After Trump’s Failures, Americans Debate Which Candy Captures This Era | MSNBC

After Trump's Failures, Americans Debate Which Candy Captures This Era | MSNBC 1


  1. Truth be told, this segment made me Snicker.
    Seriously though, if t’rump were a candy bar, he’d be Baby Lies.

    I’m show myself the door now. 😏

  2. Mounds is dark chocolate , real chocolate ! Almond Joy is the weak sister 🤣🤣🤣 Milk chocolate is just wrong , no matter how many almonds you add .

  3. A lot of people have nut allergies so Mounds lets these folks have a similar experience without going into shock.

  4. They make mounds for people who don’t have teeth! But I love all the joy too I can’t wait to get dentures! 🤪

  5. If you’re looking to associate Trump with a particular candy, it has got to be Sour Balls! They always leave a bad taste in my mouth,

  6. As an Almond Joy nut, I have been wanting a Dark Choc Almond Joy for ages. I never knew they had made one though.

  7. Almond Joy and Mounds come in a package with two pieces. I’ve never understood why they never came out with a package with one of each in it. The could easily use a variation of their regular advertising. “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometime you don’t. Sometimes you feel like both.”

  8. Just for the record, Hershey Chocolate Bars with Almonds come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

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