Actual Republican Votes Defy Manchin Optimism On Bipartisanship 1

Actual Republican Votes Defy Manchin Optimism On Bipartisanship


Rachel Maddow explains the lesson that should be becoming clearer to Senator Joe Manchin: that while Democrats allow themselves to be blocked by filibustering Republicans, preventing them from securing voting rights, state level Republicans are taking advantage of the situation by attacking voting rights without concern for federal protections Democrats would pass if not for the filibuster.

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Actual Republican Votes Defy Manchin Optimism On Bipartisanship


  1. Much of Americas future is decided by a few good men… If you want a say… then let’s hope that every eligible voter steps forward… When it comes to voting and your voting rights, never comprise with politicians who do not want you to vote…

    1. Republicans: “Contrary to what people think we also believe in voting rights! We believe only the right should be allowed to vote!”

  2. Manchin should be at DefCon 1 for Democracy – the Post Trump GOP is openly seditionist and bi-partisanship is a joke. End the filibuster BEFORE THE GOP DOES IT FOR YOU; JOE

  3. They need to learn barroom brawl rules:
    1. There is no such thing as a fair fight.
    2. No draws.
    3. If your opponent gets back up, knock his a$$ down again.
    4. Win, no matter what.

    1. @yellowwducky Headline should b:

      “”Radical democrats attempted takeover of voting n America GOES DOWN N FLAMES””

    2. @yellowwducky How about a full background check?? I retired after 32 years in the USAF as an O-8 and my security clearance required “surface checks” every 6 months with a deep, comprehensive check every 18. No way any “off the street” politician should have access to a tenth of what I did without one. NO. F’KN. WAY. No pass, no run.

  4. dem vs current rep= one is willing to die for there lies the other still trying to be nice and loosing at every turn while smiling and saying golly gee oh well.

    1. Stop fighting the law-breaking legislators, pack the Supreme Court and let’s see if these Reconstruction-era laws will withstand constitutional scrutiny! I think not…

  5. Republicans are feeling the heat or chill that they will lose some seats in both House and Congress.

    1. @Flordeliza Escano, they will if they don’t cheat! That’s why they are desperate to pass laws to keep the Democratic base from voting! That’s the reason for their voter suppression schemes!

    2. Politics are local — let’s start at the bottom and work up — the bottom is always wider and more vociferous.

  6. Note to Manchin you got your spotlight, your take on the situation. But you’ve wasted a lot of time testing the inevitable.

    1. i believe Manchin objective was to show the Republican party that he could and would play both ways as long as the winners remember he will.

    2. Well I hope the Republicans remember your words in 20/20 when they take back control of the senate and house.

  7. Manchin has proven himself to be a sucker. He believed the GOP. When will he wake up and face reality. When it is said that GOP will do everything to hurt Democrats, it should raise an alert. But no, the double agent still not getting it.

    1. Manchin is worried about Manchin he’s up for re-election in 2024 he may not win because last time he won by 3.3% and this topic doesn’t appear to be popular in West Virginia

  8. Manchin has no desire for bipartisanship. This is a machination to move the focus from his dark money collection effort.

    1. Yes, it appears that way, by all that is logical. I also think he has a future career lined up working for Fox or RT News.
      All you have to do with Manchin, Sinema and Pelosi is follow the money. Right wing Dems are just as susceptible to bribery as Republicans.

    2. @Parslow Pongbert Unfortunately it’s baked into a system that takes tens of millions to win a senate seat and a billion to run for president. Once that occurs there is no right and wrong or conviction to belief, its all Grey area leading to the goal of who’s paying you to support what. Fact is we’re screwed whoever is in office.

  9. Manchin has BETRAYED all those whose VOTES have been STOLEN!
    Wonder how Manchin’s spending that KOCH CASH?

    1. Joseph, I read the story on the Daily Mail. Why do lefties still deny that HB and JB have done some bad things?

    2. Headline shoulda been:::::

      “”Radical democrats attempted takeover of voting n America GOES DOWN N FLAMES””

    1. @Finn Jacobsen Exactly Honestly think everyone is getting tired of these politicians period!! Clean both sides.Hope you staying safe ?

    2. More of a spoon really – with moscow mitch being the one doing the spoon from behind if you feel me.

  10. If manchin changed his mind today and voted with his party I would still be angry with him for putting the country thru this in the first place! Just the thought of him not doing the right thing for all people, just the doubt he’s allowing us to have is horrible

    1. @Blake Lewison By the time he does it the year 2022 will be here and democrats will no longer have the seats, i would say control of the senate but they don’t have control of the senate now.

    2. @This right Here they betting on us to be lazy and not have valid I.d. ….. and not show up, we gonna prove them wrong

    3. Manchin thinks he’s smarter than he is – looking for headlines that show how much power he has just in case the Repubs win in the mid-terms. He just wants to keep his seat for a presidential run ….but for which party?

    1. I don’t think anybody is fooled by that rotten snake! Neither are we fooled by that other snake — Sinema!

  11. One party is interested in governing and policy discussions.
    The other party is only interested in raw power at any price.

    1. Republicans: “Contrary to what people think we also believe in voting rights! We believe only the right should be allowed to vote!”

    2. The source is aol news;
      Republican lawmakers in Ohio pushing for more “safety and security” at the ballot box can now point to a clear example of voter fraud in the November 2020 presidential election.
      Unfortunately for them, it involves another Republican.
      Edward Snodgrass, who is a Porter Township trustee, has admitted to forging his dead father’s signature on an absentee ballot and then voting again as himself, court records and other sources revealed.
      Snodgrass was busted after a Delaware County election worker questioned the signature on his father’s ballot. A subsequent investigation revealed the ballot had been mailed to H. Edward Snodgrass on Oct. 6 — a day after the 78-year-old retired businessman died.

  12. Machin is a disservice to the state of West Virginia. He’s protecting his own portfolio. He’s getting orders passed down from corporate donors and is caught in the middle of a racist agenda to destroy voting rights. Manchin is his own problem.

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