Journalist Once Kidnapped By Taliban: ‘We Are Saying Afghan Lives Matter Less’ 1

Journalist Once Kidnapped By Taliban: ‘We Are Saying Afghan Lives Matter Less’


Executive Editor of David Rohde, who was previously kidnapped by the Taliban, reacts to the U.S. efforts to evacuate Afghan allies as he tries to help the family of an Afghan journalist who was held captive with him.

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    1. @maria schultz In what way is Biden’s administration fraudulent? Because when you win a free and fair election, you get to be president.

    2. @Adam Taylor its just blind fanaticism. biden isnt a saint but he won the election and thats the bottom line.

    3. Not really, Biden chose to come out now. Coming out before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The PR matter more to him. Shame on American, hes made a total mess of leaving. They way American has chosen to leave is repulsive.

    4. @maria schultz Republicans did this … wanted 20 more years? Thank God Diaper don (download that) is OUT & the republicans will not have control for a decade. Or maybe, they like to cheat, corrupt Lie, con, brainwash. We do have many trampards …they’re nothing ……….right?

  1. We need our Afghan allies and their families out ASAP. They should not need a VISA to leave and that can be processed later. We have a database with every one who worked with our forces. Those people should not need a visa to leave. They don’t have time for that! Please shine a large spotlight on this. Every American and every Afghan ally and their families MUST come out one way or another. I support sending more troops to achieve this. The American people are demanding this.

  2. Things are going to spiral in the next 10-12 days. It’ll be a Mogadishu with 82nd trying to create an evac corridor. There’s some cowboy Taliban spoiling for a fight and the mid level field command will lose control.

    Mark it down, it’s coming.

  3. We’re not saying that. They matter as much as anyones’ and we get that. But they don’t seem to think their lives or their country is worth much. We can’t save everyone in the world from their own laziness or their own warped religious beliefs. We have enough warped religions to deal with here.

    1. American can’t save itself from its own warped religious congratulations, most American church preachers very poorly educated. You only have to look at the anti vaxxers to know that.

  4. All this pearl clutching. This would have happened regardless of who the President is, or when the troops were withdrawn. The Taliban has been waiting for his moment for 20+ years. Try thinking for a change.

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool You do illustrate to all of us that homeschooling is likely to produce a stupid individual.

    1. Wow. This. It’s really painful, but your words strike true. I think the title of this video is bad rhetoric.

  5. Everyone: “So where did that $2 trillion go then?”
    Military industrial complex: “Nothing to see here.

    1. “The Day Before 9/11: Rumsfeld said 2.3 TRILLION $ are Missing from Pentagon” is a TBU (Truth Behind Us) News article.

  6. 15,000 US citizens trapped there now because of this insanely hasty exit plan, but go ahead and keep bringing up the past if that helps you sleep at night.

  7. 30,000 Afghan soldiers died fighting the Taliban. That was when they thought the US was standing behind them.

  8. “Allies” Please, do allies drop their weapons and walk away after twenty years committed to fight for freedom, democracy, ~ self government? After twenty years, America learned a lesson, do you really believe those Allies when they migrate to America? Only time will tell.

  9. The levels to which Afghan lives doesn’t matter has been shown by the actions of the Afghan Security Forces, Afghan national army and police force; Looking for more ways to blame the US is tolerating cowardice from a bunch of deserters who’ll not defend their homeland.

  10. You know, 20years should’ve been time
    enough to make a difference of learning
    and care, not to mention money and
    lives lost. All lives lost. Where,s the
    President??? Take care for your people.
    Just saying.

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