1. When we were kids we used to lift up rocks and watch all the bugs scurry, disturbed by the light of day.

  2. Just tell the truth this is a battle between reality & stupidity. And we’re about to find out which is more prevalent in America.

    1. @Wiz KID “for the summer of love ”
      there is a rule. every right winger is required to mention BLM anytime the jan 6 insurrection is mentioned.
      it is designed to deflect from the insurrection on Jan by getting ppl to defend the other.
      instead I just mention the jan 6 insurrection in reply.
      Mentioning the riots when talking about Jan 6 is like mentioning the Berkely protests when talking about the Civil War.

    2. @Chucks Grace “even though they literally had record turnout. ”
      what was that turnout?
      idk offhand.

      the question isn’t how many turned out, the question is how many were prevented from voting.

      you are trying to deflect away from that.

      that’s twice you’ve tried to deflect instead of making an actual defense of the point.

  3. How’s that saying go?
    It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled…

    1. @Riana Thigpen Remember.. As Rudy Gulianni said to Chuck Todd “Truth isn’t Truth”

  4. “It’s no longer a question of if the Former American President is a Traitor, but rather if Republican voters are still Americans.”

    1. @Do you feel… that you lack critical information? *Catholic priest, and Baptist pastors (Fixed your comment for you.)

    1. @Brian Holloway uneducated is pasting the committee rules that confirm what I said, and not realising you’d just exposed yourself a total fool!

    2. @Jo Sm I’m confused you keep saying there is some sort of breach of protocol but never state what it is. You haven’t quoted anything and legislative bodies don’t have judicial authority because of the constitution….not a credibility issue. I don’t think you understand how the government works on a fundamental level. You keep insulting my intelligence but haven’t seem to have done the required reading for the assignment

  5. Denver Riggleman provides excellent insights. Fantasy narratives provide emotional payoffs that facts become at best, inconvenient. Glad that we’re also addressing beliefs.

    1. This guy’s backtracking and side stepping like crazy. He should be on dancing with the Stars lol

  6. Mr. Riggleman must have also been banished by the Republican Party because he’s forthright, honest, truthful and doing the right thing for America.

  7. “What constitutes a dereliction of duty?”….REALLY?…ok…we’re still at this place

    In my world that is called lying. Get it? Got it? Good!

  9. Riggleman is clear and eloquent and seemingly truthful, that is how you know he is a FORMER republican…

  10. Whenever the guest was asked a direct question and he responded that he is going to let the committee respond to that…
    ( that means YES….😉)

  11. “Sadly…only fundraising and polling dictate politicians’ messages, not necessarily what’s always right, not always what’s facts-based. “

    1. That insight hits the nail on the head. And explains why McCarthy AND most Republicans today behave the way they do. “When their power is threatened”, they will default to polling and fundraising that drives their political actions.

      I hope this committee can attain a breakthrough so that polling pushes back the Republican narrative enough to overcome all this.

      I am not optimistic. Hope I’m wrong.

  12. January 6th will go down as one of the most embarrassing time in American history but there is still time for them to make this right if some of them will just tell the truth and say what really happened that day but we all know they won’t🤔

    1. Jan 6th happened because you never resolved all of the issues from the Civil War, they have festered for years in BOTH Republican and Democrat parties,

    2. @Jim666 exactly I totally agree with you bad blood leads to more Bad Blood and so on and so forth that’s why today they can’t even work together on anything🤔

    1. Along with all the mostly peaceful protesters who did damage or caused any loss to anyone. As well as all in leadership who supported them.

  13. It’s a nonscripted conspiracy involving many individuals and organizations here and abroad. Some are aiming for different agendas. Some are not.

  14. Briana is so receptivity perceptive… she has a face like the Queen or Hearts and the scepter of Athena …Long live American Democracy … Great respect !!!

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