Sen. Menendez: Putin Doesn’t Have A Blank Check With Biden | MSNBC

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ, weighs in on the president's upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, why he says Putin doesn't have a blank check with Biden. Sen. Menendez also discusses U.S.-China relations.

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Sen. Menendez: Putin Doesn't Have A Blank Check With Biden | MSNBC


  1. Putin’s singular goal has been the instability of the USA. Trump was the perfect president to fulfill this strategic objective. He opened the door, allowed the psyops into our lives via the normalizing of their presence via his denial, hamstrung and demoralized the intelligence community, took sides with Putin, and radicalized a large section of the population. If you tell me that Putin is not smiling ear to ear, you may indeed be either Russian or a radicalized American citizen.

    1. For sure, Putins goal is not only the instability of the USA, but also of the EU and Europe as a whole. Russia based disinformation campaigns during election years are telling. It is about deviding people and countries and propagating lies and propaganda to spread insecurity within the populations and distrust in their own political leaders. Sadly it works very well. And you are right, Trump was his perfect partner for this goal. That is why he has supported his election. trump is so easy to manipulate – tell him he is the greatest, most intelligent person, and he will be eating out of your hand. Putin is a very dangerous person.

  2. Well, I do agree with Menendez on Putin. If Putin kicks us, don’t kick him back… break his foot

    1. You do know it’s us provoking putin, right? It’s been going on since the color revolution Hillary and Obama staged in Ukraine.

    2. @Jake Mocci what else we can expect from the brainwashed trumpers with the Russian roots? Nothing, exept hate.

    1. @Tyeler Nowell you’re*. You a Russian bot or what? What did I do that shilled for Putin? If you say anything negative about Biden you must be a Putin supporter am I right? Get real dude Lmao

    2. @Cameron J. no the fact that you support a forgin dictator is what makes you a Putin shill. How patriotic of you.

    3. @Cameron J. and the fact that your nitpicking my grammar just really shows you’re feebleness.

    4. @Tyeler Nowell You’re*. Foreign*. Russian bot you did it again. They don’t have any humans to qc your posts or what? I don’t support a foreign dictator whatsoever and I have no idea how you’re even getting to that point lmao.

    1. He’s gonna take something, I’ll guarantee you that. Whether he likes what he takes is another thing.

  3. Whatever!! FACT: Biden has been in some Washington office for more than 50 YEARS and NO ONE has EVER done anything to stop Putin from doing whatever he wants to!!!!!!! This is more propaganda!!!

    1. Bush said he looked into his soul, and he was good. 🤣 Trump wouldn’t even address bounties on our troops heads, and betrayed the country at Helsinki. This is an all of us problem, not partisan.

  4. how come I just can’t stand “joe” – love MSNBC – just cannot handle “joe” dominating all conversations –

  5. When is MSM going to stop fawning over this administration? Americans know Biden’s a clueless clown and the world is taking advantage of it.

  6. Poor Menendez! He just can’t understand that it was Crackhead Hunter who got the checks while compromised stumbling bumbling incompetent old Joe got 10%

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