‘Thank God:’ Civil Rights Lawyer Reacts To Probe Into Louisville Police Practices | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Thank God:’ Civil Rights Lawyer Reacts To Probe Into Louisville Police Practices | All In | MSNBC


“Thank God that Merrick Garland is in the position that he’s in to be able to once again have a vigorous program of civil investigation of police agencies that are engaging in patterns and practices of misconduct,” says civil rights attorney Julie Fernandes. Aired on 04/26/2021.
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‘Thank God:’ Civil Rights Lawyer Reacts To Probe Into Louisville Police Practices | All In | MSNBC


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    1. @Epstein Mossad They try so hard to be the victims and act like everyone is against them. But in reality, big tech and big business advocate for them and are on their side 100%.

    1. The facist left doesn’t exist in America. Do you think anyone on the right has ever read an actual book on facism and what it looks like? I guess not, otherwise they would not be on the current right.

    2. @Fash e Wrong, gentile. Fascism is not a left right matter at all, its the other axis, freedom vs Responsibility. But I dont expect you to know that. You dont fight nazis you just shriek at people who trigger you.

    3. @Ser Tohu: Well, I don’t expect you to know that is not in America. Only your dear leader, you cult members and your party are behaving like fascists so right wing fascism is here. No one on the left is worshipping anyone, no dear leader figure or his cultists. The left debates policies, no demagogues to hero worship. Cannot say the same about you far right wing nuts. Heil Drumpf !!

  1. MOre importantly… If you confess Jesus is Lord, believe GOD raised Him from the dead, you will be saved! Romans10:9

  2. For a first worlds country, America is full of injustices, especially when it comes to fairness & equality.

  3. Are people whose houses get busted in during a No Knock Warrant magically supposed to know it’s the police, or would they assume it’s a home invasion and react like gun nuts keep advocating by standing their ground?

    1. @Ty C By your “logic” it doesn’t matter if the police make a mistake and ADD TO the number of innocent people murdered! We just have to accept that risk. BULLS**T!
      Your other false assumption is that if someone cares that police murder innocent people, they DON’T care about people murdered by non-police. Even you should see that’s a non-starter.

    2. @Helen Hunter And by your logic only a perfect person (which doesn’t exist) can be a cop, so where is the middle here? How exactly do you draw a comparison between a cold hearted criminal killing for profit and a police officer that killed by mistake? You accept the risk of dying everyday at much higher levels thanks to non police violence and murder. I don’t see you putting yourself in the line of danger to de-escalate the hostile environments that make the police a necessity. Maybe you should become a cop, then you might actually have enough perspective on this subject to make a difference.

    3. @Ty C I am saddened by the number of people killed by those who are not police also but this was a discussion on police brutality and police violence & your ‘but what about this other problem’ is just trying to change the topic away from where it needs to be. The non-police who are killers are caught and face consequences for their actions. The police who are killers too often have no consequences and that is what needs to change.

    4. @Kris R you understand how the job that police do is relevant to the discussion right? The police aren’t out selling cookies, they’re dealing with murderers and violent criminals on a daily basis. That should be taken into consideration. Sometimes police brutality is necessary.

      And no, the non police murderers are not always caught, and do not always face the consequences, mostly in communities that preach the idea that the criminals are victims and police are bullies. Hence the reason I pointed out that your rhetoric really only helps the individuals that made the police a necessity In the first place.

  4. This show us that all the white man that was AG never done anything like this I’m guessing because they really care about people of color

  5. So many police departments teeming with democracy cancelling,, authoritarian traitors posing as judges, juries, and executioners, prioritizing the most egregious is a challenge indeed.

    1. pro tip: watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

  6. All Lives Matter. Obey the Law, do not run off, do not fight back, do not carry weapons, you will be ok. Stop blaming on others and society but yourself . Don’t act like you are victims but some actually are criminals… MSM stop lying and covering up the truth and brainwashing your viewers.

  7. Stop trying to exalt thugs. She was a drug dealer. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer. She had been fired from her job as an emt when she was found driving around with a dead body in her trunk. She liked to pose with guns and live the thug life. The cops had a warrant to serve and both of those lowlives knew EXACTLY who was banging in the door AND WHAT THEY WERE THERE FOR.

    1. Are you even an intelligent person or are you a troll running your mouth who can’t find out anything on your own?

    2. @ruth depew You are either a cynical liar or a stoooopid person. These things are all matters of PUBLIC RECORD. Why are you trying so hard to deify law breakers and ignoramuses? Can’t you see that ALL these thugs have one thing in common: their lives come to an early end.

  8. Keep going
    Pritty soon nobody will ever want to be a police officer and current police officers are leaving the job.

    1. Fine more jobs for African Americans who should be able to have more representation in law enforcement!

    2. @Christena Walker
      will they carry fire arms
      Will they have a swat team.
      If so
      Do you truly believe the color of there skin will matter to those who seek to abolish all policing.
      Do you truly believe that an Officer involved shooting of a black man will be different because of the color of the police officers skin.
      If the fact that an only black police force would make a difference in certain cities don’t you think it would all ready be in place.

  9. The difference now are sane thinking people are HORRIFIED by what is going on in our police departments and it MUST BE CHANGED!

  10. Hahaha, you know,, it didn’t matter ..Merit Garland is versatile, Republicans lost their chance to contain him,,

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