After Chauvin’s Sentencing, People ‘Should Feel Torn’: Michael Eric Dyson 1

After Chauvin’s Sentencing, People ‘Should Feel Torn’: Michael Eric Dyson


Distinguished professor at Vanderbilt University Michael Eric Dyson says people should feel grief-stricken that George Floyd’s life was judged to be worth 22.5 years, but that they should also feel more determined than ever
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  1. Finally justice served for one of so so many cases. Its a start hoping justice continues accordingly

    1. It wasn’t justice it was a victory for mob rule. The jury would’ve given a not guilty verdict if it wasn’t for the fact that BLM and Antifa terrorists would’ve been after them. Fact!

  2. I’m “torn” that in America anyone thinks that having immunity from prosecutions will make the system fair. All that immunity does is guarentee that much more lawbreaking occurs.

    1. Too bad that same thought isn’t applied to drug manufacturers and experimental gene therapies immunity from any harm they cause too.

    2. See 10 months of BLM, riots, looting, arson, billions of $$$ of damage and destruction, murders but that fine..

  3. Profound words.. this murder and the attached cultures were witnessed and heard around the planet..

    1. Here in Britain we’re shocked that this case was decided by mob rule. It’s a shame that America has flushed itself down the toilet. Fact!

    1. It’s actually less than you think. He is only going to do about half of his sentence.

      On top of that, he’ll do his time in luxury. He won’t go to a regular jail.

    2. @Truth To Power in MN help have to serve 15 years… Oak park heights is no fkn joke… Ad seg there is the cause of a lot of debate.. 98% of sound is gone there… Look it up.. But I also think he should have gotten more time… Let’s hope the feds make that happen

    3. @Truth To Power I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started sneaking him out on weekends AND holidays. Not to mention his menu being vastly different from the general population.

    1. @ChaosI appreciate your point of view.
      Floyd was no longer a threat after be taken to the ground and handcuffed. FACT
      He was not resisting arrest. FACT
      The officer was playing pocket pool as he killed him. FACT
      You are either just looking for a argument or just plain fkd in the head

    2. @Elmosweed I’m not saying what he did to Floyd was right I’m saying that he’s been rough with people before, which was known about and yet he was allowed to continue serving as a cop. If he’d been pulled from duty when the problem was identified then Floyd may still be alive and Derek would be a free man. Fact!

  4. The reaction he got to the mistake he made — and apologized for —
    actually proved his point about White Rage.

  5. Derek have been sentenced and qualified immunity was not used and like Al Sharpton said it’s the longest sentence ever given. This is just a step up for black people. The family got millions from Minnesota. And if qualified immunity was canceled then the states wouldn’t have to pay for officers misconduct. It would be the officers who should pay for their behavior if it’s unwarranted.

  6. How torn you all gonna be when the other 3 coppers FINALLY(delayed) get to court,don’t go easy on them,they watched, helped

  7. I’m really just curious about the Arizona audit results that are supposed to be released tomorrow

  8. The toxicity of this place is on display every time justice isn’t carried out. I dont care what weapons or capabilities you have, don’t stand in my way.

  9. The day, month, year, decade and century of reckoning.

    Reckoning of how we see and treat each other. Where the civilization of mankind stands and what is yet to be achieved.

    People are just people!

  10. Derricks mother was not going to say anything about the floyed family lose she believes her son is innocent as she stated I guess she didn’t see what most of the world saw.

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