AG Garland Presents National Strategy To Combat Domestic Terrorism

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a new strategy to combat domestic terrorism such as preventing terrorists from recruiting, siting and mobilizing Americans to violence and to disrupt terrorist activity before it yields violence. 

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AG Garland Presents National Strategy To Combat Domestic Terrorism


    1. @Bill Sbac Mafia?? why are whites so SCARED to admit these are NEO KLAN?? you know this isnt the mafia!!!

    2. @baked dorito

      It’s not the mafia but they ought to be going after them as though they are. Get the RICO laws out and put these a-holes away for 50 years a piece, start making some hardcore examples of these mutants. Instead we have judges offering them plea bargains and letting them walk? And this AG does nothing to go after their leader Mr. Trump? It’s a total mess right now.

    1. you probably had more friends a few years ago and the reason you have less is you cancelled them to avoid discussing facts. correct?

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Can’t spell Red Hat without hatred
      Dump shouls be in prison by his next “flag day”

    1. you probably had more friends a few years ago and the reason you have less is you cancelled them to avoid discussing facts. correct?

  1. After four years of ‘deliberate disingenuousness’, our “DoJ” will *finally* attend to these thugs in the the manner they require.

    1. @Bill Sbac – After reviewing his *three decades of previous rulings,* I’m giving Mssr. Garland ‘benefit of the doubt’…for now.

    1. @Bo D Talk about being stupid yourself. You forgot that 93% of the people charged where let go without charges.

    2. @David Drake Yeah we have to fix this leniency on domestic terrorist… Democrats love to let criminals go free

    3. @Bo D Man I really hate talking to stupid people. Giving the fact that no charges where giving is a sure sign that no crime was done by them. Or no proof.

    4. @David Drake That’s what I just said dingleberry Democrats are letting criminals out of jail they’re not going to prosecute their main base… Think about it

    5. @Bo D What part of BLM or the other group had nobody that was did any crimes? Everyone who attack police burned building where apart of groups that where known for white groups?

    1. No one was killed except a Trump supporter on January 6th. If you think that was domestic terrorism you must be a spineless beta male

    1. They were acting on behalf of a sitting President of the USA. It could have been a lot worse. That’s the truth. It wasn’t a peaceful protest, it was violent. It wasn’t a tour of the Capitol. Police officers were maimed and murdered. It doesn’t matter who it was. It doesn’t matter about other protest or riots.
      This was on behalf of the President of the USA. He ordered it. The insurrectionists are responsible for their own actions, but it was a lie, manipulation and coercion.

    2. @Harry Johnstone our prisons are over capacity already and it costs tax payers a fortune to take care of them. You might want to study basic criminal justice and come up with a better solution.

    3. @baked dorito because it was the deep state. There were no white terrorists. Terrorists usually carry arms. There were no arms confiscated. Get off CNN and wake up

    4. @Donna Brockbank it wasn’t violent. There were no arms confiscated. I think you’re getting confused with the summer riots where businesses were looted, buildings were burned, statues were destroyed, and cops were killed.

    5. @M M Did I say 10,000 co-conspirators should go to prison over night? Nope. And not all 10k are guilty of title 18 section 241 – Conspiracy against rights – we’ll never know how many the way the DOJ is handling it like any other crime- start with trespassing, apply pressure, dig deeper, issue superseding indictments.
      That’s the only crime I want to see prosecuted from “hey wanna go to Washington” to “Let’s cross that barrier” because it is the crime at the root of the matter, it is the crime that describes the motive of anyone who went there – deprive 81m Americans including +/-90% of ALL black voters of their civil right to select our government by majority voice.

      The consequences are broad enough for mercy and protection of the nation – one year to life to the death penalty for one and all co-conspirators.

      You might want to go crack pen your LAW II books again and focus on conspiracy. Only a few would get the noose. A few more would serve life in supermax, a couple of dozen would probably do 20 years, and there’s no way to know how amny would pick up 1-20s or how many of them deserve probation after thorough pre-sentence investigations

  2. I am so Proud to see our Judicial System working once again in Merric Garland and his new department ⚖️🇺🇸

    1. Merrick Garland isn’t in the Judicial system. He’s the Attorney General which is the JUSTICE Department and part of the EXECUTIVE branch.

    2. @Reason GARLAND is a paper tiger… He is a ‘white is right founding fathers pinhead” and voted in favor of klan cops 70% of the time.. He says the right things and does NOTHING for equal treatment in this country

  3. So difficult as so many lives have been lost and so many wrongs have been done. Thank You Mr. Garland but some accountability has to take place or it will be worse!


    2. I thought he meant Barr. Let’s face it the GOP is spoiled for choice as to who to put behind bars.

    3. @mike briganti That’s because he had operation red cover to back him up. All of his loyal goons took care of him. Don’t worry. He’ll never be locked up. If he was he’d be busted out within days. Your Teflon Don will never be caught and will never have to be held accountable for his insurrection attempt. This country is too weak and too full of itself to actually uphold the law against one of its own.


    1. A massive organisation full of intelligent people in powerful positions who cannot simply be sacked without a valid reason. The planning of a major overhaul must take time to be done right. Acting for the media to ‘feed the masses’ is what a fat orange golf cheat and his cronies did.

    2. Garland isn’t going to do anything. He’s more worried about stopping the AZ audit than anything else😂

  5. Those who incited what happened on January 6 should be on the top of the list no matter who they are.

    1. How about antifa and BLM who destroyed statues, burned buildings, killed cops, destroyed businesses?? I guess they get a free pass. The Hypocrisy is mind numbing

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