Additional J&J COVID-19 doses could be weeks away: Sharma

Health Canada Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Supriya Sharma discusses the timeline for Canada to receive 300,000 additional J&J COVID-19 doses

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    1. Benefits outweigh the risks apply to everything you do or will do in your life. When you drive to work you take a risk of dying in road accident. You flick a light switch you take a risk of dying from electric shock. Your father and mother took risk when they conceived you, because your mother could have died during delivery you know how common it is?

    2. When there’s a risk, there needs to be a choice. Never forced anyone to get the flu shots, yet the flu killed alot of children yearly.

    3. @Kamalpreet Singh Gill – if we all drove 40km/hour, there would be no FATAL car accidents. But we choose not to. We wanna get there faster. The benefits outweigh the risks 😝🙃.

    1. The studies are going on to determine a lot of factors. How waiting 3 or 4 months affects antibodies. How there are zero cases of blood clots from 2nd dose Astrazenica. How mixing vaccines works and on and on. Why are you surprised??

    2. @Jerry qin flu shot destroyed our natural immunity that the reason we can not fight this now

    3. go to my ABOUT page, link #4… very high incidents of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, neurological deficits, chronic pain, DeathAnd permanent disability in a small group in Lytton, BritishColumbiaFromTheMRNAVaccines … the larger press outlets did not report this, but went into level 10 DamageControl mode to try and ShutThisGuyUp

  1. Chicken Tikka variant is here, Anita Anand bhabiji and Supriya Sharma auntiji running the joint…all words, no action…”Great Success”

  2. It’s your body, it’s your get to decide, Don’t let anybody bully you into taking sometime your not sure about.

    1. The average human lifespan is *_79 years_* … Covid patients died from a *_lethal_* condition only recently identified as *_”old age”_* … the mortality rate ForPeople who contract *_old age_* is *_100%_* for those over *_80,_* so GetVaccinated or you’ll catch it

    2. @Ronald DeSantis Time to wake up and stop watching little kid video’s dude..time to grow up. This basic life skills

  3. She can say and do anything she wants, because she has zero liability from harm caused by any of the vaccines.

    1. Brought to you by Health Canada, one of the 6 largest donors to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

    2. @Toronto loves Gandhi! And the hillary and the child trafficking effort in Haiti. Tax payer dollars.

  4. Like Mark Twain said : Diapers and Politian’s need to changed often for the same reasons !

    1. I always appreciate a Mark Twain quote. My favourite is – “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education” 🥳🥳🥳.!

  5. J&J has EXACTLY the same health risk that AZ has – VITT. It should also be stopped in Canada. Sir John Bell is an alarmist and one of the developers of AZ – he has a bias here.

  6. Hilarious how they have to be careful how they word things. They are authorized but not APPROVED.

    1. Anyone i know believes this shot is an approved vax.. and don’t believe it was only approved on an emergency based on cases and not deaths

    1. Nuremberg Trials 2.0

      The Canadian Division alone will have hundreds of names to be investigated and possibly charged.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis Yes. Let’s hope court hearing’s this past week in Wpg. Friday last day lawyer’s presented case. Waiting on judge now. p c r test were presented as false.

    1. Yes I agree with your ponit but I think becouse covid existed but the varietes are mutation based that parth of the world as in it new

  7. Ladies please be mindful of your monthly ordeal. If things seem out of whack you may not be alone. Hope we’re wrong.

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