How Southern Baptists Could Name A New Anti-Establishment Leader

New York Times correspondent covering faith and politics, Elizabeth Dias, writes about the populist groundswell among Southern Baptists.

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How Southern Baptists Could Name A New Anti-Establishment Leader


  1. The never ending story of hard right wing white conservatives trying to reinforce their white supremacy ideals. And egged on by our favorite white supremacist, Trump.

    1. @Christine King That is crazy! I’m so sorry that you’ve lost family though hon. I just cannot believe this is what they actually think..

    2. ​@Mainely For those that choose the path of God their will be no judging or ruling in the end.
      Just all the good souls living as one

    3. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I’m better off without their toxicity, but thank you. So, quick story. A relative was engaged in an affair with her SB greasy-haired preacher, both married, church elders kicked them out, very public. Once when relative started in mocking others, I asked her about that affair, how she justified it–she was bringing the preacher back to Jesus–I kid you not! She had a shrine with a photo of Washington on one side, Davis on the other, Jesus above. Sorry I’m going on with personal history here, but the thought of people like that being in control terrifies me.

    4. @Elmosweed I don’t know about the wings part. If you put your hope and trust in Jesus alone for eternal life and repented of your sins then you will definitely be robed in white.

  2. The next time an evangelical comes knocking on your door to tell you the good news tell that person you don’t want to join the republican party and then shut the door.

    1. I guess the same could be said if the KKK shows up in your yard in the middle of the night with a burning cross.
      Just say you don’t want anything to do with the republican party and shut the door

    2. I will absolutely do this but frankly they’ve given up on “the great commission”, putting all their efforts into getting political power. No need to win people over when you can just force them to obey.

    3. @Elmosweed A person knocking on my door is not the same as burning a cross on my property without my permission.

  3. You can’t go back , you can never go back . Seems like an attempt at regressive time travel . Not possible and not healthy .

    1. Well, time travel may not be possible, but reactionary politics certainly are. I grew up in the segregated South, our nation has made progress, not enough, but we were getting there. What is happening within the tRumplican party today frightens me because we certainly could see christian Sharia law come into being if this continues. McConnell has gotten conservative judges into federal positions; states are manipulating elections; there is constant drip, drip, drip against public education and the press in red states; anti-abortion, transgender laws being passed. I sure hope I’m just being pessimistic, but if the Repubs get back in 2022, it’s over for democracy.

    2. The thing is, these radical religious people are still living in the past while the rest of us are in the present and looking forward. They have pastors/preachers telling them on Sunday that “women are to submit to their husbands.”

  4. We need to tax the churches. They shouldn’t get ONE SINGLE say so, in our politics, if they don’t pay taxes!

    1. Same should be said about corporations and the rich but we’ve seen that doesn’t work obviously

  5. If Biden doesn’t add more SCOTUS, do we really believe for one second, the Trumplican GOP won’t do it, when given the chance?

  6. I saw a quote, Folks Say that Trump has changed the Republican Party… Not so! He has merely revealed who they are.
    The same can be said about these religions

  7. This is becoming a cult, instead of going to the bible and reading, what would Jesus do. These people better be careful, they should not mock God.

    1. Those people make me wonder what Bible are they reading from. The saddest thing is their conduct makes unbelievers say or think, “Why would I ever serve a God whose followers are like this”. Their conduct and representation is disease and cancer and antithesis of the Word of God. They corrupt The Lord’s love and weaponize it for their personal edification and gain, they are of a different Father.

      And like any battle of the spirit it must begin with Believers prayer for them, being kind to them as we would to a family member who has gone astray.

    2. @Tony Curry It’s hard to be kind to them when many religious Trumpists are calling for violence. I’ve had a few interactions with religious Trumpists and they don’t like being questioned about the hate they’re spreading, and often the interaction ends with them threatening to end my life. At this point I can pray for them but the kindest thing I can do is to ignore them, the very thing they complain about.

  8. These two things should be separate, quit trying to force your religion on me like you force yourself on little kids.

  9. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean religions can’t be taxed if they get involved with politics and use it as their platform.

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