After a divisive leadership campaign can Erin O'Toole unite the Conservatives? 1

After a divisive leadership campaign can Erin O’Toole unite the Conservatives?


Conservative strategist Andrew Brander talks about what Erin O'Toole needs to start doing ahead of the next election.


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    1. Ontario has the debt it has because of Bob Rae then into a Dalton mcquinty into a Kathleen whats her face.

    1. @Rusty Shackleford I’m out to lunch, I didnt know there was a woman candidate….
      Never heard of this guy either. Not up to speed on conservatives. I hope whoever they voted for is better than Andrew Sheer. Idk, I think maybe they all suck.

    1. Because the entire conservative leadership campaign was insanely volatile and combative between those who are supposed to be on the same side and working together within the party, Imean c’mon two of the four main canadiates were drastically different, Peter McKay was a moderate who believed in left wing social ideologies, and Derek Sloan was a radical Conservative who you could compare to that of Donald Trump, (with O’Toole and Lewis being the more centre conservatives to those specfic extremes) and considering the fact that many are deserting the Conservative party to seek refuge with the People’s Party of Canada, I’d say of all the main political parties in Canada, the conservatives are certainly the most fractured and divided

  1. Remember – Justin Trudeau won his leadership on the FIRST BALLOT with over 60% of the vote…….

  2. I miss the days when John (Erin’s father) was giving the finger to the Opposition at Queen’s Park..then denying vehemently that he did it..until the photo surfaced. Shows where Erin comes from.

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