Parents Getting Covid In India Amid Surge | All In | MSNBC


  1. Desantis is doing the same thing Trump did. He’s cooking the books. Florida is in tough shape right now

    1. @Spring is Here! Like when their wastewater reservoir nearly collapsed? What’s there to be jealous about

    2. @James Dandy I live up north, it’s too cold and we still have tons of bugs for 7 months. Florida is nicer and they have great beaches.

    3. @Spring is Here! Florida s West Coast in the Gulf is nice. Other than that it’s too hot an buggy lol

    4. @James Dandy I actually like south Florida and the keys. St. Augustine is nice, santabel island is nice. Yes it is to hot for 4 months, but we are too cold for over 6 months. I’ll be honest I never experienced too many bugs. Mosquitoes don’t like my blood. They never bite me.

  2. All rich countries including China and Russia must come up with money for each and very person in entire world to get vaccinations ASAP otherwise world will not be safe.

    1. Why are our political leaders so deferential to Big Pharma ? Don’t they know that India’s Covid growth is exponential & it will soon get out of control ????? End Patent Protection now !!!!

    2. @John Johnson They don’t need to give up patent protection, they could license out these vaccines. But I don’t know if India has the technology/expertise for manufacturing mRNA vaccines.

  3. It is in wealthy countries best interest to help poorer countries stop pandemic to prevent mutations of coronavirus from making current vaccines obsolete.

    1. wealthy western countries more busy doing propaganda against poor countries trying regime change i admire how shamelessly you people lie

  4. Thanks for helping India but it’s your moral responsibility to do so.

    There are so many african countries that depends on India which we can’t help because we are getting 2000 deaths a day, more than most of the african countries got in a year.

    We will have to help ourselves on WAR footing so we can help other countries right now. And please help the african countries as well. They have given up any hope of getting vaccine right now unless global community helps.

    1. As a country of privilege and wealth, America has a responsibility to do everything we can to help those who cannot help themselves.

    2. Allow gatherings of huge crowds, and then oops help help when people start dying. There’s no helping for morons, countries that have elected the morons and the world as a whole. Not just India. Death, violence, disease, ignorance and poverty seems to be the inevitable result

    3. @Spring is Here! Why would a country intentionally cripple their economy and the economy of their allies and trade partners? That makes zero sense.
      If a fire starts in an apartment building that you live in, you don’t say, “Well, I didn’t start the fire, therefore it is not my problem.” You grab water hoses, fire extinguishers, buckets of water, whatever you can to stop the spread of the fire. If you do nothing it will inevitably spread everywhere and it will BECOME your problem!
      Same concept with variants of COVID, which is exactly what we’ve seen with the UK and South African strains.
      Every single nation that is able to help themselves and others needs to do so. The science behind this doesn’t lie.

  5. praying for my friends and the people of India. This breaks my heart, esp after seeing US ventilators brand new in a trash heap because it was cheaper to throw them away than share them.

    1. a tip: watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.

  6. If you have to hide your political views from your “friends” in order to maintain those friendships. I’d question if you’re really friends to begin with.

  7. Respect and support. Hope India gets the supplies it needs soon. As far as I am concerned, the ships should be getting loaded and ready to go as of yesterday. Good luck.

  8. What she said about the global pandemic is soo true. (glad her parents are OK)
    She being placed in a unique position to understand what is going on and can hopefully make Americans (antivaxxers) aware of the fact that its a global problem and they cannot be safe as long as the whole world is not safe.

    1. Unfortunately it’s a vain hope. Two pre-retirement people in my ex’s family died, but the rest are NOT going to get vaccine for fear of side effects. It’s just no helping these morons

  9. India’s current predicament is the one of the few things that could unite the world to prevent an unimaginably large loss of life.

    Although the two pandemic are different, the Spanish Flu devasted a world population that was approximately equal to India’s current population.

    It’s in the best interest of humanity to not abandon the Indian people during their time of need, and show them the same generosity they were preparing to offer poorer nations with free vaccines.

  10. India has a big heart helping other countries with their vaccine. Pray for the Indian people and hope they overcome the second wave soon.

  11. Prayers for Indians from a Chinese

    Beyond heartbreaking!
    Indians need MASSIVE SUPPLY and SUPER FAST help.
    Please get the stupid politics out of it.
    Get help from everyone including China.

  12. There are 200,000,000 ‘untouchables’ in India, a social class declared the lowest rung of the social ladder and expendable. What do you think is happening to them? Meanwhile, Modi is hiding statistics and burying descent. This is about to become a horror story.

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