Don’t Count Elizabeth Warren Out, But ‘Time Is Running Out’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The panel discusses Democratic support for 2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren since her Medicare-for-all plan was released. Aired on 12/26/19
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Don't Count Elizabeth Warren Out, But 'Time Is Running Out' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. I think it’s wrong for either side to say voters for sure want anything. People often say they want one thing and vote another way. Also, we sometime passionately about an issue they’re so sure everyone feels the same way

    2. @SonicBoomC98 Whenever a minority receives a free college education or job for checking that box on an application, you can rest assured that nobody feels the same way…

    3. @Big Roller Curious; which country are you going to flee to when the very ideals that brought you here make you leave?

    4. @SonicBoomC98 You must be the type that can get cancer and a big old tumer but you just get out that buck knife and cut um yourself with that field kit. no need to cover that pre existing life ending stuff right you welcome it PROVE ME WRONG

  1. Having choices for health care for what? We all know the current status quo is not working out for overall America.

  2. I would rather have medical insurance , than have a choice of 20 different unaffordable plans. We must get rid of for profit medical .

    1. @Real Talk76 Perhaps in a perfect world, but that conflicts with the entire purpose of any and all corporations — the financial back bone of the country (not the bad guys). But instead of addressing the symptom, perhaps you should address the problem. I’m a medical professional, further from California — my former state of residence, where Hispanics have shut down one hospital after another for lack of payment. This is the entire reason for Obumber care, further why they can’t just go back to the way it was. The problem with progressive leftists (nihilists) is that they live in that perfect world mentally; it just doesn’t exist anywhere else, and it takes a personal catastrophe before they realize the error in their thinking…

    2. @Bite Me I don’t have a problem with profits but no industry operates the way the healthcare industry does because there really is no consumer choice. Generally, companies that can do things better and faster are rewarded by the consumer. But health insurance is designed to give you less AND limit your choices. Currently, there are no market forces that push down on costs and the only way your premiums go down is if you accept less coverage. In fact, they don’t even want to cover sick people. It should have never been privatized for the same reason we don’t privatize national defense. This is about our lives and our health. I’ve already experienced the personal catastrophe and understand that private insurance works great for everyone EXCEPT the patients!

    3. @Bite Me Actually about 10 yrs ago I was fishing in Baja California Sur. I was on a remote stretch of the pacific coast and a car jacker with a baseball bat tried to steal my truck & boat. He broke a lot of my bones but he didn’t get my stuff . The moral of the story is the clinica in the closest little town gave me stitches in my head . Identified some of my broken bones . They didn’t have an x-ray machine in the village. Gave me pain killers & directions to a big hospital. They didn’t even ask me to sign my name. I drove straight thru 17 hrs to get home without stopping at the hospital but if I would have they would have charged me exactly ZERO. LOL. Bub.

    4. @Joe Blow I noticed you didn’t stop. I am curious though. Why might you imagine the reason for meds and other American items being significantly cheaper there? Am I to believe the Mexican government is buying and selling them at a reduced price? Hmmm; I wonder who might be paying for all that cheap stuff? Get a clue. I think the bat effected your deduction powers…

  3. America love choice?. This is not letting my 3 yr old son choice of cereal he wants for breakfast. Americans have had real bad Kool aid from both parties when it comes to what’s better for their lives 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Haven’t you figured out how to deal with a toddler yet? You offer the choice of two acceptable options. Not Cheerios or Sugar Smacks, but Cheerios or oatmeal. Only the GOP is offering the Sugar Smacks. Moderate Democrats are offering sensible, good choices, like a public option.

    2. @Deborah Freedman . It’s still a learning process 🤔.
      One could figure out the choices of a toddler (my 5th son) before one does for the fickle American electorates, who always get themselves in a pickle.

  4. Ah yes, choice is the most important factor when it comes to medical insurance. That’s why people let their employers choose for them, and get stuck at jobs they don’t like. Because having a job you hate is better than not affording to get hurt or sick. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, all stifled by a system that benefits insurance salesmen over the health of the people. Well done, America. Choice doesn’t always equal freedom.

    1. Yeah, I’m a Canadian who worked for a decade in the US, and I can tell you for sure that we Canadians have a LOT more choice than Americans. Any Canadian can walk into any doctor’s office in the country (if the doctor will take them), and hospital, and everything is paid.

    2. @Brad Gies seems about right. In Sweden, I haven’t even bothered to check how many options I have, because option 1 tends to work just fine. And having a national maximum on annual health expenses (about USD 350 per person) really avoids a lot of the financial anxiety around chronic health conditions.

    3. @Brad Gies but the plutocracy did not have as much control in your government as it does ours and we have 10 times as many people. It will take quite a few steps to get us there but we have to be willing to accept the steps in transition to that common goal.

    4. @Brad Gies I seem to remember doctors going on strike when your medicine first socialized. I know a Canadian who moved to the US to work as a programmer, because he couldn’t get the treatment his child needed in Canada. He told me of a friend who died of cancer because she wasn’t treated soon enough. No system is perfect.

  5. The narrative that Warren is sinking in the polls because she supports M4A is an establishment talking point! If that was true, Bernie would be sinking in the polls as well but he’s at the top. After Warren backtracked on it after being attacked by the moderate democrats, her surge started to go down.

    1. Deborah Freedman Bernie released his plan before that and he’s much more ambitious, why is he back up at #2?

    2. @8bitkron1k anybody mentioning the race of a voter is racist……. Liberal is a person that says race gender sexuality don’t matter but want everything decided based on race gender and sexuality

  6. The only ‘choice’ that Medicare for all eliminates is who pays for the care. Do you really care who foots the bill? That’s absurd. You still go to your choice of doctors and hospital.

    Insurance isn’t healthcare. It’s just a scheme for paying for it.

    1. @NitroExpress yes, what’s also a bit unnerving is that the democratic promises have been growing larger and larger. I don’t believe Carter made any such campaign promises. His problem was the overthrow of the Shah.

    2. @shkspr78 s Yeah, that’s not true. None of it is. The ACA has been a resounding success for tens of millions of people; that’s why the GOP haven’t and can’t replace it. Also, FDR was _way_ more socialist than Bernie Sanders is. What, exactly, do you think the New Deal was? His right-hand man, the Secretary of Agriculture at the time was even _more_ of a socialist. You have no idea what the word even means, using it like you are.

    3. @cmt 63 Bernie talks big on Medicare, but when he had the chance to back the fully costed Medicare plan put out by Warren, he stood back and let his surrogates join with _right wing_ activists to try and destroy it. They _could_ have depoliticized M4A across the populist-progressive movement, but instead they preferred to risk blowing it up altogether – since that was the only way they believed they could damage Warren.
      Since then she has stuck to her guns on Medicare, but adopted a smart variation on the timeline that is a better way to win consensus. Bernie can only offer a M4A vibe at the moment, and he’s not doing what he needs to if he wants to earn a convincing mandate for it. (That’s basically what Amy Klobuchar called him out on during the debate.)

  7. The country that put a man on the moon cannot provide health care free from profiteers. Something most developed nations have been providing for decades at a fraction of the cost of that in the US, with all people included. Same with free access to education, what’s wrong with people when they vote against their own interests?
    People, developed nations all over the world have this, don’t let the schills tell you it’s impossible. Just look at the insanely huge defence budget, when it is to fill their donors pockets, even the insane is possible, why not to help better the lives of ordinary Americans?
    Bernie2020 💙💦💦🌊🌊🌊🌊

  8. This fool, trying to push the theory of Americans want “choice” is rubbish. You don’t have choice with 90% of the current medical insurance plans. The insurance company tells you which doctors, hospitals, you can go to. You do NOT get to pick your choice. If you’re in some plans, their Preferred Provider selections are so tight, the idea that one has a choice is laughable. Today’s Medicare that your grandma, you mom/dad are in when they are a senior, THAT gives you choice of seeing ANY doctor, hospital, etc., that accepts Medicare. Do you have any idea how much that actually does open up the CHOICE options for people? Sanders version, (not Warrens crap plan), of M4A even improves on today’s Medicare. Yes you would pay for your medical plan via payroll deduction, (same as you do for taxes, S.S., etc.), same as they do in say, Canada. But you then show your medical ID card to whomever you see for medical help, or a drugstore for an Rx, and you’re done. No copay’s, no out of pocket deductions, no paying for your drugs at the pharmacy, etc. And with EVERYONE in M4A, the drug companies would immediately start to negotiate their prices with the Medicare Administration. Another big savings for all. Congress, who are almost all paid off by campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies/lobbyists, refused to pass a bill that would have today’s Medicare negotiate Rx prices with the pharmaceutical companies. Crooked government at its finest.

    1. It’s the _illusion_ of choice. Right now, most people have the “choice” of a limited number of INFERIOR health plans. M4A, as proposed by Bernie Sanders, would be superior to every single health care plan currently on the market. MSNBC is, once again, selling what their sponsors want them to sell. Nearly half of their advertisers are insurance and drug companies.

  9. Remember that Warren took that DNA test because trump dared her to do it, and said if she did he would donate a million dollars to a charity of her choice. So she did it, and trump never paid a dollar.


  10. Was it Warren’s support for Medicare For All that caused her to drop in the polls, or was it her switch to a public option that caused her to drop? Let’s see the timeline of the polls, and not trust these Morning Joe corporate pundits.

    1. 538 said it was the plan in the first place. The public option brought her back up a little, but since it was just a temporary merasure, not back to where she’d been.

    2. Saying that it’s _just_ because of the M4A situation is hard to swallow, especially when there’s people like Buttigieg, Yang, and Klobachar that have been increasing in the polls despite neither supporting a complete overhaul like Sanders is. There’s a lot more to an election than just one policy, especially a policy that is primarily supported by those under the age of 35.

  11. Who needs Trump to attack Warren when the Morning Joe crew do it all the time. Tacky. And they say their no longer friends with Trump.

  12. Some frocking expert . Explain why Bernie is the new frontrunner then. She lost her support because she caved to the righties. M4A Feel the Bern . Wine Cave Joe Scab-burro gonna have to pay some tax . LOL.

  13. Warren is not getting any positive press coverage from you guys and that does not help her campaign. The media and the polls try very hard to shape narrative for each candidate.

  14. now that she is getting all the Obama donors , she is not that bad anymore …. lets make sure all the insurance company make money with the deaths of every american that cannot afford it, these people are worst than the NRA. why do you think they don’t find cures anymore ? the money is in the drugs. take a pill , there is no cure anymore.

  15. Not a fan of medicare for all but like how she is the only one making getting money out of politics an actual priority. She also has the best plan for helping unions.

  16. “A public option is what the vast majority of americans want”
    Joe doesn’t demand evidence of that claim at all but every poll says 70% want Medicare 4 All

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