Ahead Of 2020, Taking Stock Of The 2020 Dem Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The panel assesses the Democratic 2020 field and why nothing will unite them more than the thought of another four years of Trump in the White House. Aired on 12/26/19
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Ahead Of 2020, Taking Stock Of The 2020 Dem Field | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Donald J. Trump has the personality of Zombie Breath, and for those who don’t understand, Trump represents Decay and Death of a Country, “The United States of America”.

    1. Ray Shelton Unwittingly, your answer is “no”. Ur response made no sense, had no context. Couldn’t bother to think for yourself.

  2. If it’s a dog in the car that’s running for president
    I’ll vote for the dog in the car.
    Anybody is better than what we have now.

    1. @Isa Absolutely #BernieSanders2020. I’m for him all the way. But if Bernie loses the primary I will absolutely vote for the Democratic nominee. We need to vote as if our Democracy depends on it, because it does.

    1. Trump 2020, easy win! He will win again regardless of the Fake News media meddling in the elections again!!!!

  3. Wallace suggested she would vote for Beto’s Butt before Trump … so would I … so would the vast majority of morally outraged dems …

    1. The majority voted against trump in ’16 and will do so in 2020 but in America, it doesn’t matter if WI, OH, PA, and FL are hit from Cambridge Analytica’s new company, and Russia and China.

    2. Your real problem is the Dems are not a majority of any part of this country anymore. You are in for an asskicking…

    3. @KentBalzer I seriously hope, with that language, that you don’t have to cradle a dying son or daughter in your arms after a school shooting, Their last question might be, “Why, dad, why did you support this?” Tell them, won’t you, that someone, some mentally deranged person, had to have the right to brandish a semi-automatic more than you had to have a right to live. I dare you. Show them your love, you simpering coward.

  4. That purity test he speaks of his getting money out of politics. Which lets face it everyone knows it’s pretty much the core problem of modern politics in this country. So yes I am for getting money out of politics. And I would only collect a person who was willing to do that .

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD well if you want the news to reported without bias you would have to go back to the days before they were allowed to accept advertising dollars.

    2. @Arie Fales I agree 1000% Back before the Guttenburg press was invented! No that wouldn’t work, they had those criers.
      I got it Mesozoic age, BINGO!!

    3. @Howard Ross grassroots my man. The only way to go. Many progressives rely on it and bernie sanders built an empire on it.

  5. I was an independent voter for 45 years. I became a Democrat this year because of Donald Trump. He has turned this country upside down.

    1. I am a more recent independent who will be voting as a registered Democrat voter for this primary. So happy to hear that you are doing this too.

  6. The Republicans are liars and cheaters they have been for many many years yes yes and yes you can argue that all you want but that’s the God’s truth get rid of the Electoral College that it’s past history the majority rules stop the gerrymandering balance it out and every day I’m State and I’ll guarantee you the Democrats will supersede the Republicans that’s why the Republicans lie and cheat and gerrymander in Purge the voting register it’s sickening they all love Vladimir Putin and they love the stench of the orange smell that comes off of the pile of crap that sitting in our and I do say our White House you know the one that slaves actually helped to build

    1. Thanks for your input. I just want to let you in on a little secret: Donald T-Rex Trump is going to crush it AGAIN in 2020. Learn to live quietly with your pain and rage. Also, Putin has his weenie up Hillary’s generous backside and has for a long time. Durham and Barr are going to break your heart with some unwelcome news. Racist fascists like you are dying out and we Deplorables are growing in power and numbers.

    2. @Ronnie Bickers Jr
      Nope. Hillary tried to hire me but since I am a Deplorable Trump man, I had to refuse, not that it was that difficult.
      I am laughing at you Ronnie. You are one of the many millions that blindly believe whatever the media spoon feed you.
      Soon, you will learn just badly you have been deceived. Not that it will matter, since you are willfully deceived.
      All of you lefties think you are beating Trump and you have no idea how easily he outsmarts you and the media and the democrat machine.

  7. How sad to hear an ex republican who lost his party try to tell democrats how they need to …..everything. (I am not a democrat) The truth be said the “progressive” is what the democrats were supposed to be. For the people, by the people, not for the rich and privileged. Since the most popular president FDR every president has at least stated they wanted to do a better medical system…really pragmatist have been found to be stagnate. What program that progressives are seeking do any harm? Keep in mind the “progressive” only want what is best for all Americans. No secret, no evil, just help and building up.

    1. sorry, you just don’t get it, you need to be a millionaire former republican congressman with a morning news show to really understand the common man.

  8. Did that dude really just say millions of pundits are asking for a moderate candidate?! Are people in America really asking for Mediocracy after Donald Trump?? Haha looks like we’re headed toward another 4 years of him. 🤦‍♂️

    1. Deborah Freedman how can y’all be so stubborn? Hillary was that “moderate” candidate and she lost, we’ve ran your experience already

    2. Deborah Freedman
      Q: what’s the definition of a moderate?
      A: Someone who is not excessive, does things in moderation;

      Q: what’s the definition of mediocre?
      A: not extraordinary, not special, exceptional or of medium quality.

      You’re thinking too small. Maybe, just maybe, America doesn’t need sanity right now maybe the challenges we face tomorrow require a bit of insanity/radical ideas, if we are to survive.

  9. What the media doesn’t get is this separation of Dems is about class warfare. The poor are tired of the rich keeping the status quo. Everyone on this panel is most likely wealthy. They just don’t get it. I’m the Independent voter you want to get and I hate to break it to you. I refuse to vote for a Centrist. It’s like no one in the media leaned the lessons of the last election. The center isn’t safe now. Read the room people! We will not fall in line for Your candidate. It’s time for real liberal, for real change. (By the way, I have heard the media claim that all these social media comments are from young non-voters. I’m 53 and a voter.)

    1. Whatever “centrist” is out there is pretty leftist by 2016’s standards. Even Joe Biden has more left leaning policies than Hillary did. Any candidate who was at the last debate would do fantastic as president

    2. @Cars by Chris people don’t realize, Trump rand to the left of Hillary on a lot of issues. That’s what people wanted.

  10. Such conservative morons! You HAD someone moderate in the last elections and look what happened! Will you never learn??

    1. @Deborah Freedman…It’s sad when you have to make excuses for a very bad campaign and an arrogant entitled Neo con who wouldn’t listen to people who said she needed to put more effort into the unions in the rust belt. Clinton flat out lost.

    2. Deborah Freedman more Bernie supporters voted for Hillary than Hillary supporters voted for Obama, Hillary did to Obama everything she accused Bernie of doing to her(she also tried to smear Obamas supporter like she did Bernie’s, look up the “Obama boys” ) look up what she said about “unity” at the time, she lost cause she was a bad candidate

  11. I’m going to predict I haven’t listened yet but they are going to rubbish Sanders say he only represents a small minority of far left nutters. They will try to build up Biden though they admit he has problems even though he is a disaster. They are really struggling to find a candidate that won’t threaten the establishment. Because these guys don’t lead normal lives they are cushioned by money. They know nobody who having a broken arm or diabetes could bankrupt. So are unqualified to comment

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD If you break your arm, that’s going to put most people out of work for weeks or a month, and cost 5k. not many people can survive that without significant distress.

  12. Corporate media of both parties will continue to support anyone but Bernie because as long as they have typical corporate politicians in office they will continue to make money. Bernie is our best chance of getting money out of politics. BERNIE 2020

  13. We are attacking the deep state dems from every possible conceivable angle imaginable, we have inflicted significant damage. their fear is insurmountable & they extremely desperate & are making irreversible mistakes.

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