After Spreading False Election Fraud Claims, Powell Claims ‘Reasonable People’ Wouldn’t Believe Her 1

After Spreading False Election Fraud Claims, Powell Claims ‘Reasonable People’ Wouldn’t Believe Her


Joy’s choice for the absolute worst: Ex-Trump attorney Sidney Powell's weekslong campaign to invalidate the results of the 2020 election was not based in fact, her lawyers said Monday. Joy’s message to Trump supporters: “Hey guys, I think she’s calling y’all suckers.” Aired on 03/23/2021.
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After Spreading False Election Fraud Claims, Powell Claims ‘Reasonable People’ Wouldn’t Believe Her


  1. So she’s playing the Tucker Carlson defense? Let’s see how that goes for her.

    You know, admitting to Perjury while being sued by Dominion.

    1. @Matt you are so stupid she is not going to get disbarred lol maybe you should follow real news. Like how Colorado is now calling for an audit in election fraud. Or how they found election fraud in Michigan and Arizona is about to flip as well as three other states. Maybe you should also follow Sidney Powell on Telegram who also said these claims the news are making of this is false lol. Her take on the Election has not changed no matter what the fake lying disinformation news says. She came right out on Telegram as soon as she saw this on the news and quickly debunked it. So stupid you all are also why don’t you find out who Russell Jay Gould is go educate yourselves.

    2. @Mitchell Chandler Yes, Trump didn’t offer both the Mayor of D.C and Pelosi, the National Guards assistance before January 6th, and they both turned him down. That makes me believe that they wanted a certain event to unfold without anyone relevant to stop it… Interesting that some of those radical protesters had professional wall scaling, combat, and military stealth skills… Manufactured Consent? Entrapment? Play acting? The guy with the costume claims that he’s a part time actor. Also interesting, is that all the videos showing many people, some with children in tow, were lounging on the steps, standing around chatting and ‘hanging’ out peacefully on the Capital steps and lawns. I actually watched both the lead up as well as the peaceful ending of the speeches. I listened as reporters interviewed attendees as they strolled peacefully to the Capital located at least 2 miles away. It was all televised: the crowds of people waiting patiently despite the cold, for Trump to speak. Something happened that day that was eerily ‘set-up’ to look like something that it was not… Dig Deeper people…

    3. @Ellen Keaton-Gholizadeh what is truly embarrassing is how the left wing nut that call themselves reporters…. how do they get paid on so many lies they tell or not reporting the whole truth???? Or how they baby the so called president thats named Joe biden… but when its any other president wether it be a Democrat or republican they do there lods and ask real questions for them… they won’t or can’t get inside the holding cells or buildings where all the illegal immigrants are staying to show how there really Houston illegals. … because as far as I can tell they still could be cages like Obama had started when Obama built the cages for them….

    4. @Ellen Keaton-Gholizadeh prove to me and all americans that he didn’t do it…. ooohhhh wait you want to beleave the left wing nuts that dont want to tell all the truth or show it all…. they like to cover up anything that makes them look bad….. so have a good day. I hope one day you will wake up and smell the coffee about all of your party

  2. The Kraken defense, “I am sorry that Fox News viewers and other unstable individuals take me at my word.. ..

    1. @OdeeLocc Sports Info You are the ones that wave your flags and wear your red hats. Clearly rally size had nothing to do with it. We were not going to risk getting hospitalized because of a super spreader event. When I say we, I mean the reasonable ones. Did y’all finish your maga clubhouse?

    2. “It was the hyenas, Simba! It was their fault! Their idea!”
      *gets knocked off cliff*
      “Oh! My friends!”

    1. Oh good. A company & a “man” I would NEVER want to be associated with … she’ll fit in just fine. Lol!

    2. In his case that kind of defence could work as he is an entertainment show on television. Sydney Powell is not a tv personality she is a lawyer who actively without concrete proof went on a disinformation campaign of defaming the work of a particular Company calling them out by name. She is now trying to make the claim that her lies were obvious and not to be taken seriously. When you defame a company by lying or a person and you admit you lied to try and skirt a defamation suit. I wonder what other legality she has exposed herself to buy just claiming she lied.

    1. How insulting i mean if I were Republican I would certainly go independent cus they just used my emotions to get rich.

    2. @RYNNY KITTY Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa…. that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. So who was the voice on the audio tape saying “I need you to find 11,870 votes” – was it Alec Baldwin???? Aaaaaaaahaahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!

    3. @RYNNY KITTY 63 lawsuits the supreme court and William Barr say you are wrong.. ” No fraud that would have changed the outcome ” Stop drinking from the toilet.

  3. Sidney Powell (before defamation lawsuit): “Dominion voting systems are turning votes for Biden.”

    Sidney Powell (after hit with defamation lawsuit): “for legal purposes that was a joke…”

    1. @PA2FL You may want to research her court filings to determine what she DID state as to her fictitiously claiming there was indeed voter fraud and Dominion’s participation in it. It truly would open your eyes and save you a lot of embarrassment as to your statements trying to skew the facts as to what she lied about and now, facing monumental financial lawsuits in which she’s trying to weasel out of due to her lies. Besides being found guilty and fined, she should be disbarred for filing all of those frivolous lawsuits, AND charged for her participation into the insurrection on the WH and disrupting Government proceedings.


    1. Big s lawsuit ? Ha ha ha . Prove that dominion is not a cheat machine rip off fraud piece of junk criminal conspiracy to commit federal crime . Ha hahaha
      Then you come out of your holes .

    2. @Gregory Dahl take it you have never heard of burden of proof anyone can make an allegation but an unfounded allegation that caused monetary damages is called. What it’s called slander something a first year law student should know. If trump lied all lies they claimed if he could prove he didn’t lie like 8000+ plus times why doesn’t he file a defamation suit against these accusers oh thats right there’s a ton of proof about his lies my bad

    1. @Brandon Nicol And all I had to do was google “mike lindell absolute proof debunked”

      You moron.

    2. @UndyingSnake TheNinth not only it’s debunked, Lindell’s documentary comes with a long disclaimer about its content. So, no Lindell doesn’t have nor will he ever have Absolute Proof.

  5. Does it really matter if she stood up in the theater and screamed ‘’fire’’from the top of her lungs or whether she went around to each person in the theater and quietly whispered ‘’the theater is on fire’’. She’s criminally liable like they all are. Lock therm up..starting with tRUmp…

  6. “I’m not trustworthy, and no reasonable person should have considered me to be so.” If that’s a valid defense, then all crime will cease to be punishable.

    1. FOX used it to defend Tucker the F@cker Carlson in a defamation lawsuit and it sort of worked. However, Powell does not have freedom of the press behind her, FOX and Tucker did. As a lawyer, her only freedom is she can say what she wants to defend her client, unless it violates somebody else’s civil rights or defames them. In this case, I expect Dominion to win and get her disbarred or somebody wealthy to pay them off and retract all statements she made in a press conference and in writing.

    2. Cases will be won like this:
      Bin Laden: What you mean terrorist attack? How did I know my devoted followers would blow up a building because I told them Allah would reward them with 21 virgins in the after life. I was just joking, no intelligent person would think I was serious. Give me a break judge sheesh.

  7. There has to be official accountability for wilful, reckless, and pernicious disinformation! The response: My bad ain’t cuttin’ it! If I tried this in my profession, I would land in jail

    1. She’s not even saying “My bad” offering any apology.
      She is saying that her speech , being part of politic rhetoric … should be protected with the highest level of “Freedom of Speech”
      But , obviously she got legal proceedings involved with her political speech. And whether she expected the courts & public opinion to take it seriously . Is the question at hand.
      Which I guess the main concern for the court will be … what kind of precedence gets set either way ???

    2. @Mk101T At the time she was acting as a lawyer for the president of the United States of America. At what level is enough enough? Hopefully she will be disbarred in every state and charged criminally for lying to the courts for knowingly submitting fraudulent briefs .

    3. @Bill Hodge Well even if Dominion fails to show evidence of damage to themselves.
      The judge would have latitude to impose punitive damages , in an effort to say it was not acceptable speech.

  8. She ADMITTED that she LIED, well that means she ADMITTED that she DEFAMED Dominion! Game is over Kraken

    1. @Joyce l you don’t use opinions in court they are not admissible sworn affidavits declarations expert reports and documentary evidence thats all fine as long as they are proven factual can they be offered as evidence. Thats why even trump appointed judges threw out every case they couldn’t even establish cause for filing

    2. @TrappenWeisseGuy ; they should tune in a north Korea state news channel owned and operated by trumps lover

    3. @arc angel no kidding. but you didnt read it all. she did not admit any such thing. As usual the mainstream media twisted words

    4. @Joyce l no I didn’t read it I watched it so there must be video somewhere of the media putting peanut butter on the roof of her mouth and pulling a mister ed it sure sounded like her voice usually I have to read lips when the volume is down have you ever tried to read lips on the old gorilla movies talk about impossible. But I didn’t believe mister ed about election fraud from the beginning if there was proof they would have presented it in court but trump was pulling another fundraising scam raising money for legal fees for the election fraud which in itself was fraud like trump I think he might have a book coming out about his political and business practices called the art of the scam

  9. There’s a sucker born every minute is out dated because the republican party proves it’s currently every second

    1. @C P In other words, you are too lazy to make sure your message goes out correctly, but you are mentally keen enough to engage in political discussion? Funny!

    2. @Mortfores Rejerja Please explain to me how Georgia’s law forbidding anyone to pass out food or drink in a voting line is going to make voting more honest?

    3. @Julian Marsh already did. Homeless people that get food and drinks from people that say here you go have a water, vote for Joe biden. Oh yeah, that happened in November too btw.

  10. People like her are NEVER truly held accountable for their behavior. People like me cannot afford attorneys and end up in jail.

  11. She used her capacity as a lawyer to file frivolous lawsuits that she now claims no reasonable person would believe.

    She should be disbarred and imprisoned.

    1. lol frivolous you even talk like your handlers. The evidence will be seen and it’s going to be soon. The math alone should make you curious as to why nothing actually adds up in the election. 13 million more votes were cast than there were eligible voters. Your fact checkers or communist media won’t tell you that though. They probably asked dominion lol, they like to use that as fact dominion said they didn’t do it.

    2. @Lune Miel Well she was instrumental in the ATTACK against the American Capitol. She helped president Trump spread his lies, and he is and always has been an agent of the communist Russia. That puts her right there with him. Russia, just because Republicans refused to acknowledge the EVIDENCE proving Trump was conspiring with the Russians does not mean it did not happen, it only means that Republicans will sell their souls to stay in power. Of course, they don’t believe in souls any more than I do, so that is why they are willing to be so evil and immoral, basically they represent the epitome of being a modern Christian.

  12. What this woman is saying to her defense is that there are no reasonable people in the Trump camp.

    1. @CommonSense No! Noo!!! I do NOT want to see her with her pants off! Ewww! They should leave her one pair of pants.

  13. So she’s saying that it’s not that she lied and admits to it, but that her lies were so rediculous no one should have believed them. Can’t wait to see how well that works out for her.

    1. @jfkusa123 True, but they’re Fox Network. Nobody’s heard of Sydney Powell before she gained the spotlight last year.

    2. She said that she had proof of malfeasance. That means that she was not just airing an opinion. Once you claim that you have proof, then you are making a statement of fact. If you made a statement of fact without having evidence for it then that is libel. You claimed proof but did not have it. Li/e/bel.

  14. “No reasonable person” the base she is speaking to can not be considered reasonable people when she was making up all these lies

    1. @Brandon Nicol
      “In addition, My Pillow must stop promoting itself as the “official pillow” of the National Sleep Foundation because it failed to disclose its financial connection with the foundation to consumers.”.

    2. @Brandon Nicol
      Also from the BBB…
      “The troubles My Pillow has seen this year (2016) are enough to keep anyone up nights. In August, New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, announced a $1.1 million settlement that resolved a whistleblower case against My Pillow that alleged that My Pillow knowingly failed to collect and remit sales tax on purchases made by New Yorkers over the phone or internet.
      Based on the investigation, the attorney general contended that My Pillow failed to collect and remit $537,000 in New York sales taxes from 2011 to 2015.”.

    3. @Brandon Nicol Mike Lindell is getting sued as well for that fiasco of Factual Evidence of NOTHING. That movie is all they will need in court, because every bit of it has been proven to be false and as Sidney is now claiming, they all KNEW IT WAS FALSE all along.

  15. This is the definition of “chutzpah”: someone who murders his parents and then begs the judge for mercy because he’s an orphan.

    1. “Your honor, I’m accused of murdering my parents. But that’s impossible. I don’t have any parents. My parents are dead.”

    2. @JL that’s a page from Trump’s playbook. Victimize others then play the victim from the TV screens and the loudest mic.

  16. I guess she finally “release the kraken”..on herself. She’s making a case for the prosecution.

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