‘An Unbearable Normal’: Chris Hayes On Mass Shootings In The U.S. | All In | MSNBC

“An unbearable normal. An avoidable normal. An all-too-American normal,” says Chris Hayes on mass shootings in the U.S., including the Boulder grocery store shooting and Atlanta spa shootings. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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‘An Unbearable Normal’: Chris Hayes On Mass Shootings In The U.S. | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Christine King PEACE & FORGIVENESS is right. You come up with a reference to Biden? Include a platitude reference to the number of shootings towards him, instead of yourself? Exactly wtf does Biden have to do with it? Your comment of cognitive dissonance is disrespectful to the victims and the officer that left behind 6 children. Couldn’t just honor them without inserting your political ideology for one video? Should be ashamed of yourself. Leave your political ideology for the videos that apply to it please.

    2. @Andre Desrosiers Your difficulty with English comprehension is noted, my initial response was not to the troll you referenced. And, Officer Eric Talley left seven children, so why don’t you print out your ignorant posts and use them for toilet paper?

    3. Why is it when someone answers a comment, some asshat has to post a snippy reply and then DELETE it so their cowardice cannot be answered?

    1. @Noneya Bizz Lol! You’re trying to flip the fact that the majority of Republicans are openly racist to the Democrats being racist?

    1. Because you spend too much time watching the news and not enough seeing the good in the world.

    2. Freedom easy to say but its a lot of evil in this world satan is ruling this system its evil everywhere courts police racism injustice hate people need to take a look in the mirror search your hearts because if you are guilty of one of these evils you are guilty of all because you are the cause of it it still some good people in the world but evil affects us all

    3. Listen to some calming music, be in nature and take care of yourself. More hard times ahead, also good times. Never give up! 🧜🏽‍♀️

  1. I have a feeling that if the mass shooting in ATL didint happen the boulder one wouldn’t have happened. It’s like a butterfly efect

    1. @m jones People like you are insufferable. You understand that massive efforts are undertaken to wash away certain inconvenient political narratives, and you support those efforts.

    2. @m jones And Trump was just an avatar for White people. If you actually do the research and can get some of the guys archived social media posts, you can see that he was anti-White.

  2. It’s just a matter of time you wait there is going to be another shooting it’s like grocery shopping in the us

  3. this is so sickening, this country is full of insane people with guns…stop the violence stop allowing people to buy guns

    1. I doubt @LotWizzard can define the words fascist or pacifist but calling people names doesn’t take intellectual capacity.

  4. Not normal in any other civilized country, and most are more free than the US (especially these days). ENOUGH. Time to join the sane and humane world on gun policy!

    1. Right right… make guns illegal so criminals don’t use them anymore. I like that plan.

      While we’re at it let’s tell politicians to not be corrupt, and food not to spoil.

      Statistics from the FBI’s direct website show that the more gun control laws that are passed in an area, the more gun crimes go up.

      Imagine a world where everyone had a firearm and was taught of their responsibility as an owner from a young age. Not a single mass shooter would make it very far at all if everyone else had a gun too.

      Oh and also, take away guns and people will still find ways to cause mass harm. Uhaul’s can be rented for $20 and a driver’s license. Just saying

    2. @Tom Foolery Nice ad hom; I have. The US is the outlier of civilized countries in terms of gun ownership/violence and vulgar, infantile, gun fetishism. It is also one of the least free of advanced countries, and some of the most repressive countries are the most armed per capita (like Yemen and Serbia).
      Start poking around PEW Research for real data, then start reading academic studies and history.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with EVERY ONE involved. Sadly…this will happen again…and again…and again. And we’ll say the same thing again…and again…and again…and even again.

    1. We appreciate your intention, but frankly, we are SICK TO DEATH of “thoughts and prayers”. They avail nothing, and they give the guilty and the enablers cover to keep fomenting and defending murder.

    2. Someone (Einstein?) said that if you keep doing the same thing over and over yet expect a different result that’s a definition of insanity…. a kind of Groundhog Day insanity……

      Following through, logically, his leads me to ask you, with sincerity, and with respect to you: if you keep offering your “thoughts and prayers” AND YET “this will happen again…and again…and again” (and does) shouldn’t you be


      I don’t doubt your sincerity, but if nothing else your entirely FRUITLESS OFFERING thus far should surely have led you, by now, to a complete RE-THINK of the kind of PRACTICAL offering (among many) that you could be making, one that might yield appropriate results for you and other Americans, no?

      Believe me I’m not trolling you!

      I’m a European just trying to comprehend the American mindset when it comes to guns and the endless, mindless, glib platitudes offered up by your politicians, media, ordinary citizens and youtube ‘commenters’ in response to, literally, off-the-charts US gun violence over and over and over and over and over again….

    3. @lobopix bad guys will always have access to and do bad things with fire.arms. If more responsible citizens obtained a licens.e to carry, learmed how
      to use their w.eapon, then brought it with them to mundane places, many lives would not be wasted this way. my blessings were for the grieving families; as well as the inevitable restric.tions upon our consti.tution.al rights that are no doubt being “w@rp speeded” right into leg¡slation.

    4. ​@geckomom74 The arms industry bot-trolls are out in force! They’ve managed to program you to sound so very smug.

      How about you stick the graphs comparing gun violence across different nations into your twisted programming and see how those objective facts mess with your code. Or is your coded ignorance on a hard-wired loop?

    1. Yes but it is much of the Congress as well as State houses that are also silent if not complicit.

    1. @Kelly K If you India on talking race, what race did the Atlanta shooter have and what was the race of the victims? The parkland shootings, Columbine, the last Vegas shooting?

    2. @Tyler Millare How do other countries prevent the mass shootings while they have gun controle laws?

    3. @dingodancer “For a highly developed and wealthy nation, the United States has an unusually high rate of mass shootings. However, it is a common misconception that it is the worst country globally in terms of mass shooting rates. The truth of the matter is that the United States is number sixty-six on the list of countries in terms of mass shooting rates per capita, but they have had more mass shootings than any other country in terms of overall numbers.” — from WorldPopulationReview.com. You’re welcome.

  6. After all this time there are still loopholes in gun regulations. Nobody needs that kind of gun in the USA

    1. Meanwhile no one asks why nearly all these Mass Shooters are on the FBI watchlist but they hardly ever manage to stop them.
      Yep it’s all about the Gun not the person pulling the trigger 🙄

    2. Actually, who are you to say what kind of firearm that American citizens can own? Loopholes…but these mass shootings always happen in gun free zones.

    3. @Alan aka FANG of course it’s the person guns don’t shoot themselves. But thankfully in America any nut job can get an excellent killing machine so easily to do the most damage possible. Freedom can be a bad thing.

  7. I really hate the fact that I have to say this; the rest of the world is just getting numb listening over and over about the mass shootings in the USA. Hard to sympathize with people that never learn.

    1. @the EQUATION I live just outside of Paradise actually. It’s in Newfoundland. A province in Canada. Separated by a border and so many other things. Gun restrictions work in other countries but yet yours keeps resisting. Why? Second amendment? It’s harder to vote in the USA than to buy a gun. So no it’s not heaven where I live but at least we have common sense. Where’s yours?

    2. @Jay Pooler thats spot on, and thee have a name ISIS, not american shooting americans. and domestic terrorist, is a appsolutely USA thing.
      get your facts straight

    3. @IPC W. no you still have this problem across the world..we can give them labels..call it what you want but its still a terrorist..so if its home grown is it any different..what a stupid point to argue

  8. no child will voluntarily give up a dangerous toy. everyone wants to have weapons, but in the end it is the police who intervene. grow up and get rid of your toy.

  9. Chris-Don’t forget all the Colorado Sheriffs that said they would not enforce any gun laws, giving credibility to violent humans.

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