1. Your talking about Florida right? The needless death and suffering there do to poor leadership is horrific. The Governor pulled out of the war on covid and Americans are once again being rushed to hospitals in overwhelming numbers.

    2. @Marlin Weekley The crystal meth junkie that passed out during an affair with a overdosing homosexual hooker and a gay friend couldve been gov wouldve been so much better

  1. Smh. America. Confusion after Confusion. No plan. No foresight. No Cultural understanding of others. Same mistakes. Same Money, Violence and War. ….SO here we go again. Going in in the first place, we know, had nothing to do with the Afghan people.

    1. now security situation is very bad in Afghanistan. My lives is in danger. I leave Afghanistan. Now I am in tajikistan country. i can’t go back Afghanistan. If I go back Afghanistan Taleban
      Will kill me. Conditions are very bad. I need your help. I don’t have any supporter. Please don’t leave me alone here . Please please help me

  2. Afghanistan has become this generation’s Vietnam in that we’ve been there for so long that we don’t get why we’re there and had so many die on both sides most of us don’t support it anymore but there’s no simple way to end it.

  3. weak and inept administration…
    all they had to do was follow the agreement with troop and equipment removal dates agreed upon for May, but no…
    The bloods on this administration’s hands with much carnage to come.

  4. New Living Translation
    The LORD is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth. PSALMS 145:18

    1. When was the last American combat related death in Afghanistan? This whole thing could have been handled much, much better. What do you think happened? Did Biden just jump the gun on impulse? or something? I feel like the rock has hit the pond, but the fish haven’t felt the ripple yet. What’s next …. ISIS V.2.0 ? China has already acknowledged the Taliban as the legitimate government.

  5. America repeat the history of Vietnam War. So shameless America 😅😅😤😤😢😢😱😱😰😰

  6. I don’t know wich is more shameful; the 9/11(2977 deaths) or the victory o taliban after 20 year of war (2420 soldiers deaths)!

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