Advice For Sen. Joe Manchin From Someone Who’s Been There

Former Virginia Representative Tom Perriello understands the tightrope that Senator Joe Manchin walks, as a Democrat representing conservative constituents. Perriello says West Virginia is “a state that believes neither party is fighting for them.”
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  1. There is no pressure..and its not difficult, if you put aside your political interests and make the correct moral decision for the people and democracy.

  2. So the laws that support taking out the secretary of state ,diluting his power. Instilling a partisan to run elections boards in the highest democratic areas. With the power to remove anyone they wish and install anyone they wish ..isn’t ripe for corruption so they then can find the votes like Trump requested in last election..REALLY NOW. THAT IS NOT VOTER SUPPRESSION..

  3. It’s amazing that this man doesn’t understand what integrity means someone that lies and double-crosses the Very organization that he proclaims that he represents no this man has no character neither does the man that you are interviewing because he does not know what it means

  4. He is loading up his War Chest! He is loving this. Another man’s crisis can be very rewarding for others.

    1. The world must be a much better place with what Tom is smoking. Joe Manchin is a republican. He could do so much good but he won’t. Ending the filibuster would be a good start.

  5. Manchin will be a transformative figure in history. It’s just that it’s yet to be determined what we’ll be transformed into.

    1. Just because he is not voting along with his party you label him as not a decent man. You are probably looking at that man in the mirror.

  6. JM ought to review the behavior of the R’s over the last decade, including their stated objectives. He should also take a hard look at republican dominated (literally) state legislatures before he makes his ultimate determination as to whether bipartisanship, only on republican terms, is possible or even desirable.

  7. After all the endless blah blah, when it comes time to vote, Manchin will tow
    the party line…as he always does! He’s a liberal, folks!

  8. Manchin and his family have too many business interests to actually do something for the American people. This is why most Americans don’t like politicians. Too many of them look out for themselves before they look out for us.

  9. The best advice Joe Manchin could be given, would be to change parties. Right now he’s a member of the forever toddler party.

    1. He’s a member of the socialist leftist loony toon party that promotes racism. They all look like fools.🤣🤣🤣

    2. Votes over 90% with bite-me. Not enough. Cancel culture time. Looney left🍌🍌🍌🍌’s. Do what we say. We know who you are dems. Manchin can be a transformative person if he agrees with me. He doesn’t.

  10. The best way to bring back our democracy and build our economy is to GET RID OF ALL THE REPUBLICANS!!! Every last one of them.

  11. 1. Manchin takes a LOT of money for Koch and others who are strongly against the bill.. 2. Manchin’s constituents are strongly for it. That’s the 2 sides here. Which will he choose?

  12. When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed

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