1. The GOP is way too focused on the fringes of their voting base. Just because they’re the loudest, doesn’t mean they’re the majority.

    1. @Hillsane your well read and have critical thinking skills 👏… if so maybe you should practice those skills 😉

    2. @Joseph Lawrence Ha, ha, but Australia is doing better and have had 1 mass shooting since they changed the laws and gun crime is down too!

  2. I do not want this to happen, but I honestly wonder how many GOP members would be willing to sit back and do nothing about gun control if they lost one of their own children or grandchildren? Take money out of politics and the gun-control problem would have been solved decades ago!

    1. They may have a more nuanced view. I lost my uncle to gun violence and I know that the laws in NY prevented him from being able to protect himself. Criminals will always have guns. Look at Mexico or LA or Philly or Chicago or DC

  3. Looks like Grassley has already made up his mind on doing anything to stop this evil. 😡😡😡

  4. Grassley and the GOP senators are putting their own ‘beliefs’ instead of those of their constituents. Awful!

    1. @Jillionairess and to address “ bob”. Why would you assume to know his heart, and reasoning. Cannot a hero be a squire, who pulls a spear from his own body to defend a dying horse? You don’t want to let people choose to be hero’s. You want everyone to be a victim. You, who’s husband uses guns daily to PROTECT you, tell others they don’t have that right? Who are you?

    2. @Jillionairess and of course you would know this, since you’re a prophet and you can see the future. Since you are who you say you are then you would know that guns are used to stop crimes thousands of times each year when ordinary citizens get involved. And here’s a handy tip that was told to me by a police Sergeant who was also a Ranger with combat experience. He said cops can’t be everywhere when you need them and cops are mostly there to write the report after it’s all over. In other words don’t count on the police helping you when seconds matter. I guess all that seal team training didn’t rub off on you.

  5. You cannot have both Citizens United, and sound governance for the people, only the donor-owner class.

    1. Could not agree more. That was the beginning of the end of our democracy! The Supreme Court judges who ruled on that should be ashamed and brought to justice.

    1. @sgRvtl We’ve had them all along, we’re just too stupid to use them. Eddie Murphy’s 🎥 THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN from 90 whatever is a good example. If you choose your representatives based on 30 second ads like soda pop please don’t vote.

    2. @kischonacht no great loss, I want someone who’s going to live with the aftermath of their policies for a long time.

    3. @The Wayfarer Hell yes, I live in ND Usher Burdick served 20 years in the house and his son Quentin served 2 years in the house then 32 in the Senate until he died.

    1. @Tomasina Covell If it had been billionaire kids in that Texas school, cops would have stormed the building instantly.

  6. The conservative pundit said the quiet part out loud at the end. “Progressives won’t get everything they want, Republicans won’t give up everything they want, and Democrats won’t get anything”. That’s the GOP playbook right there: give us everything we want or we’ll make sure that nothing can will get done. When she says the Democrats need to “reach out,” she’s really saying that they need to cave-in to Republican demands. That’s not political compromise, that’s holding the country hostage.

    1. @V for Wombat it’s not that you’re disagreeing with me. It’s that it’s obvious you’re simply trying to be a part of the problem and not the solution.

  7. I love how Grassley got up, walked as close as he could to the people, and then leaned forward to literally speak down to them. I don’t know which is funnier — that he apparently thought that would be intimidating or that he felt he is in any moral position to speak down to them.

    1. @steve08717 so you’re encouraging violence against members of Congress meeting with constituents?

  8. And she’s speaking to Lindsey Graham as being an honest actor? Give me a freaking break

  9. FYI Several years ago they started making Grassley “town hall” invitation only after he was confronted about gun reform after Sandy Hook. So that means those people were devoted Grassley supporters and even they are for gun reform now!

    1. Anne….. YES…… They see which direction the wind of gun reform issues is blowing. BTW…. I’m a second amendment advocate, but my prime support is for allowing kids to grow up to become adults. Who know what one or more of those murdered kids might have grown up to become….. For example, discovering a cure for cancer or a revolutionary clean fuel source.

  10. Republicans: “It’s a mental health issue”
    Okay let’s fund mental health institutions again.
    Republicans: “No”

    1. @Mark Lasky How’s about reasonable gun regulation, that address the main issue of the whole, mass shooting problem?
      Annual proficiency, safety and mental health checks for civilian gun owners. Like the military and the police already have to do.

      Taking weapons of war out of the hands of untrained civilians.

      Mental health evaluations

      Closing the gun-show loophole

      Increasing the price of ammunition

      Just to name a few.

  11. I’m tired of hearing Congress and Senate members saying “We know what Americans want”…..NO THEY DON”T.

  12. Lindsey Graham told her something and she not only believed it, she’s relying on it. Wow. Some people never learn.

  13. Alice Stewart: “Everyone needs to put the partisanship aside… Progressives are not going to get everything they want. Republicans are not going to give up everything they want. Democrats are not going to get anything unless they really bring both sides together..”
    Translation: “NO, also NO, also we’ll leave the heavy lifting to the dems so that when nothing passes it’s their fault (which also basically means NO).”

  14. The issue is that polling across the entire US once again is that the Senate is not controlled by the majority of US. Given that the Senate Dems represent 42 million more people than Senate Repubclians.

  15. I love how she says it’s on the Democrats to “bring both sides together.” That’s rich.

  16. God it must be terrifying for a senator to be confronted by an informed, intelligent constituent

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