Democrats Demand Answers About Trump-Era DOJ Data Seizures

Democrats are demanding answers from the Justice Department and testimony from former Trump officials after a New York Times report revealed Trump's DOJ seized data on House Intelligence Cmte. Democrats, their aides, and their families. Daniel Goldman, Susan Page, and Eugene Daniels join to discuss.
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  1. Barr was so confused when Senator Harris asked him about requests to do any investigations, because Barr did so many he can’t keep track.

    1. @Prince Vegeta-son You mean that red haired woman who pretended to be part of the NRA but turned out to be a Russian spy? You’d do well to stick to your NFTs.

    1. Wait a second isn’t this what the DOJ does, Investigates??? Its like saying we need to investigate the FBI for investigating I don’t get it…

    2. @Ben Shapyro they never investigated swallwell he has to many China ties not to go down on along with his colleagues it’s in there speeches/rhetoric

  2. IT’S REAL SIMPLE!! They have been under investigation since Trump’s 2017 Executive Order 13818. Jeff Sessions put it into action.

  3. It feels like so many people are above the law, like American’s are just chasing their own tail. This country is on the edge of possible destruction if we don’t have a solid DOJ.

    1. If you look for destruction and continue to believe that there is one then it will happen.

      But if you take time out to do an exhaustive search for the truth then the truth will shine and will bring you to the light and save our democracy.

    2. Americans made sure of that for decades. It’s not like you ever held yourselves accountable for anything so why would it be any different now?

    3. Putting dictator Trump and his personal stooge Billy Barr behind bars would be a VERY good start!
      I strongly support the efforts of Schiff and Garland to drain the toxic orange swamp.

  4. if Barr and Sessions say they didn’t know anything about this then they were even worse attorneys general than everyone with a brain thought.

    1. Any guess whether they were Republicans before being attorneys or Americans? Greetings from Europe. Just sayin: Disgusting. France just put their ex-President to jail, not because of politics but because of corruption.

    2. @Sam Hartford we need this show to get in the road!!! It’s like our justice got Covid-19 and died. I do not mean to hurt anyone but our JUSTICE REALLY SUX AND WE HAVE TO DEMAND OUR DOJ TO DO THEIR JOBS AND STOP STALLING. They have to have enough evidence to at least hold him until they start his trials and he shouldn’t get bail at all because he is a flight ✈️ risk!!!

  5. Many politicians have gotten away with it for far to long, What’s in the dark always comes into the light

  6. The proof is defined by someone (a prosecutor) having the spine to stand up to these crooks. We’ll see if this development goes beyond just reporting the news.

    1. @James P Exactly ,Honestly think everyone is getting tired of government period!! Clean both sides.Hope you staying safe ?

  7. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

  8. So funny how the “NEWS” has Nothing else to report on😂- Why not talk about our Fabulous President Biden 🤔😂

    1. Watergate 2.0 not a big enough story for you? I’m impressed with your ability to deflect (because you’re still living in denial). Denial is a wonderful coping mechanism until it isn’…. and it turns out trump IS the deep state.

  9. I love that the Democrats are wasting their time in power looking into meaningless nonsense. Keep is up as 2022 is fast approaching.

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